OnePlus 9 series to arrive with ColorOS 11 in China, global units will stick to OxygenOS

22 March 2021
Previously the brand used its own HydrogenOS in China.

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  • GU

Kash, 01 Apr 2021Recently purchased the ONEPLUS 9 In china. Any recommendati... moreRoot is not neccessary to update to Oxygen OS . Just download the officicial Oxygen OS update file from One plus and update locally.

  • Anonymous

beep bop boop, 22 Mar 2021update yourself, iOS has been around since 2007, ColorOS ha... morehe said literally that ColorOS copied from iOS, not sure if you're trolling or just aggressively agreeing

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Mar 2021Soon enough, OnePlus should stop the struggle and head for ... moreYea they lost their edge where cheaper price flagship killer. My last oneplus is/was 7t pro. I felt its expensive I am now moving to poco f3 gg. If oneplus 10/11 isn't too expensive I might return.

  • Kash

Recently purchased the ONEPLUS 9 In china. Any recommendations on how i can root the software to get the new oxygen update?

Anonymous, 22 Mar 2021Chinese smartphone brands are the most diverse on the plane... moreThough it may seem most of them are different from their products, but their core business model is the same. Copy everything that you can and hardware is the easiest one to copy. So, Chinese smartphones have incredible hardware but when it comes to software (that they can't copy), they loose the ground. OnePlus's struggle in the camera department is one of the best example of this model.

Coming to my previous comment "OnePlus is slowly becoming just another Chinese smartphone brand", it was in reference to their recent smartphone launches like Nord N10, N100 which are of cheap quality, their failure in providing software updates (visible from the comments of the current OnePlus owners) and their clever yet dubious marketing strategy that creates hype around the new launches just to fall short by a large margin from their claims. So, OnePlus has become just another Chinese Brand.

Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, Realme are all owned by BBK Electronics, even if they deny it everytime.

  • Bubtossle

Unhappy iPhone User, 22 Mar 2021Quoting: 'I'm hoping that OnePlus 9 Pro will be m... moreI still use daily my OP5T Star Wars edition. I bought it the moment OP6 came on the market. This piece is totally what I need. It was with bad camera software, but that is fixed with the last few updates. Much was improved and I am perfectly happy with it. After I had two HTC at the time, - Butterfly S and Butterfly 3, this phone gave me much needed reliability due to not heating and therefore savin the battery life. Though I do not play games anymore on it, I use it a lot. It was one of the few choices I had with not glass back. Never regretted this purchase.

  • Joe

nanagdad, 22 Mar 2021NOWhy would u be so sure about it?

Hi there,
First Time User of Oxygen Os, did try Color OS but didn't really like it due to bloat apps preinstall on phone.

Anonymous, 22 Mar 2021Really ColorOS? You might as well go for the real deal that... moreupdate yourself, iOS has been around since 2007, ColorOS has been around since 2013. bruh

  • Anonymous

Soon enough, OnePlus should stop the struggle and head for the inevitable - merge with Oppo.

  • Anonymous

beep bop boop, 22 Mar 2021OxygenOS is amazing, ColorOS is also rlly good (its grown o... moreReally ColorOS? You might as well go for the real deal that ColorOS copies - iOS..

  • Dammy

All phone are looks n gunctioned same .. oppo vivo and one plus perent compny of bbk electronices.. so... thy cn copy own petants of ... this compneys .... n i dmt like tht 😄😄

OxygenOS is amazing, ColorOS is also rlly good (its grown on me). but what is HydrogenOS?

  • Anonymous

Unhappy iPhone User, 22 Mar 2021You said, "Looks like it's the Chinese smartphone... moreits also that hydrogenOS is relatively unpopular in china. ColorOS being on Oppo phones which are preferred in smaller city and what not. With the way ads are built into market places, its normal to see ads and they aren't pop-up ads either so not something that ruins the experience. At the same time there is no need of spyware unless something dodgy has been installed. unless u take data collection as spyware as synonyms.

HydrogenOS is so unpopular that oneplus sells poorly as users prefer miui, flyme OS and colorOS(this one being familiar). Google stock like system is not something people in China use.

Unhappy iPhone User, 22 Mar 2021Thanks @limecheesecake. But since I've wasted $000s on... moreI agree, based on price to performance the 1+8 Pro would probably be a better choice for you as it is discounted at the moment, I'm just thinking from a longevity/software update standpoint, I'd rather spend a bit more, get a slightly better phone and an extra year of software updates but that is my personal preference. But yes, the 1+8 Pro is still an amazing phone.

  • Unhappy iPhone User

limecheesecake, 22 Mar 2021I'd wait for the OnePlus 9 Pro if I were you.Thanks @limecheesecake. But since I've wasted $000s on iPhones over the last decade, I can ill afford to spend another $1000 on an unknown quantity that is the 1+9 Pro.

From what I've read, both 1+9 Pro and its predecessor are pretty similar, obviously with the exception of the latest and greatest SD SoC and the new David Hasselhoff camera lenses (autocorrect didn't like the Swedish company and replaced it with Knight Rider).

I don't need no Hoff lenses, so perhaps the 1+8 Pro would be a stellar choice for me ?

  • Reww

Anonymous, 22 Mar 2021bold claims when the news today involves - xiaomi relaun... moreThe minor design differences on androids are still far ahead of the competition

  • Anonymous

Welcome to Pete Lau's Oneplus

Anonymous, 22 Mar 20219 will.have 870 chipset !No the vanilla 9 will also have the 888 chipset.