YouTube for Android now giving 4K playback option even if don't have a 4K screen

19 February 2021
This is a server-side update and it remains to be seen how many devices are supported.

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  • Anonymous

I still remember the horor of watching YouTube videos in 480p during pandamic.

  • Anonymous

It's a welcome feature. But I think 1080p is enough in a smartphone for most people. But obviously having more freedom of choosing video resolution is always good. Thank you Google.

  • aRcIs

Works perfectly on OnePlus 7T

  • vijaygordhan

Siddhant Pandey, 20 Feb 2021I have seen 1080p videos on 720p redmi go and I can see the... moreNice auto

  • Kevin

I found 2160p on my oppo find x2 neo

  • Junaid

I havent got i bro

Yeah I'm also getting that option on my OnePlus 7t for 4k hdr. I also checked on samsung A50 and m30s but its only showing upto 1080p

mi 9t pro have 2160p option.

  • Anonymous

Samsung galaxy tab S5e here. 4K has shown up.

Just trying 4k 60fps on my old Xiaomi mi5 - everything works fine with some hiccups due to internet connection here and there. Works even better than on my laptop with intel core i5 6300u.

  • Anonymous

Do I care of 4K on mobile... !? NO I DON'T

I just tested it on mine Mate 20 X and it doesn't look good .. When I searched for 8k video and selected 4k I can see shimmering on certain spots.. when I selected 2k it was less and when I selected back to 1k then shimmering on certain spots gone...
On 4k video there were less shimmering..

  • AnonF-964910

Higher resoultion settings have higher bit-rates, So you benefit by getting less compression artifacts.

  • The Undertaker

Huawei P30 lite, cannot see the 4k option even after updating the YouTube app. Even though I'm pretty sure the phone has more than enough processing power to play 4k videos smoothly.
When I watch 1080p videos on YouTube, I can clearly see some artefacts, would be sweet to have the 4k option

Anonymous, 20 Feb 2021Stadia? Google just fired their first party devs. After pra... moreThey did that to focus on 3rd party games which is more important and can bring new players quickly to new cloud gaming platform

  • Shubham

YouTube needs to renovate it's video player ( worse player ever used ),. .. most inconvenient

  • Pratim

Got the 4K Playback option in my Oneplus 7T

YUKI93, 20 Feb 2021Would love to see how YouTube 4K video plays on Sony Xperia... moreit is already happening 2160p on my z5 premium and 1ii...
at least nonxperia can experience it now, except that the video may looked jagged due to missing pixels... like an 8MP picture does on my xperia miro... ha ha...
"aNd wHo nEEds a 4K sCrEEn pHoNE?"

  • Prouser

Well 4K is available on my iPhone 12 pro max.

  • RealTalk

This feature maybe good and high in res. but immagine your phone for not being capable or compatible with the reso. yeah it plays, but it Lags ! it would definitely Lag ! only a fool would tell me that I'm wrong.