Asus Zenfone 8 is a 5.9" flagship with an S888 chip, Zenfone 8 Flip keeps rotating cam

12 May 2021
The Zenfone 8 is smaller than the Xperia 5 III. The Flip is a Zenfone 7 with a Snapdragon 888 and a few other tweaks. Available for pre-order today.

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wbpwns, 13 May 2021You could have at least added a jack and increased it to 12... moreI don't think ASUS can put the headphone jack on the Flip version since the flip camera mechanism took quite a lot of space.

  • Jim

The Zenfone 8 looks very interesting. It ticks all my boxes, Compact with Flagship specs. My Samsung S8 with a 3000mAh battery lasts me a day and a half. 4000mAh should give me 2 days. I've been wanting to replace my S8 for some time now. Finally a company has released a phone that fits into the pocket.

Very interesting devices with a big but! They are not available to buy in Europe... :(

  • Anonymous

Will this come to the US??

  • Anonymous

Yet another boring design that every manufacturer has with an camera hole punch on the display. On the plus side this narrows the options to choose from ,for likes of my self who don't want an camera hole or notch. Just for the record that i have used these display ruined phones but still don't like the design.

imparanoic, 13 May 2021what a disappointment, i was hoping that the flagship Asus ... moreAgree, on that. I was hoping for the same. :( Disappointed. On more model with features on ZF8 and size, camera of flip would have changed the whole confusion in to must buy product. All they need to do was to put a DAC with 3.5mm jack in Flip and they didn't consider it. Now, buyers are confused which to buy, at least me. Or may be I won't go for any of these.

  • NoLifer

Anonymous, 13 May 2021Didn't you see Sony guys pushing Xperia 5 III Unnecess... moreNo I didn't. All I see is that people here want a smalish more compact phone the same as on that other thread you mentioned. Only difference is that this one doesn't have some things which those other phones have. For example I've see one person saying oh no it doesn't have sd card or 3.5mm jack or something else. And the other guy is just proposing a mk III as alternative solution. It's nothing negative about that. Or is it?

  • Krika

I love smaller phones,so well done Asus.
Considering that my current Samsung note 10 has the same size, and feels snappy to this day, what improvements over this phone will the zenfone8 have? Note 10 has 6.2 screen and better battery life.

What people don't understand here is you can't make a phone like the 100s of phone already out there and outsell the big players. Asus is a very small brand in Smartphone market, and it'll really hard to compete with the established brands. Even the big brands like HTC, Moto, LG, Sony (almost) continued to make loses for a very long time. It's not easy to compete with the top dogs in their own game, so you'll have to come up with unique ideas, and at the same time, keep the cost low. You'd want a USB 3, Gorilla Glass 6 on back, Victus on front, wireless charging and God knows what, and still expect the price to be below $500 dollar. Still Zenfone 8 ticks most of these boxes. And please don't compare it to a phone that'll come months after, and cost the double (talking about Xperia 5 III). Zenfone 8 Flip is for enthusiasts, they don't (can't) make as many, and hence can't sell as many.

Still there are high chances of a Zenfone 8 Pro later this year, with upgraded hardware.

There should a pro version is well for 8. Now, they created a confusing scene for those who wants same audio profile as 8 in flip version. 5.9 inches wont work for many as an upgrade. Now, at least me is not interested in any of those. It would have been a plus for those who wants good audio with flip. Cameras are okey, nothing to say about it. They are good in both. Storage version with respect to price are also not fitting right for me.

Android--Master, 13 May 2021In my opinion Asus missed out on a third phone in this segm... moreYes the Zenfone 8 pro with those upgrades would have been a good competitor to other premium flagships. They could have charged 900-1000€ for that.

imparanoic, 13 May 2021yes, you are correct, the zenphone 8 flip maybe the best se... moreGo check Gsmarena reviews, the photo and video is flagship level.
It's predecessor, the Zenfone 7 used the same cameras and won mkbhd blind-test where 10 million plus people voted.
The IMX 686 is very capable when optimized correctly.
IPhone 12 pro using even small sensor. It's nowhere closer to S21 Ultra or Mi 11 Ultra.

  • sajith kesavan

Battery could have been bettered with 6000 mah or above. However I have been using my Zenfone Maxpro1 without any complaints for mre than 3 years..Thanks Asus...

  • Anonymous

20:9 screen - this is what kills phones for me.

  • Anonymous

NoLifer, 13 May 2021There is not a single salty or bad comment about that in th... moreDidn't you see Sony guys pushing Xperia 5 III Unnecessarily in Zenfone 8 thread?

Android--Master, 13 May 2021In my opinion Asus missed out on a third phone in this segm... moreyes, you are correct, the zenphone 8 flip maybe the best selfie phone, but it's also average flagship phone for main photographs, no where near current camera master phones, iphone 12 pro, huawei mate 40 pro, samsung s21 ultra, might not even be as good as sony xperia 1 iii, also apart from camera deficiency, a third zenphone 8 pro with better camera and better audio would be a winner, they shot themselves in the foot, they only need to use the audiophile grade dac used in ROG5 phone for this 3rd flagship, then Asus would off have a killer flagship and unique selling point among it's rivals

at last a phone i really want to buy that 5.9 screen is perfect

Anonymous, 13 May 2021Zenfone 8 pro might launch. Wait for that Are you sure there's a pro version? I think this is it for the zenfone 8 series

  • Anonymous

Why did they separate the micro sd and headphone jack??

  • AnonD-964130

Great phone but asthetics bit poor like the back camera module position