Google threatens to exit Australia over news content law disputes

22 January 2021
The Australian government wants the company to share royalties with media outlets on articles found through the search engine.

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  • Anonymous

Andreidinutu, 22 Jan 2021Exactly point. It isn't blackmailing. It's basic... moreit's basically, if you don't accept our rules, please leave.

some people are confused to whether suppport google or not.

it's basically,

Support google American comany


Nooooo google is biased against us.

they are playing mental gymnastics, it's funny.

Anonymous, 22 Jan 2021Sounds like a decent law and it should be implemented in ev... moreWhat's up with you

  • Anonymous

Sounds like a decent law and it should be implemented in every country.

Truer, 22 Jan 2021Why do you call it blackmail? If you are profesional who ma... moreExactly point. It isn't blackmailing.
It's basically:I don't accept your rules so I'm leaving. Want it that way or change it?

  • Anonymous

One thing I don't get is why everyone tells google is blackmailing or threatening.
I mean government also can do 100% tax on news agency and tell them to be work for free. You know if they decide to stop writing me that would be blackmail so I guess that solves problem.

But it won't everyone is doing job for money me, google, need agencies. If i can't profit from my work then me or google can decide to stop providing it and do something else. That is not a threat that is just freedom.

Your mc Donald is not selling you burgers because he loves selling burgers or because he loves government or because he think everyone should be selling burgers. It's selling burgers because it's profitable. Until I see australian politics doing free work for entire year i will not believe that they are doing something to be fair - they are doing it for money like everyone else (they earn a lot more than average Joe so they can afford that).

  • Truer

AngryLithuanian, 22 Jan 2021"tech platforms should pay a “fair” price for the jour... moreThis famous star did one thing to... and you won't believe... and you must click...

So you were tricked to read that article about new food production method that will produce cheap and healthy food to entire wart population? Bad thing that this super method was just a main plot in science fiction movie not a real invention.

  • Truer

AngryLithuanian, 22 Jan 2021"tech platforms should pay a “fair” price for the jour... moreGood argument. I read article that I fought is a objective comparison of some tools. I wasted 15 mins (which i value at 5000$ per minute) to learn at the end that it was paid article. Later my research showed that that article was useless and was written in a way which presents those tools in favorable light.
Basically i wasted 15 mins to read commercial and it was ok because in the end it was written that somebody paid for that...
That is not fair. Legal but not fair.

  • Anonymous

Truer, 22 Jan 2021Hello american citizen. Don't tell me that BS that you... moreAlso make 99% tax on popcorn. Come on you can pay 200 dollars for bag of popcorn from time to time. Let your government abuse you and make you pay for everything untill you can afford any food they can increase taxes.

You know that in the end you will pay because that cost will be calculated in price of your fridge, car or education.

  • AngryLithuanian

"tech platforms should pay a “fair” price for the journalism"

Yeah right, journalism should pay a "fair" price for their lies and useless 2min articles. Or even better, ask every reader to pay for every article they click online, let's see how much money journalism would really get.

News outlets should pay to Google if they want their misinformation to be spread online not the other way around. Yeah Google is not innocent either and I'm not defending them but this is ridiculous. Just tax Google more and call it a day. Instead making this a bigger problem than it really is.

  • Trew

Anonymous, 22 Jan 2021try QwantYou will with Bing why forcing other people to use bingo. Just let everyone to use whatever they like. Australia is not fighting for news agencies that just want more money for free.
If need agencies can't live or make profit then they should look what other ancient professions did - they ceased to exist.

Also if you don't like your articles in google you can notify google to stop indexing you and showing in search results... but guess what - you need google and want google to index you because this is how you make profit.

  • Truer

Mohit, 22 Jan 2021In India, the payment for advertisement to all digital medi... moreWhy do you call that a threat? Your employer can say to you that he have an intern that will do some easy job for free and he decided that he will stop paying you because you are here to help your company success and not to steal money from your company. And don't threaten your employer that you will leave that's blackmail.

Google is not blackmailing - nobody likes to work for nothing. You can just lie down and enjoy life.

OwnFix3, 22 Jan 2021Why should Google pay news sites for promoting them and hel... moreso they can make more money?

Why should Google pay news sites for promoting them and helping them make money?

  • Truer

Dometalican, 22 Jan 2021*grabs popcorn* This is going to be interesting. For the... moreHello american citizen. Don't tell me that BS that you can't afford to live without game console. As a government i am going to force 90% tax on those devices because you know it's healthy for you to go outside instead of playing games.

Also you have too much free time from this day on if you are employed and if you can save any money at the end of month we will tax you 90% on that money. You still have money to buy food and some people don't so that is fair.

Btw as the government we saw nice new bmw that we are going to buy because we are humble

This seems like more of a tax law issue than a royalties issue IMO. I see Google makes $4B and pays 1% taxes. Fix your tax laws and Google will be giving back to AU in no time. Asking Google to pay a news outlet for people finding their content through them is pretty bass ackwards. They're basically asking Google to pay for promoting them. Google is going to be financially penalized because these companies spent the past 30 years not planning for the future where news is found mostly online? Is this a joke?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Jan 2021Who cares about them really. These tech giants have become ... moretry Qwant

  • Truer

TheLastOracle, 22 Jan 2021Interesting. So tech giants have started blackmailing gover... moreWhy do you call it blackmail? If you are profesional who makes 100 000 per month by doing hard work and your country decide to tax you at 95% because 5 000 is still above average so it is fair to tax you more. Then you have every right to decide that instead of doing this hard work for 5 000 you prefer to work at local grocery store for 4 500. It's not blackmail - it's fight against abusive government.
Every cost forced by government in the end will be paid by us. If google have to pay 1000000 they will get that 100000 from advertising agencies, firms will have to pay more for advertisment and you will end up wondering why you bought your car for 50000 last time and now the same car costs 5000 more?

  • Anonymous

Let's just all kick out Google from our countries

  • Truer

GAMIRSFM, 22 Jan 2021I would want google to leave, even if i don't live the... moreYou can use any search engine you like. Having google in your country doesn't prohibit it.

  • Shiny Dave

What's most interesting is that they caved in France but are digging in here.

Is it because Australia is a smaller market, or do they just fear French politicians more than their Australian counterparts?