Qualcomm announces Smartphone for Snapdragon Insiders with Snapdragon 888 and 6.78-inch 144Hz AMOLED screen

08 July 2021
The phone will come with a pair of Qualcomm-tuned earbuds, bumper case, and the phone is curated with all of Qualcomm’s technologies.

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  • Friendly Commenter

Almost everyone here complains about the price and features of this phone, but do they forget that this phone is made for showcasing/testing/experimentation on Qualcomm's latest technologies?

Anonymous, 08 Jul 2021Battery is not the only thing related to weight. Also, ... moreYou may be right but considering light phones have gone 5,000mAH before, it's a shame they couldn't find a better one.

  • Anonymous

Dometalican, 08 Jul 2021Man, that 4,000mAH battery while still weighing over 200 gr... moreBattery is not the only thing related to weight.

Also, a 4000mAh battery made by company A does not have same weight of 4000mAh battery made by the company B.

  • Anonymous

Considering this is the price many people have paid for iphones 12 and Mini outside USA.
High price is clealy sign of low number of units they plan to make.
If they manage to sell all, there is a change they make another.
If they dont, you know ...

I like some of the features they put on it, for a special phone it is quite nice!
*Bezel/no hole/no notch!
*Ultrasonic FPS over the stupid optical one, and they put it on the back, which will prove it can work there too, and probably showcase amazing performances.
*A telephoto!
*An Ultra-Wide which is not under 12Mp.

For such a special purpose phone, the features are quite interesting!
I'd love if more phones in the market had the same kind of features!

1.5k..?? Forget Covid. The biggest pandemic we've seen in the last 18 months is a mental health ons

  • Anonymous

I love that design reminds me of my S9+ but that 4000 battery sucks,they shud have put at least 5000 considering all tht weight

Man, that 4,000mAH battery while still weighing over 200 grams is an embarrassment. It sounded so good until that.

  • Ahad Adump

Clearly no taste in symmetry going on here. Whoever designed it must be having a laugh..

  • indian gsm fan

no headphone jack
no buy


This will FLOP HARD. Will receive a ~$800 discount in a month or two after the sales begin.

Olym1mk2, 08 Jul 2021Fps on the back? Ehm, welcome to 2018... Way better than in display.

  • Anonymous

Qualcomm first need to know How to do processor right then it can try to makes smartphone.

I want this, can a normal citizen can purchase this or should join that forum etc

  • Arvind

What will be the price?

Old design with outdated rear fingerprint 💆🏿‍♂️

  • Anonymous

This is the prototype phone they send to reviewers for sd 888 ...they are now marketing it...see in mrwhosetheboss or mkbhd,this phone is almost similar

Smartphone or smartTablet? Definitely not gonna spend my money on that.

  • Anonymous

Not really a ROG.
Speaker is sadly beside usb port.

  • Anonymous

Lol wth is this