Xiaomi's 200W charging degrades 20% of battery capacity in 800 cycles

11 June 2021
Depending on your usage that could be several years of charging, however.

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[deleted post]Yes, I will think the same.
For me, it is okay, battery loose 80% capacity after 2 year of use. At that time, I might be change the phone with new one.

When you charge from 10 to 100 it's not 1 cycle. Until you charge more 10% in another charge

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Norwegian Gangster , 11 Jun 2021That's true.... Sony & Apple last only 300-400 cyc... moremy sony xperia miro disagrees... able to use 3-4 sot, almost a decade and have not changed the "user replaceable" battery...
well, if only battery can be replaced as easy as that, they can further increase fast charging, 800 cycles of charging discharging might be enough for most people...

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Anonymous, 11 Jun 2021The peak temperature are all under control. So ignorant fro... moreWrong, Mi 10 Ultra with 120W charging already gets hot check Android Authority review.

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[deleted post]Lol nice joke 🤡🐒

Agree to disagree, it's time for better battery tech. Graphene needs to be further researched.

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SuuperBaka, 11 Jun 2021Whether he's being hateful or not, he's not wrong... moreive been using my zte nubia z17 which was bought in
China in 2018 & i have been using it until today which
is more than 3 years & i dont feel battery degradation

btw iam giving additional info for those who are just
curious that my phone has received 1 major android
update and more than10security updates since then

recently there was once when i turned my phone off
for around 1.5 months & d battery indicator was still
showing100%even after being switched off4so long

and i think u have no idea just how advanced their
technology is & i doubt u even ever owned1before

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Most people keep their phone for 2 years, that's about right

Akinaro, 11 Jun 2021Eh... Not really. Li-ion/poli had always best performance a... moreBut these new batteries are dual cell

They are increasing "bandwidth" to allow for better speeds

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Duck of death, 11 Jun 2021These are lab numbers. Controlled temperatures, environment... moreLooks like you didn't read the article probably.... Here's Gsmarena's commentary:

"And here's another fact of life - no matter how slowly you charge your battery, it will have deteriorated after 800 cycles. Heat is the number one culprit of battery deterioration so whether you keep your phone tethered to a 5W charger for 5 hours or 200W charger for 10 minutes, it's the amount of heat that your battery deals with that will diminish its charge the fastest. And all batteries lose capacity after years of use, so given the insane speeds the numbers cited by Xiaomi actually sound very reasonable"

NeverOpnReplies, 11 Jun 2021Yes kinda agree with this article. I'm experiencing c... moreBut the high temperature is only limited for the a few minutes unlike other phones which are plugged to the charger for hours.

Never seen my wife's phone go beyond 49°C peak temperature here in France.
In the winters, it never went beyond 40°C during charging the phone.
Five minutes of charge is filling up 35-40% battery.
One can easily limit the temperature to 45° or lower in settings, here the peak charging speeds will be lower and it may take 10 more minutes than usual for full charge.

Shadocx, 11 Jun 2021I'm wondering if Xiaomi putted 4 or 6 batteries into t... moreyep,, fast and safe
i hope more phones use that dual-cell technology

iPhone + 5000mah + 65w charger = superb battery life and 30 minutes changing time

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It's a no brainer for me if I can get my phone to charge 5x quicker the first two years it's a gre6 deal If the battery starts to go bad after two years doesn't really matter I will already have a new phone.
I spend more time.on my phone then on my car I'm.not dirt poor I can afford upgrading phone every 1-2 y
I still spend 100x more on my car then my phone but use it less.

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Shadocx, 11 Jun 2021Ok, boomer.One of the reson is that they are playing catch up whit the already established brands they are
Spend their money on a&r Insted of marketing like Samsung
Why would I not want a phone that charge as quickly as possible my mi ultra is 7 months old I don't see a difference in battery capacity and it charges so much quicker then and other phone I have ever owned going back to Samsung would be a big step back.

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Anonymous, 11 Jun 2021Battery explosionAre you referring to Samsung s slow charging note fiasco?

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I’ve an iPhone 11 Pro, 3049mah battery still has 95% of original health and it’s easily beating the previous Huawei Mate 20 Pro I did have on day-long longevity in terms of battery usage.

Charging your phone reasonably is under reasonable phone usage, if your gaming a lot for instance and need a mid day charge, expect that your battery will need replaced far sooner, dash charging a few percent does a battery no good.

20-30w region is fine, at this point its simply a market technique..

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SandSanta, 11 Jun 2021If the heat is that bad during charging then perhaps we cou... moreThe peak temperature are all under control. So ignorant from you to assume this heats up higher.

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RanX, 11 Jun 2021This is just lab experimentation and it sounds very bad sin... moreNot some lab experimentation, it's tested and proven.
Only person doubtful of this are people who are stuck on pathetic sub 25W charging in year 2021

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YUKI93, 11 Jun 2021I might take this with a pinch of salt. I do think that the... moreJust stop this kind of fear mongering man..

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[deleted post]That's true.... Sony & Apple last only 300-400 cycles before they start degradation, when paired with 18W-20W charging.

Xiaomi designed batteries last upto 600-800 cycles before starting degradation, when paired with 33W-55W charging.