Nokia X50 tipped to bring 108MP camera and Snapdragon 775 chipset

26 April 2021
It's also expected to pack a QHD+ screen and 6,000 mAh battery.

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  • Anonymous

Demongornot, 26 Apr 2021Oneplus 6t since 2/3 years, and will maybe switch to the Po... moreSo is your phone also useless since it has a notch?
At least the F2 pro deosn't have one if you upgrade

  • Zero

Plot Twist:
Is a SD 780 but underclocked.

Guys sd 765g successor is sd 768g and sd 768g successor is 780g so this might just be 780g and it will will be priced at flagship killer/Upper midrange price yet it is like eh almost upprwr midrange

Anonymous, 26 Apr 2021Which phone are you using now & since when? Oneplus 6t since 2/3 years, and will maybe switch to the Poco F2 Pro soon.

  • Blueboy

I for one won't be holding my breath. Nokia have become complacent in the last few years about releasing new phones. As I am still using my Nokia 8 which no longer gets sercurity updated

Please nokia-hmd just die!

  • Anonymous

Woohoo, 26 Apr 2021It isn't all his doings btw iirc he was there when th... moreNot good, less the 7.1+ Forums plenty of customers with hardware issues , bricked phones, etc, show that those weren't good. Only overpriced cheap hardware under the updates song by the HMD face. Low sales also corroborate it. The nostalgia only did its job at the beginning. Customers that will not bite again the hook.

  • Anonymous

seems decent... i thought they will just settle to those "half dozens"...
i frown over the unisoc ones, but i heard some other chinese phones use it on their new entry levels...
what is with this unisoc? so we now have qualcomm, mediatek and unisoc, kirin? how about intel? wont they come back to smartphones?

  • Woohoo

kek, 26 Apr 2021No hopes for anything HMD releases this year. All of these ... moreIt isn't all his doings btw
iirc he was there when the really good 5/6/7+/8, and then later 6.1/6.1+, 7.1 & the brilliant 8.1 launched

  • kek

No hopes for anything HMD releases this year. All of these products still have Juho's hand on them, which means they are utter garbage

But limited camera access, because Nokia still limit the potentials of their camera sensors. Using 3rd party apps doesn't even help.!

Original Nokia did it too, on the n8. But they opened it in later firmware update. Fake Nokia haven't done anything on their limited cameras.

  • Anonymous

Demongornot, 26 Apr 2021"The auxiliary shooters include a telephoto lens, ultr... moreWhich phone are you using now & since when?

  • Bob

108MP Camera that outputs 8MP images :)

  • Anonymous

Nice one but i already pre ordered nokia x20 with free nokia headphones but i think this one will be nice too

  • Anonymous

All for a low price of 1000 euros lol! HMD are a joke.

"The auxiliary shooters include a telephoto lens, ultrawide module, macro and depth snappers."
If they were not 2Mp Macro + Depth that they will surely put on it, it could be good.
Though the Depth camera is useless, except for real 3D ToF/LiDAR, using the darn Ultra-Wide would give much better results and save a sensor, and they keep insisting with their 2Mp Macro, put a damn 8Mp for god’s sake!
Anyway the phone will be useless as it will have a Punch Hole or Notch...

  • Vadaken

People have lost interest in Nokia. The new setup failed to bring out stable mobile phones to the market. Why can't they close down. They only announce but nothing materialise

abitcuriousabitgeek, 26 Apr 2021Actually, after I thought over the news a bit, I started to... moreGoogle Fund HMD, probably you heared Google will focus on USA and Japan markets only, HMD will focus in rest of the world.

Woohoo, 26 Apr 2021Now this is what we want, a good Pixel competitor (not ever... moreActually, after I thought over the news a bit, I started to think as you do. It's apparent that Nokia aims to rival to Pixel 6, and this phone looks promising so far. Yet, I wonder if it can live up to our expectations.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Apr 2021Zeiss does not make lenses for phones. All them are just ... moreYes. Also, lenses will not change their crap image processing software. The 108Mp will be its single all day usable camera and the rest mediocre fillers only to ask an even higher price. It'll be funny how much optical zoom that alleged telephoto camera has.

If they don't delay it, as usual... With a bit of luck we will watch it before the end of the year and have some laughs.