Google Pixel 6 Pro leaks in new renders, more details outed

20 May 2021
The very unusual design of the back is confirmed.

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Anonymous, 21 May 2021Their A14 GeekBench scam is exposed. The chip throttles ba... moreAntutu exposes the thermal throttling nature of A14.
Performance drops to 40% of its original score.

wongwatt, 21 May 2021I was a longtime Apple user, iOS drove me away. It's ... moreiOS 14 certainly looks like a cheap copy of Android desperately trying to hold onto existing customers and in the process successfully enters the "Android wannabe" territory in the smartphone segment.

  • gringo

it looks like this is a google edition of galaxy note 10. i'm sure the manufacturer is samsung !

  • Anonymous

Former iOS user , 21 May 2021Android is a maintenance free OS. I got tired of the bugs o... moreTheir A14 GeekBench scam is exposed.
The chip throttles badly and is losing in speed tests as well.
Not to forget the total battery hog that is 5g. So much for the 5g marketing.

  • Former iOS user

wongwatt, 21 May 2021I was a longtime Apple user, iOS drove me away. It's ... moreAndroid is a maintenance free OS. I got tired of the bugs on iOS which needed constant fixing every time a new version was launched. Why would you want unnecessary updates when everything is working fine? Just look at the current upgrade to iOS 14.5, so many issues, performance dropping to 1/3rd of its original.
The whole 5 year update system is overrated and brings nothing new and yeah it does slow down old iphones and causes battery degradation so people go and buy new iPhones.

  • Anonymous

Paul, 21 May 2021Using a Curved screen is the worst decision, curved screen ... moreThank God we went through that curved glass craze. Never understood why would you make a screen more fragile only to conceal side bezels from eyesight but then introduce curve highlight glare that act up as white side bezels. It didn't make any sense since day one, but people drinking it like kool-aid and getting feisty about it whenever you mentioned it.

So, 21 May 2021So..i think it depends who you are...the look of this and a... moreYes, that's the issue!
By collaborating with Samsung they've ended up with a very toy-like OS and phone design - that's always bothered me about Samsung and I'm not happy to see it becoming the default.

Kingslayer, 21 May 2021I think iPhones are good phones but just not my type of pho... moreI've always found Pixel phones to be too limited which has meant I've only ever had a 2XL which was just about competitive at the time.

  • Paul

Using a Curved screen is the worst decision, curved screen have always been bad, just adding glare to the sides, & the sizes of both are too much, should be 6.1" & 6.5" max.

Anonymous, 21 May 2021Well you can go for oxygen os , flyme os , colour os , orig... moreThey are all based on Android and may find themselves adopting the new Google look too.

Anonymous, 21 May 2021You could always go with that Harmony OS, it's just a ... moreI'm on a Huawei P40 Pro+ right now as it happens.
I like EMUI far more than Samsung's OneUI and I really don't like the caroonish look of Android 12 so maybe I should stick where I am.

Anonymous, 21 May 2021Why you hate IOS??? It’s great system ! Try it I was a longtime Apple user, iOS drove me away.
It's never made any sense to me and I always detested the mess on the home screen (yes I know I can get rid of that now but only in to an app drawer that Apple insists on sorting in to categories using their flawed system) - I actually hated using an iPod as well.
I'm sorry but it's not a great system to me.

  • Anonymous

Looks like an LG phone. Did they buy LG's phone division?

  • Nobody

In my opinion this kind of camera position feel so right. After looking at every phone nowadays have weird camera position that make my phone wiggle when i place it on the table.

afronoia, 21 May 2021But those phones are not meant for 'general' popu... moreactually if you buy a flagship it will last long, ofc as long as you are not a tech enthusiast who want the best of the best every year.

for example, iphone x still good even now, in android s9 or s10 are still good even i still use s7 edge right now, the camera and performance still good enough for me

Nice note 10 +
Hope they listen and creat and debut a device that we can talk years about it.

  • Anonymous

One problem here is that the renders look like Google are reverting to the stupid "glass sandwich" design which has been plaguing the industry the last few years. Dropping that in the Pixel 5 was one of their best decisions last year, and bringing that back would be a retrograde move.

  • Anonymous

As long as the regular one is less than 70mm wide, so they actually have one that can be handled comfortably as well as one for the big screen fans, and resist the temptation to bloat them both up.

  • Interleukin

The Design seems to be similar to lg wing display, but with a punch hole cutout...

  • Replicant

Anonymous, 21 May 2021GN2 + imx363 + imx520Keep dreaming pixel will never give GN2.
It Will be imx 686