Samsung commits to 4 years of updates for its 2019 and later smartphones

22 February 2021
The new policy includes the Z, S, Note, A, M, XCover and Tab series.

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  • Anonymous

I will wait and see.
Also, it's important the time when you receive that update. If it's 6 months after the initial release of that version of Android, then is not that good.
Not to mention when you are talking about so many models and so many variables, there will surely be a lot of software bugs (especially for older models). The average consumer doesn't want the latest and greatest OS, if that will make the phone more laggy or perform with more problems. They will rather stick with an older version in which the phone performs good (usually the one that comes with the phone is the best).

Those who demanding 4 os upgrades... except snapdragon 888 no other snapdragon/mediatek chipset support that.

GG A41

Those who are saying 'what about F series' then f will be counted under M series. F just denotes Flipkart (Indian e-com website)
And m62 will launch as global variant of f62.

They should just make 5 years update for each mobile phone & Tablet because after every 5 years i think every person changes their mobile phone to a new one within that period of time.

  • Anonymous

Still one year short.

Alex, 22 Feb 2021The title is misleading, should state "security update... moreUmm 3 years of OS updates mean you can still get android 12 on the S10 wdym

Like here
9 > 10 > 11 > 12, can you even count smh

Or did you meant android 13?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Feb 2021This area where apple is bestHow about Apple update own Apps?
I've had ipad 6 for over 2 years.
Safari got updated once.

Pez, 22 Feb 2021Will the S20 FE 5g get 3 major updates? Is it considered as... moreYes.

  • AnonD-966113

Good for us customersđŸ˜‚

  • Anonymous

ae86, 22 Feb 2021Is it four more years or the time after it's launch wa... moreS21 series goes til end of 2024.
2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024.

  • Anonymous

I suppose they plan to do this.

Flagships: monthly patch for 1st year, every two months for 2nd year, every 3 months in 3rd year and twice in 4th year.

Midranges/low ends : every two months (1st year), every 3 months (2nd year), twice in 3rd year and single patch in 4th year

  • AnonD-966113

AnonD-804996, 22 Feb 2021Oh for god sake, stop repeating this lie already. Everyone ... moreThey think they're wise.

  • Anonymous

Alex, 22 Feb 2021The title is misleading, should state "security update... moreThey are getting android 12 genius

  • Alex

The title is misleading, should state "security updates".
So no, no one is getting Android 12 on their S10.

Shanti Dope, 22 Feb 2021This could definitely get me switch over to Samsung camp if... moreYeah especially on how they literally cared about the A1X (a10,a11,a12) series. After this announcement, i understood why they made the lower end devices so expensive considering their competition

About time. Though Samsung waits an eternity before any OS or any security update reaches any midrange or budget phones.

This could definitely get me switch over to Samsung camp if they would be able to pull this off perfectly well. I won't even mind not having OS upgrades, as I already have everything that I need with Oreo.
Here's to hoping that they won't fail as bad as Xiaomi with their Mi A3 Android 11 upgrade, but knowing Samsung, they definitely won't be messing up in this aspect.

This is one of the few courageous moves that every Android OEM should copy. This is surely a big step in the right direction.

  • Pez

Will the S20 FE 5g get 3 major updates? Is it considered as a flagship??

  • Anonymo

What about F series?