Nokia G20 and G10 unveiled with large batteries, Android Go-powered Nokia C20 and C10 join in

08 April 2021
All four The G-series is powered by Helio G chipsets and will receive two years of software updates.

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  • Anonymous

Doesn't the c10 even support 4g? Wow Nokia is still in the past

To be brutally honest, I really can't see the point for the G10 to exist in the first place. The G20 is a much better option all day.

Why are the wasting money making these phones anyway nobody is paying the price for these specs...

LAW321, 09 Apr 2021It's so funny to see people are concerned with only hi... moreNot just Chinese phones, Samsung itself is forcing ads of their own company via their push service (my friend's phone got an A52 ad via it). Not just that, those phones come with Facebook apps, Hancom apps and Microsoft apps pre-installed and takes close to half of the free storage (even when disabled). I'm not trolling on the brand but I have a lot of friends who use Samsungs (I'm a former user too)

TheWanderer, 10 Apr 2021lmao what privacy? You have no privacy if you use the internetExactly. Even chrome with incognito follows you whenever wherever

Spoony, 11 Apr 2021What's the point in the so called bigger battery bigge... moreIt says "largest of any Nokia", or else Energizer would be the clear winner here with its enormous battery

Alex 94, 11 Apr 2021Its a great strategy to go for a phone 200€ max. And lets b... moreThe good thing is that Nokia gets a lot of discounts, seems like people are obsessed on specs on paper but not user experience. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that Chinese phones are bad

What's the point in the so called bigger battery biggest ever but not being able to charge it quickly, why can HMD not get with the program.

hmm, 09 Apr 2021I buy under 200 euro phones for a reason that i can buy the... moreIts a great strategy to go for a phone 200€ max. And lets be honest in that price range we can find great devices, like poco x3, redmi note 10/10s/10 5g.

  • Merciless

Carol, 10 Apr 2021So to understand you always troll everywhere Nokia but comp... moreCarol, Carol you are showing you are a hater again. You desperately want us to believe that your Nokia phones last a long time. Yet when other users shared their experiences
about Chinesee phones also lasting just as long, you dismissed them with deragotary terms like 'crapware' and 'garbage'. What makes your experience more credible than other people? See your own hypocrisy there?

You said I have never used Nokia (I had plenty of Nokias from 6600 to the last I used was the N95 because Nokia under HMD is just not interesting to me) and I am sure almost everyone here used a Nokia in some point in their lives. Just let me ask you back: Have you used any recent Chinese phone before passing judgment that all Chinese phones are bad?

I don't have to say anything more because sales number will prove how well Nokia going to do with these new phones. Well, let see how long your beloved Nokia under HMD is going to last after another year of losses. You might have to find a new job soon, Carol...Btw, use paragraphing to make your comments easier to read and spellchecking is not that hard.

Carol, 10 Apr 2021So to understand you always troll everywhere Nokia but comp... moreYour an embarrassment, and probably the only one that loves HMD!

  • The Albion

Anonymous, 09 Apr 2021Hear me out you phone designer freaks in your white castles... moreExactly.Well said.

  • Anonymous

Nokia is following Lg's line. The company will be soon over

  • Aloop

Nokia wants to compete with Moto G10 and G30 lol

Carol, 10 Apr 2021So to understand you always troll everywhere Nokia but comp... morelmao what privacy? You have no privacy if you use the internet

  • Carol

Merciless, 09 Apr 2021People like 'Law321' tend to think they are smart... moreSo to understand you always troll everywhere Nokia but complain about me always being there? You talk about research, ever actually used a Nokia? Do you even understand the innovation behind the name? Crappware is very easy to spot, you go to store make a test an know what you're holding. An iphone, samsung or nokia knockoff. It is also enough to have one or two friends that bought crapware from miomi or two-minus and got broken in a matter of months, while my nokia 8 keeps on rolling almost 4 years now with still a great battery life. My nokia 9 is also 2 years old, my whole family has nokia and not one got broken but how can a non-sheep like you know what that is when he owns disposibles? This list can last till tomorrow. I invest in european Companies, and am always carefull what i support, a boat made company or a company with principles!? As i have a lot of principles. Do you know what that is? Probably not. Nokia is overpriced? With time they are actually underpriced as one's privacy is way more expensive then 300€, or you tought those garbage bags you call smartphones are just 'cheap' for no reason? Oh you pay for them, and you pay a lot more then i pay for my Nokias, but how can you know that, when your ig...ce is at maximum level? And again, talk about research? Maybe is time to actually do some, instead of calling it on others.

  • Merciless

Ano, 10 Apr 2021You just exposed yourself already. You are right. I just exposed those that like to condemn without concrete proofs. You have anything else useful to add?

  • Ano

Merciless, 09 Apr 2021People like 'Law321' tend to think they are smart... moreYou just exposed yourself already.

  • Merciless

hmm, 09 Apr 2021If these updates are so important for you then you should b... morePeople like 'Law321' tend to think they are smart but actually they are so gullible to fall for propagandas such as "Chinese phones are low quality" and "Chinese phones pushing ads every time you tap the screen" without even doing any research or experience with the phones.

They never stop to think critically which is more worth the money, instead they just chose to follow the narrative set by Chinese haters (a good example would be Carol who usually skulks around in Nokia comment section) like a good sheep and go buy overpriced and underwhelming products just because they heard "Nokia is better" like 15 years ago.

Zoser, 09 Apr 2021When i purchase from an Asian seller and i choose its produ... moreEdit from my previous post to make the advice more clear:

"Never buy a from a website whose owner can't not be identified physically and contacted by phone, regular mail and legal ways. So ALWAYS avoid websites that only provide an email or formulary as a contact method. The seller or intemediary platform also must have a public legal warranty that can be used globally, valid in your region and also a clean long reputation. The seller directly or the platform in between you and him must have a policy that guarantee your money back if you don't like the product after test it for some reason or it's faulty, so you can send it back to the seller and get your money back."

Obviously you should be able to order a new product too, but the money back must always be guaranteed if you claim it, regardless of what you finally prefer to do.