Nokia G20 and G10 unveiled with large batteries, Android Go-powered Nokia C20 and C10 join in

08 April 2021
All four The G-series is powered by Helio G chipsets and will receive two years of software updates.

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  • Anonymous

sq2013, 08 Apr 2021I don't see any issues with this. They're pricing... moreThank you dear manufacturers knows there are people who can't afford bigger phones so they provide at all levels

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Apr 2021They should give away their entire stock of c10 and c20 mod... moreDon't blame Nokia for having the poor at heart
The C phones are obviously made for people who can't afford the flagships and midrange phones. Am chatting from Nigeria where life is hard as a rock, 70% of people here can't afford flagships phones. So personally I think HMD has done nothing wrong by bringing out this C series phones.

no telephoto camera = junk!

  • Anonymous

YUKI93, 08 Apr 2021So basically, the C-series is the 1.x replacement whereas t... moreNo and yes.

The C10 is the successor to the C1 and C20 is the successor to C2 (9 go edition) and C1 Plus (10 go edition).

Yes the G series replaces the 2 series since they both use Mediatek.

The SD480 is the successor to the SD460 but with 5G.

So the X10 like preceeds the 3.4 but I don't think so since the specs are far from each other like the Zeiss camera and software upgrades and 5G. I'm thinking maybe the number dot scheme will still be retained sans the 2.x (replaced by G series) but exclusive to Snapdragon only. The X series I think will be exclusive to 5G models only.

C Series is for people living in the 2000’s

  • VRZ

sq2013, 08 Apr 2021I don't see any issues with this. They're pricing... moreThey're way too expensive for what they offer... Chinese brands or even Samsung offers way better value for the money

  • Anonymous

They should give away their entire stock of c10 and c20 models to poor people as a gesture of good will and to get some PR.

This HMD is big shame on the name of Nokia 😠😠

  • Anonymous

crap....Motorola still better than this

A 3G only phone??? When is this hmd-nokia BS ending.... I think there should be a class action suit to stop this non sense. Or a petition..

  • sq2013

I don't see any issues with this. They're pricing it accordingly and different people require different specs. Not everyone can easily afford 200 euros plus. I don't know what people are going on about to be honest.

  • Skb

HMD seems to go downward rather than upwards.really hurt to see this trend.

Nokia should've not target entry level market,,, bad spec phone probably gonna DOA

  • RSv

What's the point of c10/20? Almost no improvement from previous c-series phones. HMD is gonna have another year of losses.

  • Jimieangel

Nokia will get the same fate as LG if they target the lower end.

Shame on you. my Lumia 920 has a 5V, 2A charger.

That is for early 2013.

Now is 2021. Where do you want to go HMD? maybe your train is in LG platform and will send NOKIA to nowhere.

I think they answer, "At least we put a charger in the box".

These new phones will last far more than 10 years; because they are always on charging state.

  • Anonymous

Helio. What's next, are they going power it by a baby in a pram for 140 euro??

  • Woohoo

At least the Nokias have some nice & pleasing colourways, I'll give them that.
Good job back designers👏🏻👍🏻

But wtf is going on at the front🤦🏻‍♂️
God that bottom bezel and what is that in the top bezel-a flash?

So basically, the C-series is the 1.x replacement whereas the G-series is the 2.x replacement.