Weekly poll: is the Honor 50 series the start of something great?

20 June 2021
Honor is back, back into the Google Play Store that is, and it brought Snapdragon and Dimensity chipsets. Would you like one?

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they won't sell them
how is anyone meant to buy them

  • sikandarhanif

MANI, 15 Jul 2021Will honor 50 will be launched in Pakistan....?mybe but over price

  • MANI

Will honor 50 will be launched in Pakistan....?

  • Spanky

I really like Huawei products. I think it's a great company and an even better rival for Samsung. Unfortunately, they are no longer available in the U.S.
Why can't we keep cell phones and face masks out of politics in the U.S.?

  • Anonymous

Pass!!! Not interesting at all

  • Anonymous

Cosmin, 21 Jun 2021No.. I don't think soo.. Xiaomi insted YES! Its bette... moreI would definitely agree there, but Xiaomi still has a bit of of catching up to do with the picture quality compared to other brands.

  • Anonymous

Demongornot, 21 Jun 2021Yeah, not a big deal for me, I did much longer comments for... morethat is a very wide horizon you have there, and phone makers should really consider ergonomics... well, aside from the "usual" visual design cues like the curves... like, i mean they really do look good, but once some people use it, like me, it will take a lot of time to adjust, besides, rounded display distorts images, if choosing curves, i prefer the curves like on tv monitors (concave)...
honestly, i need a good size bezel especially when using phones horizontally... like the size of z5 premium...
i still manage to use my 1ii without accidentally touching the display, that is because the case i use is raised a bit, and i am well aware that i am using a less bezel phone...
now if i have a rounded display, a case that is raised on edges will hinder touches on the sides and that is good for accidental press, but bad for intentional presses and bad for frame view.

  • Cosmin

No.. I don't think soo.. Xiaomi insted YES!
Its better option!

Andreidinutu, 21 Jun 2021Holy moly you really wasted 30 minutes for that id***. Kudo... moreYeah, not a big deal for me, I did much longer comments for more trivial subjects.
And this is because you don't realize that there are tons of ways to hold a phone, some work very well with a curved edge, others don't, there are even different skins, some people struggled with holder tactile screens, on the opposite end, some have skin that works much better.

Here are several main ways :
Note that there are many other ways to hold a phone and most have multiple variations not shown here, like this :
Which is known to injure your pinky.
Some definitely have their palm touching the side of the phone :

Not only that, but depending on how you hold your phone, you have a differently reaching on the display, and you actually can swap position for different uses :

You also have to take into consideration the size of the palm, the length and thickness of the fingers, if the skin is more elastic, the hand more fat, etc.

And only there, you can add to the mix the difference between each phones, their body thickness, width, height (which govern how high/low you place your hand), the display's sides, the bezel thickness (both vertical and horizontal ones), the UI, how the user setup his homepage.
The fingerprint scanner placement is on a weirder boat as depending on how you hold your phone, and all those characteristics, you'll prefer different FPS position, but where it is also dictate how you grab your phone and some will keep their hand in the same position.
That's why there isn't any perfect FPS location, except maybe full display FPS.

And it also depends on what you are doing and your environment, for example, while this way is much better for curved displays :
As the phone simply rest on your fingers and the palm barely touch the side.
This way will be less adapted to curved edge display :
But you'll instinctively do it if you are doing something where your phone can easily fall, like running, or in a place where people are bumping each others, or in a place where dropping your phone mean you lose it (taking a picture from the roof of a building, on the beach, etc).

In my case, even my flat display OnePlus 6t and Poco F2 Pro, the latter with a thick case :
I manage to have my palm interfering enough so the tactile don't register my finger as it consider I already touch somewhere else.
And touch rejection is far from a perfect tech on top of that.

So it definitely is an issue for many people, and that's why there shouldn't be so many phones with curved edges, half of all top end phones have it, this is too much and not how diversity works.

  • Anonymous

Andreidinutu, 21 Jun 2021Holy moly you really wasted 30 minutes for that id***. Kudo... moreI'm concerned he has 30 minutes to waste on a post.

  • Santaclaws

Say whatever Honor would like, I'd feel like the camera bump is the ugliest in the market.

Wereweeb, 20 Jun 2021Will they support custom ROM's? Huawei didn't, an... moreTrue. They are too small to compete on price with Redmi and Realme at least so will have to make up for it in other ways

Wereweeb, 20 Jun 2021... you don't understand how lithium-ion batteries wor... moreHe's talking about his experiences. Prove him wrong, tell him what he experienced was all an illusion. Go on, educate us ignorants.

none, I would like to buy new compact phone with good OIS camera like Pixel 4A for 320EUR (but with decent battery and centered notch/hole), but companies keep offering me only tablets

Demongornot, 20 Jun 2021By themselves, no, there aren't, well, sort of. But w... moreHoly moly you really wasted 30 minutes for that id***. Kudos to you. Especially cause you are right in just about all of your points, other than the waterfall display, which is yes, is a matter of preference, but I just don't see how you could do accidental presses, I never did.

  • Alpha

Both Honor and Huawei used to sell most of their phones in all price ranges except the flagships with just their KIRIN 710 which is a low end proc compared to competition at that time and was not good value for money so I lost interest in both these brands long back and now the competition has grown even bigger so its a tough choice to choose them

  • Anonymous

Wereweeb, 20 Jun 2021Will they support custom ROM's? Huawei didn't, an... morePlay services support is great. This might help Huawei retain some of their original customers.

I hope these guys allow bootloader unlock as well

All of these phones are too big.

Anonymous, 20 Jun 2021There's really nothing all that wrong about most of th... moreBy themselves, no, there aren't, well, sort of.
But when you literally flood the market and there is almost nothing beside them, any other phone with any of those is a bad thing already, but one having ALL of them?...

"One by one" :
*Pill shaped and round punch holes, curved edge display, camera bump (mainly the top left one) are all a matter of taste, but the vast majority of users are tired of them and there aren't any alternatives.
Same for the lack of Telephoto, IR, Gorilla Glass, 3.5mm Jack, MicroSD card, if all those were common, no problems then, but they are almost completely non existent despite a HUGE demand existing for them...

*2Mp Macro and Depth have NO REASONS to exist, considering that a 12Mp sensor cost almost nothing more than a 2Mp sensor and the 2Mp to 5Mp jump of Macro show SIGNIFICANT changes, and that the Ultra-Wide could do a much better job as a depth camera.
Same for any sub-12 Mp sensors, MAINLY for the Ultra-Wide who, because of the larger angle, will obviously have less pixel density to begin with (fewer pixels per degrees).
OIS is found on some super cheap phones, and considering that it isn't the sensor that do it but the brand who choose or not to put it, it is a shame that mid-range don't all (or almost) have this, as it is, like the Jack, IR, MicroSD and all that, the typical type of tech that someone who don't want them can just PERFECTLY ignore them (which DOESN'T WORK for the punch hole/notch) and those who want them just have to deal with a market refusing to give what every phone should have to begin with.

*There aren't any new smartphones with 3D face recognition, and those who have only use the inferior ToF rather than the much better Structured Light.

*Considering that the ONLY pro of a newer midrange chipset over a previous gen flagship chipset is the new features it adds, and that it will soon be really useful, the lack of Wi-Fi E6 have no excuses.

And if you think that the optical FPS are better, you are stuck in the past when Samsung poorly implemented them.
The S21 proved that they are much better and one of the fastest one and use a new sensor unlike all the S10, Note10, S20 and Note20 who all used the EXACT SAME sensor, and who after updates got actually quite good, and the Meizu 18 and 18 Pro proved how fast the tech actually is :
After a certain point, do you really need to count which is nano seconds faster?
On top of that, optical FPS are a privacy threat :
And this is cute that you talk about "reliability" as ultrasonic ones are MUCH MORE SECURE, more so than capacitive ones.
And they are the ONLY scalable one of the three, meaning the fulldisplay FPS can only be made possible with reasonable price using it.
They can also work in more conditions than both optical and capacitive ones :

And they are only using like 15% of this tech, it can do amazing things, like reading your finger veins, check density to make sure it is human flesh and blood, check which object is between your finger in the screen automatically rejecting gloves, liquids and screen protectors, check your distal phalanx, read your heartbeat (either for practical use or security).
And using an ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) to have a dedicated security chip, it would be crazy quick for a low cost and also allow to protect the bootloader and recovery, making your phone virtually useless to steal.

  • Anonymous

YUKI93, 20 Jun 2021The Honor 50 Pro sounds like a good choice among the trio b... morePro really doesn't make much sense - 1000 CNY more for an ultrawide camera on the front and faster charging...