Samsung commits to 4 years of updates for its 2019 and later smartphones

22 February 2021
The new policy includes the Z, S, Note, A, M, XCover and Tab series.

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Why people hate good news?

  • AnonD-763241

If the midrange phones gets 3 years of major android os upgrades....then salute samsung!!!!!

  • AnonD-804996

SgRepeat, 22 Feb 2021I disagree. It's better to not have any updates rather... moreOh for god sake, stop repeating this lie already. Everyone parroting this nonsense on GSMArena like it's universal truth, instead it's an universal lie and anyone who actually uses iPhone can't roll eyes enough at this nonsense. In fact most people reported dramatically better performance with iOS 13 on older devices. I'm running iOS 14.4 on my iPhone XR and it's so butter smooth it's absolutely sublime to use it. If there are issues with a release, demand vendor to fix it, not just say "oh well" and not even complain about it.

  • cherry

I prefere anyway not to update more than one year. No company has the interest to make the old devices better, this way we would never upgrade. Really useful features never come anyway. My S20 does everything I need.

That is a nice move! ;)

Anonymous, 22 Feb 2021This area where apple is bestI disagree. It's better to not have any updates rather than get buggy updates that drain your battery faster or make your UI laggy.

Well done by Samsung, now it remains to be seen if they will comply as such, it is not enough to just announce it

React 2 Gadgets YT, 22 Feb 2021Second best, just behind apple. Google and Oneplus is beate... moreIt's the stupidest comment I've ever read

Damn, they really gon do me like this

I guess the Note 9 just missed the support window

  • AnonD-804996

Come on Samsung, you're so close. Just bump it to 5 years of major and security updates and call it a day. Then they'd match what Apple offers and would make anyone who went with Apple because of this a reason to think about it. It would also put Samsung so far ahead of the rest of Android phones it would just be unmatched. It is good to see all A and M models are included (apart from null models). That's a lot of sub 500€ models that generally have non existent software support in general among all brands.

They were already doing that. The policy was just extended to lower-end models.

Second best, just behind apple. Google and Oneplus is beaten lol. Stock android sucks, it is so boring and lacks features. OxygenOS is fine

  • Anonymous

This area where apple is best

My Galaxy A10e is still waiting for Android 10!
That would be it's first OS update. It should get 11, 12 and 13 now too.

  • Anonymous

It's cheating it's just 3 years of software + 1 more year of security updates

What we want is 4 years of software as well as security

  • Anonymous

Late, but better late than never

  • Anonymous

And samsung have tendency to mess up the security updates .... Once updated, it hard to downgrade to previous firmware ...and till this day i still have regret for updating my old s8 ...

Let's see...

Is it four more years or the time after it's launch was already counted in those four years?

Anyway dis good news.