LG reportedly in talks to sell smartphone business to Vietnamese conglomerate

22 January 2021
Vingroup Co accounts for 14% of Vietnam’s market capitalization.

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It’s ok, it’s not big lost

  • Truth

Sad they had the best audiophile dacs of any phone and could compete with even $1000 dedicated dacs. Hope the new boss keep QuadDac in their phones and the headphone jacks.

Nick Tagataka, 23 Jan 2021So tell me how Xiaomi, BBK, Huawei might be treating their ... moreYou'll never know how chinese companies treat workers in a negative way unless the media is smuggled out of country. CCP censors every thing.
As for the Apple issue, are you referring to the recent thing that happened in India? If so then it's not Apples fault an Indian subcontractor treated it's workers poorly and withheld pay. As for the issues over the years with Apple assembly lines underpaying / overworking the chinese laborers, then yes, that's a very deplorable thing to keep profits up. On the other hand it should also be up to the chinese government to ensure the people are paid a fair wage as well.

  • Mkabeer

Anonymous, 23 Jan 2021Amazing how manufacturers can be so stupid. Instead of hear... moreThey should be ashamed and if the

AlienKiss, 23 Jan 2021At one point I was interested in LG, BUT after reading many... moreSame here. Just for the 3.5mm jack. My only option is Sony after LG being stupid about not releasing the phones properly and selling their phone division.

LG is being stupid right now, their latest midrange and high end phones are really good (software looks good and is optimized well but just needs faster updates, hardware is top notch, their OLED screens are awesome (easily can challenge Sony and Samsung OLEDs), cameras work really well, performance is good + they still have headphone jacks) while cheaper phones need better chipsets but still have a lot of potential, so LG is not far of making a comeback, they just need some smarter decision (better marketing, better ultrawide camera sensors in some of their phones and etc) + keep pumping those cool eye catching phones like Wing and Rollable :)

  • LG FAN

lg management ruined the company with constant mistakes. they slept while others listened to what customers wanted. weak marketing. poor customer support in the form of software updates. the g6 was presented with an older version of the chip and at the start it had to lose because why would anyone buy a phone that has an old chip. market availability is zero. i wanted to buy a v60 nowhere i could buy it simply the phone is unavailable. it seems that the team working in lg is ready to retire because with old-fashioned ideas and bad decisions they have brought the company to the brink of an abyss. hire young promising people and give them a chance to try to regain the glory of lg.

  • Anonymous

kevinmcmurtrie, 23 Jan 2021Release software updates and we'll love you. Modify... moreAmazing how manufacturers can be so stupid. Instead of hear around what ppl miss on their products and fix their shit accordingly. They just walk about with their heads in the clouds until their money is dried out. Then... it's panic. They sell off their shit. While by usually doing a few simple things it would never have gotten that bad in the first place. Fools.

  • AlienKiss

At one point I was interested in LG, BUT after reading many comments about it, I realized I don't want to buy something that never gets updates, that has problems with the displays and so on.
I'm not glad to see them turned into another cheap brand though. That's bad because competition is making other brands to be better.
Lately Samsung has been a TOTAL DISASTER for quitting on the SD card slot.
Looks like my only option left is Sony. No china brands for me!

  • cruel14

I have been a LG fan for past few years now and is very sad to hear this. I hope LG does take this step.

Release software updates and we'll love you.

Modify the second screens so the phone can work like a videoconferencing laptop and you're kicking ass.

Wily2021, 22 Jan 2021You can find lot of things about that from google. Chine... more"LG, HTC, Sony"
Lol why bother including those three in your list when they show absolutely no intention to increase their market shares in the mobile phone industry? Xiaomi and BBK are not "stealing" sales, those three are literally just giving theirs away while Samsung and Apple are working a lot harder to compete with the Chinese manufacturers head on.

Lyndino, 22 Jan 2021You forgot the way the people of China are treated. It'... moreSo tell me how Xiaomi, BBK, Huawei might be treating their workers badly? Apple got a lot of flak for not supervising their subcontractor companies properly and making sure that the factory workers are not mistreated, I don't see any problem with that.

Sim, 22 Jan 2021We are stand for LG smart phones...And believe on brand whi... moreWell said LG all the way

GregLu, 23 Jan 2021Bad availabilty everywhere, even online :/ Knowing this,... moreIt is meant for people who want latest tech at any cost. Someone ready to buy first rollable phone will have enough money already, to upgrade to another rollable phone next year (from some other manufacturer in case LG quits the smartphone game)

The Albion , 22 Jan 2021And me. But also bad availability here in U.K.Bad availabilty everywhere, even online :/

Knowing this, how can someone spend 2000+ in the Rollable thing ? With poor update or even non existant ? :(

  • The Albion

Anonymous, 22 Jan 2021Goodbye LG ... i guess velvet & wing are their final gi... moreAnd me. But also bad availability here in U.K.

  • jo

Sad G2 still the best LG phone

As this rate in the news by February LG will be sold unfortunately. That's sad, just sad.