WhatsApp to become increasingly less useful if you don't accept its new terms

07 May 2021
Will limit access to calls and messages and eventually block all access.

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  • XQ6
  • 09 May 2021

The MOBILE phone technology has made most human beings IMMOBILE.

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    • Poh
    • AbH
    • 09 May 2021

    YUKI93, 09 May 2021Lol, even Signal requires your phone number as well so you ... moreIm using Threema (paid app). Which is user ID based for communication. Useful for close family and friends. My Signal, I still get lots of spam messages as my bank has probably sold my telephone number to every marketing agent. I think Teleguard is free, and user ID based.

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      • UNy
      • 09 May 2021

      I don't like Facebook and thus WhatsApp. I have already invited all my contacts to another app and deleted it for ever.

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        • 09 May 2021

        TrainingAddict, 09 May 202199% of people who cry about these terms and conditions use ... moreMerging data, that's the problem. Some use WhatsApp to send/receive data supposed to be encrypted and private. Now, knowing how good Facebook is at keep your data "safe"(see Cambridge analityca case), all privacy/safety promises will be/are nothing.

        Not to forget how Facebook treat all those people/sites/groups that were/are against mainstream media/news no matter the topic (politics, health, environment etc).

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          • Ash
          • U@q
          • 09 May 2021

          Life will be good without this types of app...atleast we will stay away from mobile n also instant office instructions..

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            • Nadeem
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            • 09 May 2021

            WhatsApp is not the same anymore.
            We better shift to Telegram, I m already using Telegram.

            Bye Bye WhatsApp! Thanks for your service until now.

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              • 09 May 2021

              TrainingAddict, 09 May 202199% of people who cry about these terms and conditions use ... moreI deleted my Facebook and Instagram accounts since 2018. I kept WhatsApp just because I had some contacts who were using only WhatsApp. But after these new terms and conditions thing, I just send them a message that I am switching to Signal and "Bye Bye". Of course, only 1 or 2 followed me to Signal (makes you wonder how important you are for the people around you).
              Anyway, for me it wasn't the terms necessarily (I think these terms are around since longer time). But it was the way WhatsApp put it: "Agree with these terms or take a hike". Because they thought they had a monopoly on this market. Guess they were wrong. And in time even more people will ditch WhatsApp, I am sure of it.

                99% of people who cry about these terms and conditions use Facebook anyway, so what's the problem 🤣

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                  • rJ7
                  • 09 May 2021

                  No I want whatsapp

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                    • 3PR
                    • 09 May 2021

                    Yenvee, 09 May 2021Not worried or bothered. Telegram is ready.Just note that Telegram is even less secure than WhatsApp (look it up - lots of news articles). Signal is more secure than iMessage. There's no reason to move if moving to Telegram.

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                      • 7tV
                      • 09 May 2021

                      Whatsapp entering Self destructive mode. I hope it closes completely in this decade it would be such a comfort after a long time.

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                        • 09 May 2021

                        just install aero whatsapp and problem is gone 😌

                          ""The initial notification announcing these changes that appeared in the app was somewhat vague, which caused the internet, with its lack of reading comprehension and patience to read anything longer than a tweet, to collectively lose its mind.""

                          Dear Prasad,
                          Could this mean people using Whatsapp business accounts won't cause my data to be merged with Facebook?
                          Come on Prasad, come out and reply. I'm so done with people who propagate wrong messages and don't complete the conversation.

                            Its not the first time that Whatsapp has made a anti-public decision. Their decision to scrap support for Symbian and Windows phone has also caused environmental issues as the phones are still working ok.
                            And now they want more data to be integrated.

                            Many common people I know are on business accounts for god knows what reason. Why??

                            Today, no one's listening to us. Not even Whatsapp despite whatever they claim.

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                              • Yenvee
                              • 7tV
                              • 09 May 2021

                              Not worried or bothered. Telegram is ready.

                                YUKI93, 09 May 2021Lol, even Signal requires your phone number as well so you ... moreIt's not that I don't want to give out my phone number, but it would be nice to have two accounts, one for real life and the other for more anonymous internet chatting.

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                                  • Fraudulent fellow
                                  • D0h
                                  • 09 May 2021

                                  All should teach a lesson to the bed bug

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                                    • Turbosam
                                    • rJc
                                    • 09 May 2021

                                    Indians are the biggest consumers of what's aap and face book ..

                                    Most of the population on social media is 16-45
                                    They are extremely tech savvy and far more comfortable in getting used to new technolgy or in this case new applications..
                                    It really doesnot matter to them weather it's what's aap or telegram ..
                                    They won't loose anything for sure ..
                                    Telegram provides lot more than what what's aap provides ...
                                    So switching to telegram is just three clicks away for india
                                    Play Store ..
                                    Telegram download
                                    Open ..

                                    And then once hooked ..they may never come back to what's aap for sure ..

                                    It's not the loss of the users ...it's the loss of mark Zuckerberg...what's aap and Facebook ...
                                    And mostly ..
                                    Once a customer is lost ..
                                    He is lost forever ..
                                    At this stage ..
                                    Making money can be secondary to mark ..
                                    Not roaming around the world with bold tatoo on the forehead ..stating ..
                                    "World's biggest stupid " ..
                                    Should be his first priority ..

                                    Some times
                                    Common sense is uncommonly common in common people ...
                                    And mark is the alpha example ..

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                                      • Lala LahoriRam
                                      • fC}
                                      • 09 May 2021

                                      World is not your domain nor peope's privacy. There are other options like goggle DUO,Hotspot etc.for video calling or face calls.

                                        NeonHD, 09 May 2021I use neither telegram or whatsapp. I don't like that ... moreLol, even Signal requires your phone number as well so you don't have much choice really.