Google Pixel 6 Pro leaks in new renders, more details outed

20 May 2021
The very unusual design of the back is confirmed.

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  • Love the desgin

Love the design and specially size (just hope for full black or matte version), finally a properly big Pixel phone, would of not minded even a 6.7 or 6.8 size. Hopefully QHD+ with adaptive refresh rate.

Biggest hope for a proper Main and Ultrawide sensors upgrade and well periscope is really welcome. I doubt it is going to rock upcoming 50MP Sony IMX800 1-inch sensor, if it would well it would be insane, most advanced sensor + Google camera software, but some sensor not far off would be still really nice. If it is going to have a really good Main, Ultrawide and a decent periscope, it is definitely my next phone.

YUKI93, 21 May 2021Sony does it. Same with ASUS ROG Phone since the very first... moreBut those phones are not meant for 'general' population, in a sense that they are "gaming" phones or "phone with high quality screen and mirrorless-like photography features", and the price goes above $800.
Anything above $500 is considered nonexistent for me. I can still afford them, but it just doesn't make sense to me even if they boast latest hardware and software. In 2 years or less, they'll become obselete anyway so I always get the cheaper ones.
There are some other phones without notch or punchole but they are very low-end, priced at $100 or even less like Samsung M01 Core or Nokia C1 Plus.
Manufacturers like Oppo offers so many option for 1 series like Reno 5, but none of them offer 'blemish-free' screen (gsmarena's wording for screens without any camera cutout), which is a shame.

  • Dani

I don't know why, but to me, looks like a note 10 display

  • Anonymous

damn sad as hell that they cant make the chin symmetrical. its been since 2017 already.

FFS when they finally center the punch hole they must fuck up everything with size, even smaller non-Pro version seems to be very big, let's hope the leaks are wrong about dimensions

  • Anonymous

Instead of that ugly red, just keep it white, it would have looked good

The back design, too ugly to be true

  • So

Kingslayer, 21 May 2021I think iPhones are good phones but just not my type of pho... moreSo..i think it depends who you are...the look of this and android 12 is meant for younger people...for grown looks too childish , so i agree with you.

  • som

I love that design!

If you make a great phone as Pixel 2 series, I will buy it for sure!!

  • Anonymous

kanaaka, 21 May 2021pixel with standard design is already expensive, and this o... moreyeah, while pixel 5 perfectly matched with android 12 design style.

If the design will be as horrible as its predecessor they can keep the phone for themselves.

I think iPhones are good phones but just not my type of phones. It's drawback for me is iOS but it can fun to use and very smooth. While Pixels are my favorite phones because if I'm planning to use an Android phone, I want it to come from Google. Except the Pixel 6 and Android 12 might be the ugliest I've ever seen in terms of hardware and software.

  • Anonymous

please bring the headphone jack and memory card slot back

  • Anonymous

coy, 21 May 2021"163.9 x 75.8 x 8.9 mm, and the thickness goes up to 1... moreRemember the absurdly enormous Nexus 6 (159mm x 83mm x 10mm)? Maybe every time Google hits the number "6" they feel compelled to make a giant phone that most people are going to hate. I hope the regular Pixel 6 is similar in size to the non-XL Pixels of the past.

sanshiro, 21 May 2021Samsung MUST change its front screen design because almost ... moreThey did invent the middle O screen kinda. And they sell the screens to other companies, or are copied by the Chinese. The same is happening with the Iphone camera bump, getting copied by Chinese phone makers. Looking at you oppo find x3....

IDK if you guys see it? But this phone totally reminds me of a Samsung note10+ in the front (the screen surely must be supplied by Samsung???) and the s10 in the back camera system. Not in a bad way I mean. The only thing missing is a stylus support.

Why are they going so big too! 😰😰

  • Anonymous

wongwatt, 21 May 2021It's too big! Why must it be this size? I really hope... moreWell you can go for oxygen os , flyme os , colour os , origin os or harmony os. You see china made so many os :)

Now will have a proper competition. Samsung has its own SOC, Google will have its own, Apple has its own, Huawei has its own, The rest have MediaTek and Snapdragon but if the trend continues, Manufacturers will look at fabricating their own SOC.

  • Dan

Congrads on ugliest phone year award