Flashback: a look back at the best Samsung Galaxy A phones through the years

21 March 2021
The series is a follow-up to the one-off Galaxy Alpha and brought some unique devices since its inception in 2015.

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Anonymous, 21 Mar 2021Metal phones are becoming rarer nowadays, since the screen ... moreThat's a huge lie and you know it. If that's the case, why are the Note 20 Ultra and S20 Ultra glass sandwich on a metal frame? And these phones are much bigger than their plastic counterparts the Note 20 and S20.

Current brands with glass+metal+glass construction include The iPhone 12 (all variants including the mini), OnePlus (all flagships), Huawei (Both flagship and upper midrange phones), Asus all flagships (all ROG and ZenPhones), Xiaomi that you've also mentioned has lots of K-Series, Redmi, Poco, and others that have the same body construction.

You're not seeing my argument here on what's going on with Samsung. They're after the money by selling cheapish plastic garbage.

  • Macky

Yeh my a9pro still great until now and im very happy

  • Eddie

ylr, 21 Mar 2021galaxy a5 2015 model is the best one in this eventhough lac... moreGalaxy A5 (2015) I miss that phone!

  • Anonymous

The A series date back to 2014 not 2015

  • Anonymous

I own Galaxy A80 for almost 2years, now it has issue on camera flip... difficult to flip back to it's original position, other than that its great

  • Compact

The A3-2016/17 was not perfect, but at least it was compact
Unfortunately today these compact phones have disappeared at Samsung

  • Smartest

Just keep them new A series all coming great job good sellers , everybody like them own A series

The first generation from 2015 was really good. I had A3 and used if for 5 years as my business phone. No complains except from wobbly home button, but it is still working. I replaced it with A40 for several months, which can't compare in built quality and after I replaced it with Huawei P smart Pro 2019, which is good phone, but it is huge and I really hate it.

Mantikoo, 22 Mar 20212018 A-Series are sht. Ugly, cheap looking phones. The 2nd ... moreFortunately, Samsung brought the ip rating back to A52 and A72

  • Mantikoo

2018 A-Series are sht. Ugly, cheap looking phones. The 2nd Gen A-Series line up are the best, premium glass back flagship level look (at that time) plus it has ip68 rating which you wont get nowadays with midrange phones.

  • Anonymous

Alex, 22 Mar 2021Me too. And the hardware quality was a flagship one. But Sa... more@Alex : "degrading software" ? Do you mean that Pie in A8 (2018) make the camera worse?

  • Alex

Past A series fan, 21 Mar 2021So ture i my self purchased the A8 2018Me too. And the hardware quality was a flagship one. But Samsung degraded software to make a difference, so the camera images were so bad that I stopped using the phone.

  • Bob

My favourite is probably a40. A compact phone (and not super expensive at that!), good amoled screen...

  • Anonymous

A3 ruled.. small & great !

GeekyDumbass, 21 Mar 2021man I wish they kept the slogan "alpha" instead o... moreWasn't it Aluminum or something? Because Alpha was a completely different league

ylr, 21 Mar 2021galaxy a5 2015 model is the best one in this eventhough lac... moreVery slim too!

Kek, 21 Mar 2021Honorable mention to the A6+ (2018), one of Samsung's ... moreBut it had gorilla glass 3 which could shatter at a height of 3 feet

I always loved Galaxy A series back then because of their unique looks and using metal in their construction (and including unexpected features like water resistance and OIS) until 2017. Now all the A series phone lack originality, have all-plastic designs like Chinese phones as well as giraffe displays and that made me look at Nokia phones

  • Anonymous

Which is the best model Samsung Galaxy with affordable price?

  • Chuks

Is the Samsung Galaxy M31s getting the Android 11 and one UI 3.0 update in africa too?