Flashback: a look back at the best Samsung Galaxy A phones through the years

21 March 2021
The series is a follow-up to the one-off Galaxy Alpha and brought some unique devices since its inception in 2015.

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a phone with super amoled screen made it expensive one, why people want it while a processor SD 410 in that phone for $400? that is galaxy a5 2015. still some A series today like this.

  • Active user

I'm reading this in Galaxy A10. I have it almost two years.

  • Anonymous

Galaxy A7 2018 because i have it.

  • Anonymous

ALPHABOY17, 21 Mar 2021I still have the galaxy alpha, what an absolute masterpiece... morethe battery life on 2016 2017 models for that time was very high perfect midrange phones processors abit on weak side

  • Anonymous

modern A series is garbage

my mother has the A8 2015 and it has a metal unibody design and looks and feels leagues better than the plastic trash of today

  • Anonymous

The Android Freak, 21 Mar 2021What about costing compared to Redmi and Realme? Redmi is o... morethere is more to a phone than plain hardware my guy

man I wish they kept the slogan "alpha" instead of switching it to "awesome" it sounds extremely childish and unprofessional, but I can get why they replaced the slogan's name. this phone isn't targetting the "professional" stereotypes of consumers like me, what they're targetting is the younger generation millennials and people on a tight budget

Maria, 21 Mar 2021The A8 (2018) is my first Samsung ever since I was using No... moreWhat about costing compared to Redmi and Realme? Redmi is offering snapdragon 870 in China at 300 USD. Samsung is offering snapdragon 750G in China at 450USD.

  • MrDong

The A80 was definitely a cool phone. Tried it hands on and I wonder myself how Samsung has achieved the camera popup/rotary mechanism. It’s a shame that the phone was very expensive and the chipset could be beefier (it used the SD730G) but at least it was probably better than even my S10 Exynos I owned years ago. Love to see Samsung making the A82.

  • Maria

The A8 (2018) is my first Samsung ever since I was using Nokia 3210 in 1999. Yes, it is true as I used to hate Samsung brand in mobile phone industry. Since then, I like Samsung although I am not a Samsung lover.

Well, to sum up, I am happy to see A series bring IP rating and OIS back now. I hope there is no more features reduction in A Series. Good luck.

  • Futoman

I bought a refurbished A80 a couple months ago and I love it. The only problem is the pretty little battery for such a big phone.

Looking back, Samsung put in a performance chipset 652, with 1080p sAMOLED in 2016?. But now Samsung thinks all people want is 720p with an Exynos chip??

I would rather have Wi-Fi 6 than 5G. I'm disappointed that it's not there yet as it would be more useful, in my opinion.

I still have my A7 (2016) from 2016. It's still kicking ass and not showing signs of giving up soon. Unfortunately, Samsung destroyed the A-Series phones.

They changed the solid-built design from glass-back-glass-front metal frame sandwich design to plastics. That really hurt me so much that I can't upgrade to another Samsung anymore.

What started as a premium line of upper mid-range phones has now been downgraded to replace the low-quality plasticky J-Series phones that Samsung removed from the market.

What current users of A-Series phones don't know is that this line was a killer for cheap flagship phones from other brands. Sad, that not the case now.

FYI: I still receive security updates every year. The last one was in February 2021.

I have the Galaxy A5 (2015) and Galaxy A10, nostalgia😭

I still have the galaxy alpha, what an absolute masterpiece.
The a5 2016 was also a great phone I had due to it's beautiful design ( 2.5D glass both sides with a 7k series aluminium frame) AND OIS, but the gpu of the exynos 7580 was very weak.
And now in 2021 a52 has OIS and people are so hyped... For what? It has a slower chipset, plastic back, plastic frame... At almost 500 euros in my country! The 4gb variant! Imagine the 8gb one!!! And that's the 4g variant!
By jumping into the bezeless notch/punch hole era, it lost what made the A series great... The side bezels were even thinner than on the S series. The GG4 was incredibly more shatter resistant than 3 and much more scratch resistant than GG5.
The decisions taken by samsung back then made the A series more practical, more premium. The only complaint I had was the slow gpu, but we see that today as well.
I hope this bezeless era is over, it started to become an obsession.
Did I mentioned the battery of the a5 being much better than on a a70/71? Probably because of the size of the screen...