MediaTek first to release a 4nm chipset, already has orders from OEMs

19 April 2021
The chip won't come cheap, though.

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  • 20 Apr 2021

mTK not custom ROM friendly only reason I m avoiding mtk..

    Assuming 4nm is just a refinement of TSMC's 5nm process... What's the point? MediaTek still won't be able to outsell Qualcomm at price parity. Why not just go for 5nm at a lower price point and refine their architecture for next gen? Alternatively, they can use the money spent on 4nm wafers to dedicated open source compliance employees. This is the main reason people prefer Qualcomm over MTK anyway... Custom roms.

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      • iA4
      • 20 Apr 2021

      Mediatek isn't slowing down and we could be seeing a new "AMD" in the smartphone chip business.
      Their Dimensity chips destroyed the midrange Snapdragons and this 4nm one could even surpass the top dragon dog.

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        • 20 Apr 2021

        I have yet to see a MTK chip that is better than a SD. They either drop out of support pretty fast, consume a lot of power or heat up more than neccesary.

          Good with competition for customers 👌🏻

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            • JT5
            • 20 Apr 2021

            Mediatek =$35
            Qualcomm = must be near $200

            Still all choose Qualcomm.
            Just an evidence to prove Snapdragon is better.

              will it beat Snapdragon 888 and can compete with next year Snapdragon 800 flagship (??)