The Sony Xperia 1 III will launch in Europe in August, Xperia 5 III gets delayed to September

02 July 2021
Originally, the two phones were set to become available in early August, but Sony changed its plans at the last moment.

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  • Anonymous

I think they use their phones mostly as technology demonstrators for their camera technology. Cant explain these lackluster launch dates otherwise. Other brands literally launched their sd888 phones half a year ago.

While I'm glad to see Xperia 1 III finally starting to be released worldwide soon, its younger brother getting delayed yet again is truly disappointing to see. Probably I won't see either of them in my country being sold, but I can parallel import one if I really want to.

Sony should also try harder fixing the usability issues regarding the camera app - pinching in with fingers to zoom in not automatically switching lenses (which can be done if and only if you tap the 0.6x, 1x, 2.9x 4.4x magnification shortcuts) in the basic photo mode, not being able to switch lenses AT ALL or tap to focus during video recording in the basic video mode, no ability to change shutter speed for Cinema Pro video recording using HLG format, rather poor night time/indoor shots in complex lighting and lots of blown out highlights in a regular video recording.. I managed to find those complaints by just skimming through a few reviews on this phone's camera (mainly from the one from MrMobile). The first three problems on the basic modes are especially ridiculous given that the basic modes are supposed to be used by casual users, and these kinds of inconsistent behaviours should have been ironed out a long time ago.

It is really nice to have such many cutting technologies and hardware on a slim phone body, but right now they are unnecessarily complex to handle for most people.

Anonymous, 04 Jul 2021Everybody knows Sony pictures are worst in Auto mode. That ... moreHe's already posted pictures and got caught lying, he didn't know what EXIF data is and it exposed him for changing the photos while claiming auto mode.

If Sony auto mode is so bad, why go through that trouble?

Anonymous, 04 Jul 2021Everybody knows Sony pictures are worst in Auto mode. That ... moreIf you use auto then you don't know how to use a camera....

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Jul 2021Everybody knows Sony pictures are worst in Auto mode. That ... moreThere are 3 auto modes on the phone: Basic/Camera, AUTO in PhotoPro and P in PhotoPro

  • Anonymous

SuuperBaka, 03 Jul 2021You lied about the auto mode taking bad pictures and when y... moreEverybody knows Sony pictures are worst in Auto mode. That hasn't changed this year. He doesn't need to post samples to justify how bad the auto mode is compared to other flagships

  • Anonymous

Gru, 03 Jul 2021Look.... There is a contract in place between apple and Son... moreFake news, until you post a credible link.

  • LucasN82

VectorR, 03 Jul 2021"1III is technological masterpiece" - you made my... more"I certainly will buy Pixel 6 though."
Go buy Pixel, maybe you will learn whats mean Exif Data :D haha
You know that some time ago your credibility dropped to absolute zero.

786, 04 Jul 2021Have the : Z5 Z5C, yellow, white, pink XZ1C, silver, ... moreCool, what does that have to do with what I said?

You don't even have the Xperia 1 or higher to compare.

  • 786

VectorR, 03 Jul 2021""Overheating SD888?" You're being a h... moreWell said.


  • 786

SuuperBaka, 03 Jul 2021You do realize that this is for the Xperia Z5 right? Differ... moreHave the :

Z5C, yellow, white, pink
XZ1C, silver, black
5ii black

Sony should have gone with 1100€.

  • Gru

Look.... There is a contract in place between apple and Sony...obviously Sony is loosing on terms... They are not allowed to release any flagship untill apple will announce their devices...
So Sony is muffled on certain things....

Anonymous, 02 Jul 2021I like Sony phones but anyone willing to pay over 1,000 for... moreMaybe a "decent Chinese flagship for half the price" is the best for you, but pal there's people out there with higher standards than that.
Some people deserve to get robbed because they have higher standards than you ?
I guess you deserve to shut up.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Jul 2021some folks say faux-4K and completely forgot that most AMO... moreThe problem is not so much that it isn’t standard 4k, but that it matches the 4k horizontal resolution but not the vertical. Meaning that watching a 4k video on the 1 III means either downscaling the video to fit the vertical with pillar boxing, or cropping the top and bottom of the frame to fit the horizontal.

Compare to watching 1080p videos on the 5 III: you still get pillar boxing, but the 1080 vertical resolution at least allows the video to play at it’s native res. If the 1 III was going to be faux-4k it still should have been 2160 on the narrow side so you don’t have to downscale/crop 4k videos. Otherwise what’s the point?

  • MKE

vrvly, 03 Jul 2021Its like when you want to eat ice cream in summer, but you ... moreMy dear friend, Fawzy Moghabghab, has always surmised the same.

Its like when you want to eat ice cream in summer, but you can get it only in autumn. Personal opinion, even if I'm all in for jack and raw, I'm more excited to buy a new fold phone right after release, when I'm excited to own newest tech.
In mobile space its even worse to count a months before release as there is new tech every half year. Huawei could actually push that to 4 months, if they was still with google play, may not be so long until it happens now too, new tech is more exciting to toss your money on than slightly upgraded one.

  • Darin

Looking forward to the launch of this phone, it's a worthy successor to my K750.

BliTTzZ, 02 Jul 2021Seems like demand greatly exceeds supply. Phone is already ... moreGlad to hear that.
And unavailability just makes it somewhat of an Exclusive to have.

Reviewers and photographers seem to be quite impressed by what Sony assembled here.

Sony - Why isn't any buying our phones?
Also Sony - Releases phones 4 months after everyone has stopped caring