MediaTek first to release a 4nm chipset, already has orders from OEMs

19 April 2021
The chip won't come cheap, though.

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  • Velliangiri

Exactly, How you are overcome the Moore's law..

  • Gowi

Snipnoob, 21 Apr 2021You're wrong, Mediatek has room to market on premium-r... moreExactly!

hmm, 20 Apr 2021Thats the price of a single chip out of 50 000 that is mini... moreI meant that there's a 50% increase in wafer cost from N7 to N5, and I doubt that MT was giving a "high-end" design like the D1000 at 20 bucks+small profit to OEMs.

N4 should be at least as expensive as N5 if not more.

  • Sr

regs, 20 Apr 20214K monitors and TVs are many years cheaper and better alrea... moreIt is so awesome

  • Anonymous

regs, 20 Apr 20214K monitors and TVs are many years cheaper and better alrea... more1440p is the sweet spot for PC monitors.

Mampara, 21 Apr 2021Not worth the cost. They should stick to 10/7nm processors ... moreYou're wrong, Mediatek has room to market on premium-range chips like Qualcomm. As I've said here before, if these 4nm chips are going to cost about 80 USD for OEMs, imagine how much Qualcomm will charge for its own 4 nm car chips bosses to OEMs? If The 7 nm SD 865 already cost almost 95 USD And these from Mediatek will be cheaper and will offer more or the same amounts of features as Qualcomm chips, competition is always better

Not worth the cost. They should stick to 10/7nm processors which are already highly efficient. Mediatek should focus on converting its tablet chipsets to 12nm and give upfated drivers for its chipsets.

Anonymous, 20 Apr 2021Hah! As if 8k is gonna be standard in a couple of years on ... more4K monitors and TVs are many years cheaper and better already than 1080p used to be in 2009.

Snipnoob, 20 Apr 2021Even snapdragon scans 8k@60fps, you better study It took you quite quick to study

  • Anonymous

Comparison is going on. but S dragon is always flying and it shall be now fly with more energy

  • Anonymous

Hey Mediatek, keep your prices low by also using 5nm. the key to further success is using X1 cores to high end chipsets. Also adopt more gpu cores (PowerVR the best). Last step is finally releasing to developers the chipset kernel code for longer support. Only 3 steps to the top

  • Anonymous

Dragon is not sleeping indeed.

  • Thunder volt

I have poco x3(8nm) and I feel that i am lucky because I got free300$ from government but i can not think buying a 4 nm chipset phone from my money🤣🤣🤣

Anonymous, 20 Apr 2021 Here you go. 800u losing in... moreDude I see no 800u or 750g in this video

I see only 800

I'm still waiting for you to show me the 750g beating the dimensity 800u

You might want to check this very site Gsmarena

But I can show you the 750g get much much hotter

  • Anonymous

Competition is always good. But Dragon isn't sleeping. He can release better one.

Incoming SD 888 challenger? Well this can be interesting.

MagicMonkeyBoy, 20 Apr 2021Wow... MTK all the way... 4nm... Awesome!! SD will no do... moreYour post got progressively worse as I read it. Your statement about android being better in every way is false. A LOT of it is based on opinion, not fact. Although androids do do some things better, Apple has done many other things better. iOS is sooooo much more optimised, the 12PM literally has better battery life than an S21U with a much smaller battery.

I don’t know what your friend is experiencing but it’s not normal, and you say that like android doesn’t have bugs? Every OS is going to have bugs, but iOS can mask them better.

Also why’d you specify “lady friend”? That’s just odd lmao.

Next probably 2nm chip then 0.5nm is next few years. 😂

Wow... MTK all the way... 4nm... Awesome!!

SD will no doubt be somewhere between 4 and 3... How good.

Very impressed.

However... Considering the size of Apple and its multi trillion dollar size... An A14 should be way better in theory than any android silicon...

However... Considering the size of MTK and SD... As a company. Far smaller than Apple... - Have you considered that these companies are actually doing a far better job than Apple. - Why? Because they are far smaller companies... But can almost on par or not far off at all. Or in some areas better than Apple...

So really we should be expecting way more from Apple...

But the truth is... Android is just soooo much better and far better in every single way. When looking at every principle.

And as a gamer. Gaming on Android is Quantum light years ahead of any Apple product... And personally my lady friend has an iPhone 12 pro max... There is so much lag and bugs. Really not impressed.

GeekyDumbass, 20 Apr 2021snapdragon 888 overheats worse mediatek will throttle xdfxz... moreThe exynos 2100 is at its best, it's perfectly balanced