DxOMark rates the OnePlus 8T's camera as average

03 March 2021
But good enough to challenge the good old Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

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real life perfomance is even worse than this 😐 such
a mediocre camera.

  • Anonymous

111 isn't average, its low high end or high mid end/above average.

I wonder why s21 ultra did so abysmal on their charts

  • Anonymous

DxOmark tests every phone in a scientific manner. They do it better than youtubers. BUT the main problem is with their scoring scheme. They change it for every phone.

Take one aspect of camera, say auto focus, for every single phone they changed the weightage. For example, s20 ultra's auto focus contributes 20% and s21 ultra only 10% (there percentages are not true) to the final score.

If we take weightages that DxOmark considered for mate 40 pro and apply to Sony Xperia 1ii then Sony Xperia 1ii will gain nearly 25 points

DxOmark marks a good phone's camera also as a bad one (not only in the case of Sony but with every manufacturer, it completely depends on their will and wish).

This is why I'll never buy a OnePlus flagship. 4yr old camera tech. Drop a level on the screen and up the snapper.

  • Anonymous

Every year people are complain about that Dxomark scores are not reliable
But it's just depends on that their favorite brand or phone gets as good enough score or not
Iphone gets 125 Dxomark best
S21 gets 121 Dxomark biased
Truly S21 ultra isn't that good it's just beautiful

  • Anonymous

Shadocx, 03 Mar 2021Well, they tested the Exynos variant of the S21 Ultra, mayb... moreS21 Ultra scored lower than S20 Ultra which also an exynos variant

Does dxomark even rate any camera good 🤣🤣

Anonymous, 03 Mar 2021DxOmark opinions does not matter. I don't know why the... moreDxO is heavily skewed by more cameras thus invalidating the whole thing. If they want to make it reliable again they should compare main to main, wide to wide, etc.

  • Anonymous

Next to Mate 20 pro, joke of the day 🤣

JamoaSoe, 03 Mar 2021So the 8T managed to pull off a better Video score than the... moreWell, they tested the Exynos variant of the S21 Ultra, maybe it has something to do with that.

  • Ivo

Why do you keep posting reviews from the proven frauds at DxOMark? You saw their botched bullshit review of the S21 Ultra! They never even tested the periscope 10x zoom camera, these paid Apple shills!

this DxOmark is too much.
if we watch the review of OP8T camera, it is already very good enough.
Even you cant upload your best quality photo to instagram or twitter because those platform always compressing the size.

  • OldOneplusbetter

OnePlus used in past to be amazing. It was unique. It has been dragged down by the market for other brand phones. It's been taking zoom out of its cameras for a while now and putting in almost useless things like macro. Or putting in non-stereo speakers. It's the best Android experience after Google Pixel, without as many bugs as the Pixels (hardware failures, screen and speakes of pixels). Plus their no sense for using curved screens and the poor image quality (how manage the color) with tint issues and green tint, means they should switch to flat screens and not curved ones. They should also contain the size to less than 6.5 inches, with the Pixel's 6.2 inches being the most suitable for not carrying a brick in your pocket.

So the 8T managed to pull off a better Video score than the S21 Ultra...
What are the guys at DXOMark smoking?

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DxOMark have same opinion like drunk man near the shop entry.

  • Maybeno

Shellyman Infinity, 03 Mar 2021OnePlus cameras always have been average at best.I don't think so. Huawei are the best, next to Google Pixel AI (not because the old Sony sensor, only software).

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Mar 2021DxOmark opinions does not matter. I don't know why the... moreYes, true. DXOmark is now irrelevant

It's true that recent OnePlus phones have innacurate colors, too much contrast that makes it loss details in shadows and noise in their cameras.
By installing Gcam the picture quality gets great, but the video quality is still unchanged, both picture and video quality are unchanged in apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat and Instagram.
So OnePlus is clearly lacking in the overall camera department.

  • Anonymous

I just noticed that they noted the 8T better than the S21 Ultra in videos, lmao this website is a joke