LG reportedly in talks to sell smartphone business to Vietnamese conglomerate

22 January 2021
Vingroup Co accounts for 14% of Vietnam’s market capitalization.

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  • Puchicha

OhNom, 22 Jan 2021totally, because you pay for the product, not for the logo ... moreSo true. LG offers quality phone features such as multitasking, slim designs, innovative programs that even the expensive branded phones do not logically have.

  • Anonymous

isavedthis, 22 Jan 2021Dear LG How to make a smartphone Step 1) Choose your aud... moresure buddy sure

Anonymous, 22 Jan 2021Can u tell me how can they give quality products for cheap ... moretotally, because you pay for the product, not for the logo on the back

  • isavedthis

Dear LG
How to make a smartphone
Step 1) Choose your audience

There you go , i just saved LG

  • Sim

We are stand for LG smart phones...And believe on brand which is delivered top notch / top class quality products we see the LG as a alternative of Samsung n sony ...So don't go away form smartphone industry fight and stand for millions of people across the globe,. Don't give up , don't disappoint us..

Anonymous, 22 Jan 2021Well, the tables are turned. It's the Chinese firms th... moreAfter reaching peak copy paste they actually evolved.

Oh dear, this is bad news. Since I first saw the V50 with DualScreen case, I began rooting for LG since I discovered just how unique and different their phones were compared to mainstream popular phones. But the one I do notice about LG smartphones is that not many people know about this. Couple that to LG's decision to sell their smartphones only in limited countries, they will keep making losses. I actually would love to see the Wing 5G officially available in Malaysia, I've been deeply rooting on buying that phone since day one.

Please downsize please!!!

  • Quericus

Despite very good sales in the company's appliance, heat pump, and entertainment division it's unfortunately obvious that such profits weren't enough to keep LG's smartphone division afloat. That's too bad; some innovative features were found on LG phones that other companies haven't taken up on. Now might be the time to get an LG smartphone if you like. May LG phones RIP.

I never buy new "Nokia" - HMD Global stuff (because their phones are just a bought brand and no innovation) and the same with LG (if they sell the phone division) because it will be only - brand name, nothing more.
I really like LG phones for example LG G5, V20, 30...but they act like dont care anymore. Atm you even cant buy their phones in most UE countries.
Now they have chance becouse of Huawei problems ? Same Sony, they dont see it ? Large part of market share to take.

This makes me really disappointed...LG is the only brand with that quad DAC that no one else bothers to carry (don't give me Vivo with Cirrus as it's only on that stupid dongle now).

I better get a solid phone this year from Sony or ROG because the list of good and unique phones is dwindling down (worse for me because I live in the US).

  • Anonymous

It's just sad. Not saying Chinese phone are bad, but it seems like the mobile industry will be only Apple, Samsung and Chinese brands in a few years.

  • Raza

I have used three various LG phones besides Samsung HTC, Oppo ,I found no match to LG phones ,those were certainly best , user friendly never hung, and many more highly useful features ,, I would really missing that LG,,

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Jan 2021Nice try but Chinese phones have the best battery life out ... moreYeah out of the box lg could have less batter life than chinese brands butbit has decent battery life and now the phones from lg have betyer battery life if u want check g8x and v60 and their price. But i m talking about after 2 years and if phone fell down it will be more risk to every part in their phones. becz all the low quality part in their phones are less shock resist than high quality parts.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]I didnt get u

  • LGood

reading this article from my beloved V50 ThinQ.. Feels sad man

  • Anonymous

Mediatek sux, 22 Jan 2021Even they got tired of copying all the time i guess.Well, the tables are turned. It's the Chinese firms that are innovating and the others doing the copying.

Anonymous, 22 Jan 2021How are they stealing features that don't exist on oth... moreEven they got tired of copying all the time i guess.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Jan 2021And bro they are also spending in ad more than lg and many ... moreNice try but Chinese phones have the best battery life out there even after one or two years. LG has notoriously bad battery life and goes downhill from there.

Wily2021, 22 Jan 2021You can find lot of things about that from google. Chine... moreYou forgot the way the people of China are treated. It's funny how Apple was all over the news for making money while paying low wages (or something like that) but no mention on how the chinese companies treat their own citizens.
Just Gross.