Samsung commits to 4 years of updates for its 2019 and later smartphones

22 February 2021
The new policy includes the Z, S, Note, A, M, XCover and Tab series.

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Its too late to make this new policy, after all in my country this samsung is to obsessed to use his exynoss inside. I use galaxy note 8 and im so disappointed with samsung no software update after 2 years and security update is so late to get, the ui is just ok. Now the cloud backup from samsung is disappeared and my cloud back up is scattered. Still better using iOS than samsung, he (samsung) can change his policy suddenly without some compensation. I bought a premium phone but doesnt feels like a premium at all, after 2 years using it feels like a trashes and now the third years im using this phone and I thought if i exchange my phone into a newer one i will be fortunate, but still in my country only the exynoss one that being sold in here and the exynoss 2100 are the real improvement that should be used inside the samsung in my country since a year ago. What i can’t accept is because i have to buy a smartphone with a defect chipset in a high prices, if used to play games it keeps getting hot this exynoss before the 2100 one

Too bad my Note 7 isn’t listed.

  • sijo

we dont want updated , we want battery back up ,, use one plus mobile one time please all samsung users , then u will not buy any samsung phone in your life , im a guaranteed samsung user from 2010 to 2020 December , i promises .

  • MrDong

[deleted post]Do you mean the taste of software freezes, glitches, bloatware and bugs? Also the adware.

  • Godly truthful

Samsung phones won't last more than 2 yrs. Bad experience and too expensive spares when serviced.

  • Anil raju

Really it's very very good news for Samsung users,

  • Anonymous

Good move. Now everybody has been put under pressure to do the same thing.

Most people can't make a phone last 4 years.

  • Anonymous

ALPHABOY17, 22 Feb 20213 years, of what? Of cripplin the phone? After 2 major upda... moreAnd that's why they just promised 3 years major update for Flagships, no news for mid-range or entry level. But I believed mid and entry get 1-2 major update
Still, 4 years of security update is pretty nice tho, not many brand will support their device that long.

Anonymous, 22 Feb 2021What are you talking about? How are they not guaranteed?Who knows, if they face issues with these updates, they will easily withdraw updates.

  • Anonymous

Note 9 user here.. missing out.. i feel samsung should ve included note 9 too on this list!!

AnonD-804996, 22 Feb 2021You replied with this to a guy who said Apple is best at th... moreI was referring to updates by all manufacturers, both iOS and Android.

My Galaxy Note 1 worked fine before it got a poorly patched update, which messed up the phone. I didn't update the software on my next phone, the Galaxy Note 2 for around 4 years and didn't face a single issue.

Also, as I highlighted in my previous reply, Apple admitted to intentionally slowing down older iPhones through updates. That IMHO is worse than a poorly patched update.

What do you find offensive in the things I've said above?

  • Anonymous

while better than most, they need monthly updates for all. apple does monthly updates for 5-7 years on all products...

  • Anonymous

X User, 23 Feb 2021Erm, perhaps I understand you wrongly. It is just security ... moreWe care about four years of security.

  • Alex

X User, 23 Feb 2021Erm, perhaps I understand you wrongly. It is just security ... moreYou've got it right, it's 4 years of only Security Updates, not Android or OneUI.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Haha that is exactly what must have happened...

  • DinoOliverB

I currently own a Samsung phone and it kind of a good news. Might consider upgrading to a S21 because of this. I felt that they've considerably improved vs other Android OEMs.

  • X User

ithehappy, 22 Feb 2021Honestly, this is a very good news for Samsung users. Not t... moreErm, perhaps I understand you wrongly. It is just security updates, not ONEUI update.

  • NetteW

How come Galaxy Tab A8 (2019) is included while its bigger sibling Tab 10.1 (2019) is not included?

That is about 2 billion cell phones in the e-waste bins.
The planet will not survive this waste !
Get a grip Samsung and make your phones more sustainable.
Maybe you do not care.