Galaxy S21 sales take series to four-year high

05 March 2021
The company saw 590,000 sales in South Korea, the highest since the Galaxy S8.

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  • Archi

Not surprising there are more Galaxy sales this year. That doesnt mean this years Galaxy model is anything special. In summary last year Samsung sold overpriced rubbish. In particular the exynos variants were lemons sold as the sale performance as snapdragon variants of phones marketed as the same thing. And existing customers who just wanted the next Galaxy held off buying the scam Samsung offered. Phones dont last forever so this year mor people upgraded. I have a Galaxy with a pink stripe down the screen and will still hold off on the 21 series phones as the exynos is all we get in australia and these still have pretty bad thermal issues. Why buy another defective exynos model branded and marketed the same as a better performing snapdragon equiped phone.

  • No sd

No one uses SD cards. Except the 5 of you. Grow up

I wonder who wants this super overpriced phone with zero charger and earphones in the box.
Paying 500 would be more than enough as an initial price.
Anything above is DOA.

  • Anonymous

S10 is still more than adequate. I see no reason to update.

AlienKiss, 05 Mar 2021Maybe you just had bad luck. My Sony Z C6603 is still worki... moreSony doesn't advertise their products? You have got to be frigging kidding me. Every phone used in a Columbia Hollywood movie is a Sony phone. It's essentially the only place left on earth you see a Sony phone. Product placement ad nauseum, making Apple's Hollywood product placements look subtle.

Kingslayer, 05 Mar 2021Samsung used better materials on the back. Too bad no micro... moreAll brands have the $700 trade-in deal with the carriers offering a $700 trade-in deal.

Samsung used better materials on the back. Too bad no microSD slot. The trade-in with $700 off here in the States has also helped. Samsung have the best trade-in deals over the carriers.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Mar 2021Even if Samsung release 4 models a year, you still have Hua... more"Demaning that from vendors of choice" LOL

This guy acts like Apple listens to their users hahahaah, at the end of the day they do what they want. If they ddint they wouldnt release phones that are inferior to Android counteprarts for similar or more money

  • Anonymous

AnonD-985481, 05 Mar 2021Because not churning out 50 new phones every week is someho... moreEven if Samsung release 4 models a year, you still have Huawei and other OEMS so that was a null point. On top of that Samsung sells over 100 million more devices than Apple every year and some devices have SD and some Exynos but out of all Android OEMS they will be giving 3 years of major updates.

And dont worry there have been plenty of occasions where silly Apple fans dont call Apple up on their bad behaviour ;)

Cosmin , 05 Mar 2021Wait and see xiaomi mi 11 😎😎😎 Its gonna be a record in 1 month 😊Goooddd, you really understand it i realize or you did not read my last post 🤣🤣🤣
Gonna be a long night here 🤭🤫

  • Aadrian

Lower starting price is what people like. I hope they finally realize that the rising prices of smartphones are ridiculous and need to stop. Apparently even when the back of the phone is plastic, people rather have that than spending extra.

  • Anonymous

Cosmin , 05 Mar 2021Wait and see xiaomi mi 11 😎😎😎 Its gonna be a record in 1 month 😊Korea population was 51M so that was somethink like 1.15% of Korean who brought S21 to reach similar number Xiaomi need selling as much as 15.9M with 1.3 B China Population.

  • AlienKiss

Dru, 05 Mar 2021Good luck with your plan! I had Sony Z1 for 2 years and it ... moreMaybe you just had bad luck. My Sony Z C6603 is still working even though it is 8 years old! Only the battery seems to be a little worn-out, but after 6 years of intensive daily use and 2 years of sleeping in the drawer that's perfectly natural.
My opinion about Sony is that they make good devices, BUT they simply don't advertise their products AT ALL! That's why they are doing so bad in the sales department. Basically I've never seen a Sony commercial for their phones on TV. NEVER. Just Sony Ericsson but that's in the old days when android or iOS didn't exit.
Their marketing department is probably working only in Japan or they don't speak English. Either that, either they are being sabotaged from inside. I don't have any other explanation...
Also, every phone store I ask never has any Sony phones and they ALL try to sell me the fruit phone or a tzing-ping brand and ofc Samsung.
About the price, yeah, they are a little spicy, but I don't know any other brand to have 4K display, SD card slot, they even brought back the 3.5mm jack.
On the other hand, Samsung and Apple are basically spamming every TV channel, website, game with their commercials. That's the difference. I'm from Europe in case you want to know.
Sony should let their Japanese pride aside and hire a new marketing team that has the same spamming drive as the other brands. They seem to be interested selling only in Japan their phones. Quite sad, because it is a very old and respectable brand.
Samsung is now slowly turning into Apple. No SD card (not even on the NOTE??) , no 3.5mm jack, no charger in the box at double the price!
Meanwhile I'm struggling to find a high-end flagship with SD card slot for my 1TB SanDisk card.. I don't do clouds hehe
So my options are last year's products from Samsung or this year's flagship from Sony. Tough choice! :)

Dru, 05 Mar 2021Good luck with your plan! I had Sony Z1 for 2 years and it ... morei have xz1 compact and its a best phone i have ever had. i do agree software is not as good as Samsung but Sony hardware is top notch. this phone can achieve 9 hrs ost with just 2700mah, i can wear whatever skin jeans i want it fit perfectly.

  • Cosmin

Wait and see xiaomi mi 11 😎😎😎
Its gonna be a record in 1 month 😊

  • Anonymous

blue.sun, 05 Mar 2021Real "tech" people don't have problem with G... more+1

  • Dru

AlienKiss, 05 Mar 2021I'm a Samsung user and fan, but the S21 lineup is very... moreGood luck with your plan! I had Sony Z1 for 2 years and it was the crappiest phone I have ever had in my entire life and I have had mobiles since they were invented! Sony looks good on paper but in real life there is virtually no support - nearly no software updates, no dealerships, hardware and software glitches in abundance. There is a good reason why Sony has 0% market share, even besides eyewatering price tag.

  • Kenobi


Samsung made a lot of mistakes but they also did many things right with this new lineup so I would say they deserve this kind of success

Uncle D, 05 Mar 2021Theres difference on business and being greedy if u can... moreHaha...wait for your favorite brands to do the same.