LG might pull out of smartphone business after all

20 January 2021
The CEO Kwon Bong-seok sent an internal message, saying if the division folds, “employment will be maintained”.

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Anonymous, 20 Jan 2021No mobile camera sensor can even do 14bit photos. 16bit RA... morewhat !!!! man he's right ,even My old G7 was able to do 16bit raw DNG pictures , you seem to never put an LG phone in your hands.
also V60 can do 8K24fps HDR10+ just check v60 group , the video recording aspect uses ISP not CPU only but also GPU , DSP (that is why it called heterogeneous SoC) .

Anonymous, 20 Jan 2021They make really really mediocre devices with zero updates.... moreThat's false.

[deleted post]Can you say anything else?

Anonymous, 20 Jan 2021The hardware was good, software was mehThe current software is not bad at all.

Make better phones, and charge less for them. LG have had some decent-ish phones but normally with a few obviously bad decisions. Take the Velvet, if it cost €320 and had much better battery life it would've sold like hotcakes. Instead they tried to charge a flagship price for a midrange phone with terrible battery life then they act all surprised that no one bought it. Morons

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Jan 2021The hardware was good, software was mehYou mean the battery with permanent glue was good?

"The company is considering all possible measures, including sale, withdrawal, and downsizing of the smartphone business."

Why was the CEO and Top Managements' head under the ground for so long??? The problem with the majority of companies is that they react too slowly, and their decision making is not based on sufficient market research. If LG spent only 3 months asking all customers their issues with their phones, and created ways to improve them, they could have easily turned around the company. They should start with downsizing the mobile division, especially the top management, and recreate the product strategy team.

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[deleted post]The hardware was good, software was meh

  • Anonymous

LG should make a flagship phone for $400 or $500 (some incredible deal) to draw attention to their phones, then slowly go back to making more money. Advertising is also extremely important.

  • Anonymous

BB0401, 20 Jan 2021Nah.Yup

  • Aashiq Mohamad

I just ordered my LG G8X one day back and I will be receiving it tomorrow morning. Just my luck!!! If LG shuts it's mobile business then we can expect there will be no software and after sales service support.

I hope that this is just some marketing strategy like Samsung cutting off the note-line because LG is one of those smartphone pioneers, the market will go stale for years if they pull out.

Number of companies have only reduced in this century.

  • Suresh

One high midrange phone with OIS single camera, good audio system with 3 years OS support could give very tough competition (like nexus 5). Trying with so many phones without success and finally want to move out from competition. where these stupid corporate marketing managers came from...

  • JustGu

Arod, 20 Jan 2021im talking about the budget and midrange phones (which is t... moreWell then how we going to get an lg smarthpones the lg flagship are expensive and i need an mid-range smartphone heck the lg velvet here in bulgaria costs 1000lv or even more so lg should not quit the mid-range and budget smartphones otherwise they could probably end up again and mid-rangers are fine on lg but on budget they are uuuh TRASH... But mid-range no we need an lg mid-range and not waste an 800$ phone

Chinese Android companies are killing the Android smartphone market. These old dogs can’t compete in price, because those Chinese companies operating differently. I wonder what this means in long term. HTC is propably next, then Sony? Is there one day only Chinese Android companies and then Apple with iOS.

This also shows the problem with Android, almost impossible to stand out, because everyone sells more or less the same product.

  • KK

It should start becoming a Flagship Killer in true aspect.

  • Anonymous

Stop making flagships is one of the options they are studying.
This might point to Rolllable as midrange, like Moto Razr.
Also, it is weird when gossips from Vietnam say V70 may have 4K screen.

  • Anonymous

alex, 20 Jan 2021exactly on the point for everything, but for the second not... moreV60 was $200 cheaper than S20.
Similar price to FE.

Main + digital zoom is always worse than another focal length.
Same mistake some brands do at night, using crop from main camera instead of the 2x/3x.

  • Anonymous

Helos, 20 Jan 2021Lol " the most garbage phones ever". G8/V50 stil... moreNo mobile camera sensor can even do 14bit photos. 16bit RAW? LOL ....
V60 does 8K SDR, no phone does 8K HDR. CPu does not support this.