Xiaomi's 200W charging degrades 20% of battery capacity in 800 cycles

11 June 2021
Depending on your usage that could be several years of charging, however.

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SuuperBaka, 11 Jun 2021Whether he's being hateful or not, he's not wrong... moreFast charging has been around for a a few while now...Maybe not on your Sony... None of the people using 65w and above had a problem with excess degradation as heat produced is same or lower than 18W charging

  • Norwegian Gangster

Samath N8 808 owner, 11 Jun 2021The normal I've heard is that no degradation should ha... moreRegular Li batteries last only 300-400 cycles before the start degradation

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Anonymous, 11 Jun 2021120watt charging already give more than 50c. Fake News. Black Shark 4 and Vivo 120W charging stays around 46 deg C while others getting charged at 18w or 65W remained at same temperature.
The heat on the phones supporting 120W stayed for short time (15 minutes) while on other phones with 18W-30W remained for 1-2hr

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What, 11 Jun 2021Fast charging is the now and the future. Everyone complaini... moreThey are also-ran working on the "True" wireless charging, not the fake one where people still have to put their device on a particular strip or pad

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Mikeromeoz, 11 Jun 2021200W is already way beyond the bounds of diminishing return... moreThen keep charging your phone with 33w charging and stop complaining that 200w charging exists..
You ppl are terrible... It's like someone with using a 4 core cpu hating on someone else with 32 core cpu

Fast charging is the now and the future. Everyone complaining should invest there whining strength into something meaningful. You can't stop change. Xiaomi is a brilliant company. End of story.

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That's as good as other phones with 18W charging

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Battery explosion

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Anonymous, 11 Jun 2021It's just hilarious to see people trusting xiaomi'... moreWhat's the rebranding got to do with battery technology ? Who cares what the model names are that have these batteries in them it wont change a thing in battery.

Never mind that your one of these placebo effect people who think more expensive with more known brand name is not ripping you off. Cause brand is well known and have higher price product that means they can get away with it by ripping the dumb cheap over while get same auality like Xiaomi but with a price that is 2-3 times higher.

Now you think that the Qualcomm will sell more defected chips to Xiaomi over Samsung or what ? Would you think that the qualcomm reputation would not go down if they would do it like that ? Same thing with what ever hardware part they buy in from other companies who mass produce them. They would not last if one of the biggest customers for them would get a lot of defected product.

DrakeX, 11 Jun 2021I don't know what is the exact battery cycle but the n... moreOk maybe I went too far ahead from the question. 60% won't last 2 days. I meant that in two days, it's usually one battery cycle and that doesn't necessarily mean a full charge.

mixedfish, 11 Jun 2021Now you know why companies like Sony or Apple insist on slo... moreOk, boomer.

Shadocx, 11 Jun 2021How can 80-20% last 2 days, is the phone not being used?I don't know what is the exact battery cycle but the number of cycle increases exponentially at extreme lows or highs. You could charge more than 100% without reaching one cycle. Accubattery does a good estimation on the battery health based on the number of cycles. I'd assume the average smartphone user is a light-medium user so two days without charging is possible.

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What if I have the phone on top of an ice pack, every time I want to charge it? XD
Wil it help? XD

B52, 11 Jun 2021I use my S10e for almost 2 years now, 95% of all time I was... moreI've been charging my OnePlus 7(will be 2 years old in October) with it's 20W charger, 0-100% every day, and the battery life is still great:
3-4hr of SOT with online games
5-6h of SOT with offline games(GC/Wii emulator)
8-10hr of SOT with mixed usage
It usually lasts me through the day, except when gaming, but I stop around 10% of battery.
So pampering the phones might be useless, I was planning to do it with my next phone but it's just an object, I shouldn't be pampering it like that.

RanX, 11 Jun 2021This is just lab experimentation and it sounds very bad sin... moreWow, I'm glad I picked the OnePlus 7 over that Mi 9T Pro, 4 months, WTF

SMIRNAS, 11 Jun 2021yep,, that's what happen when you Force something abov... moreI'm wondering if Xiaomi putted 4 or 6 batteries into that phone.
BBK's charging seems the safest IMO, they actually started doing this when they hit 50W, so the Super Flash Edition https://www.gsmarena.com/oppo_find_x-7885.php have it, also the https://www.gsmarena.com/oppo_rx17_pro-9288.php

DrakeX, 11 Jun 2021No. Both charging from 0 to 100% and discharging from 100% ... moreHow can 80-20% last 2 days, is the phone not being used?

  • mixedfish

Now you know why companies like Sony or Apple insist on slower chargers. The message and science has been clear for over a decade but yet reviewers constantly put irresponsible benchmarks and negative points for phones that don't charge fast.

Of course Chinese manufacturers will all YOLO with maximum charge speed to damage your experience. Their business model is high volume low margin, they want you to feel your phone is inadequate within 1 year because they make money.

  • Mario

Flawed logic...is there a same damage if I drink a bottle of whisky in 10minutes or in 10hours?

IpsDisplay, 11 Jun 2021 The super irony here as you say there is more degradation... moreEh... Not really. Li-ion/poli had always best performance at lower voltage/wattage and exceeding those values range results in premature aging because of degradation of lithium ions. Those type of batteries were always at their best in 3-5v 0.5-1A
Imagine batteries as a water outlets, at 40-50psi they are good for washing hands/dishes when flow is steady and slow/medium, but when you try to push 150psi out of normal outlet you can burst washers and pipes WAY quicker, to manage such presures you need totally different water outlet and pipes.

So its obvious that pushing high voltage to small device is over time just bad, just read any study about it. Just go to wikipedia and bellow at the end you have BIG list of references to documents and studies that will tell you the same thing.

Best part is that to limit such degradation we actually dont need totally new types of batteries but different materials, like few years ago someone was experimenting with adding gold composites to constructions of lithium ion batteries and they get great results, but none of big companies would invest in that because of money. As I remember there are HUGE numbers of depots of lihtium ion batteries components and companies that supply them that have long term contract with manufactures and because of that manufactures stuck with those types of batteries.