Samsung announces new 50MP ISOCELL GN2 camera sensor with Dual Pixel Pro

23 February 2021
The green pixels are split diagonally to receive information on the top and bottom of the pixel as well.

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petunia, 23 Feb 2021There's no advantage that 3:2. Just crop you pics to t... moreI don't want to crop, it's a burden, why don't they add a 3:2 shooting mode? do you have a 4:3 screen? if not (I'm sure you don't have) then why the hell are we shooting in 4:3? what's the advantage here?? FYKI, surface pcs have 3:2 screen!

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IpsDisplay, 23 Feb 2021Then why aren't we doing mega large pixels with regula... moreThis sensor is not gonna give more details than a Bayer 12,5MP 1/1.2". That is a fact.

But OEMs want to push 8K recording, something you cant do with 12MP Bayer.
This is why nobody orders a 12MP 2,4 micron for example.

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Nick Tegrataker, 23 Feb 2021What an impressive accomplishment by Samsung, we're sl... moreIn early 2019, Sony Semicon made clear they would sell 1" sensors if cellphone makers were willing to buy.
With phones using many cameras, I doubt there is space enough for it.

Also, the 1" is still 44% larger than this new Isocell.
The difference between both is about the size of those 64MP 1/1.76" ....

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John, 23 Feb 2021You really don't do more reading, don't you? 😑 ... morePixels are always together. They do not have ability to move.
The full resolution mode is software based, not hardware.
It emulates bayer sensor.

This is why you do not gain extra details when you switch from 10 to 40, 12 to 48, 12.5 to 50, 12 to 108 or 16 to 64. Many phones do not even offer full resolution (motorola usually).

Also full resolution is full of artifacts.

Compare the isocell GW1 (64MP tetracell) to GW2 (64MP bayer).

64MP from bayer downscaled to 16MP is better than native 16MP.
64MP from quadbayer downscaled to 16MP looks worse than native 16MP.

  • aquinoes

I remember testing by myself the quality of JPEG (not raw) pictures of epl5, Canon 5d mkiv and my previous phone, a Lenovo z6 pro, with gcam port. And the mobile phone was achieving like 90% of m43 quality (but still very far from Canon's full frame). Haven't retested with vivo x50 pro+, but I guess Olympus would lose in a blind camera test.
And olympus and canon were paired with excellent, not kit, objective lenses.

So, 144MP camera for S22 is a go then ?

  • aquinoes

I was trying to quote to John:

"...this sizes plus the computational gains have buried m43 to oblivion"

I definitely wouldn't buy into this kind of belief. Computational software is not everything. The M43 can still beat software-focused smartphones when you give an M43 camera a lens with well-built glass optics. You have to remember that there are certain components that software cannot change. Sensors and optics are built as hardware in the first place - if you don't build it right, it won't produce a great photo.

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YUKI93, 23 Feb 2021Don't confuse between UI and OS. Some Xiaomi phones ma... moreAs an Olympus micro four thirds fan (owner of E410, epl1, ep2, epl5, em5 and em10ii), few people regret more than me that Olympus is shutting down its photography business.

But the Stanford+Google hdrplus algorithm, diminished to almost imperceptible their 1.33"(4/3") advantage over 0.88"(1/1.12") sensors. They were much preferable to 1/2.5" sensors, but that is no longer the case.

As clunky as "computational" photography sounds, it's still physics: with multiple (properly aligned) exposures the SNR increases with the square root of the number of exposures (if I remember correctly), so as the number of "viable" (well aligned) short exposures gets into 9 to 16 territory with current buffers and readout capabilities you are "almost" getting the dynamic range of m43 to APSC pixels when you arrive to 1" mobile phone sensors, and at the same time avoid clipping highlights. This is an impressive advantage that conventional camera companies have struggled to achieve with their dedicated ISPs. They simply don't have the resources to raise the quality of them when their sales have plummeted in recent years. Nikon is probably following Olympus down the path of sadly bankrupt well-known camera manufacturers. They will not survive to coronavirus I'm afraid.

As I told in a previous comment, I feel as if mobile phones are providing now the quality of really good cameras of 10 years back... and that is a lot of quality. To put clear my point: I don't carry my beloved photographic equipment unless I travel. But not anymore to preserve special ocassions (local excursions, birthdays, and so on). And over all I have the mobile phone with me 100% of the time. That's their biggest point when you have toddlers around.

Apart from subject isolation, when paired with of a good portrait prime lens, vivo X50 pro+ can do anything that a micro four thirds camera is able. And behaves better on low and too much light conditions, as computational photography make them excel in HDR and night photography (without tripod). And liberates me from raw processing in Lightroom, something I personally hated.

  • John

Anonymous, 23 Feb 2021Stop saying binning mode. Pixels do not switch position a... moreYou really don't do more reading, don't you? 😑

Nick Tegrataker, 23 Feb 2021Sorry if I'm mistaken, by "pixel binning with a m... moreThere is no native 12MP sensor with more than 2.0µm pixel size that can directly compete with a Quad Bayer or Nona Bayer sensor with the same binned effective pixel size. That is why I'm not talking about the regular 12MP sensor. It really is too hard to tell unless we have such a sensor for real.

I wonder what Samsung phone this will be offered in first?

IpsDisplay, 23 Feb 2021Then why aren't we doing mega large pixels with regula... moreRegular Bayer 12MP is built with a different construction compared to Quad Bayer or Nona Bayer sensor. Since the Bayer filter in QB/NB sensor is shifting around, it means that the sensor doesn't need to be as thick as a regular Bayer 12MP. I can guarantee that a native 12MP RGB sensor with 2.4µm pixel size will be thicker than a Quad Bayer 48MP with 1.2µm.

sohail shafayat, 23 Feb 2021sounds good! a 3:2 sensor could have been better!! we have ... moreIf Panasonic updates the CM1 with the latest sensor, glass optics, stabilization, and Xenon flash, it can surely be a winner.

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sohail shafayat, 23 Feb 2021then you expect a huge bump behind the phone also There is new technology devopled in lenses to reduce their thickness, hopefully it complements the reduced size

Nick Tegrataker, 23 Feb 2021What an impressive accomplishment by Samsung, we're sl... moreIce Universe already confirms Mi 11 Ultra will indeed use it. Glad that Samsung using a simple QB with more manageable resolution rather than 108mp marketing nonsense.

The real question is, what Sony IMX will surprise us on the next Huawei P50, same size sensor or finally a 1" one?

  • petunia

sohail shafayat, 23 Feb 2021sounds good! a 3:2 sensor could have been better!! we have ... moreThere's no advantage that 3:2. Just crop you pics to that format. you can mostly even shoot cropped.

What an impressive accomplishment by Samsung, we're slowly but steadily getting closer to 1 inch threshold!
Now, the question is.. will Mi 11 Ultra with an alleged "50MP sensor" have it?

Anonymous, 23 Feb 2021What we need is a huge 1 inch sensir in regular form factorthen you expect a huge bump behind the phone also

YUKI93, 23 Feb 2021I would like to believe that. But when I saw the Vivo X50 P... moreSorry if I'm mistaken, by "pixel binning with a modified Bayer colour filter tends to lose some.. detail", I thought you were talking about the 12MP binned output from a 48MP QB sensor and 12MP output from a 12MP Bayer sensor, no?

If you were simply comparing 48MP and 12MP outputs from the same 48MP QB sensor, then yes you will indeed get less details from the latter. However, I don't think it's appropriate to say it "loses" details in 12MP mode when the colour filter on the sensor is arranged in an exact way that it produces 12MP image by default.

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sohail shafayat, 23 Feb 2021sounds good! a 3:2 sensor could have been better!! we have ... moreWhat we need is a huge 1 inch sensir in regular form factor