Samsung commits to 4 years of updates for its 2019 and later smartphones

22 February 2021
The new policy includes the Z, S, Note, A, M, XCover and Tab series.

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Khamis1990, 22 Feb 2021They should just make 5 years update for each mobile phone ... moreEvery Android OEM does 2 years Samsung is the one who does 3.

On top of that they have more devices out there than Apple and Pixel phones combined. Some have Exynos some have Snapdragon variants. There's a lot more work for Samsung to do to update all their devices for 4 or 5 years.

Any how they can't surpass APPLE

You have to wait 4 years for the updates now? JK. But seriously the only thing that matters is the timeliness of version updates. It doesn't matter if they do 4 years of updates and only the security updates are timely. Android versions need to be timely as well.

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IcyJay30, 22 Feb 2021Those who are saying 'what about F series' then f... moreI saw something different. M series - bigger batteries. F series - focused on cameras in the Rs 15,000-20,000 segment.

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DavidSparrow, 22 Feb 2021I can post my comments.....but someone with a better opinio... moreIt costs money.. Software development costs money..

Gandalf, 22 Feb 2021Samsung already has great security updates support, if they... moreI've already did it :D
Let's hope they will be smart enough to support their customers.

my S9 is from 2018 and I still get security updates.3 years and 1,S9 should be in the list,too.

Lol.ivan, 22 Feb 2021Yeah especially on how they literally cared about the A1X (... moreThey are a reputable brand after all, and they make sure that their products are some high-quality well-made devices.
One part of what I like about them is their screen. I saw and tried using a Galaxy A71 and a Poco F2 Pro, and it's insane at how much brighter and more lively the display on the Samsung is compared to the Poco. I can even go as far as saying it's comparable to the flagship S and Note series in terms of punchiness and overall appeal, while the Poco F2 Pro's AMOLED display can be mistaken for a high-quality IPS LCD instead.

I can post my comments.....but someone with a better opinion will reply with a shitty answer. Bottom line is, Apple are shit.....never have, and never will have my support.....and Samsung screwed me for the last time. If you buy a flagship phone, these perks should be free for the lifetime of the original owner. Be it 10 years later.....costs Samsung nothing. Next upgrade won't be a Samsung......thats for sure.

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Google needs to step up if they want to advertise of getting more updates.

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4 years update or update after 4 years?

Ok I wouldn't complain of a extra year of security updates. Good for them but they need an extra year of OS updates and better performance and then you got a ultimate iPhone competitor

Khamis1990, 22 Feb 2021They should just make 5 years update for each mobile phone ... moreMost people yes, but I can't keep a phone for more than 2-3 years before feeling outdated, so those 5 years of updates would be useless to me.

Anonymous, 22 Feb 2021These comments show how little most people actually read (o... moreThanks Fella you spoken my mind. People are just ignorant! 🙄🙄

Lol, if they could release their phones/tablets without all this scam i would be glad.

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These comments show how little most people actually read (or how poorly). It's four years of SECURITY UPDATES, NOT OS UPDATES!

In other words, very little has changed for Android's pathetic update support for every phone except Pixels (which I own), and even the Pixel is behind the iPhone's excellent support.

  • Gandalf

Samsung already has great security updates support, if they support Android updates for 3 years I'm 100% getting a Samsung flagship as my next phone.

These are not software updates like apple , these are security updates for 4 years but still not guaranteed. They said 3 years of software updates but these are still not guaranteed either

An excellent move by Samsung, now THIS is what all manufacturers are supposed to follow especially when they are asking $1000+ for their flagships.

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I will wait and see.
Also, it's important the time when you receive that update. If it's 6 months after the initial release of that version of Android, then is not that good.
Not to mention when you are talking about so many models and so many variables, there will surely be a lot of software bugs (especially for older models). The average consumer doesn't want the latest and greatest OS, if that will make the phone more laggy or perform with more problems. They will rather stick with an older version in which the phone performs good (usually the one that comes with the phone is the best).