OnePlus says recent smartphone SoCs are an overkill for many apps

12 July 2021
The company just won't stop digging.

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what kind of idiocy is this.
the phone is too fast so we slowed it down for you. we decide how fast your phone is that you paid for.

Anonymous, 13 Jul 2021Samsung also underclocked Snapdragon 888 which is why they ... moreYeah the problem is the SD888 cpu itself, it overheats on all flagships. But the difference on what Samsung and OnePlus did, is the transparency. Samsung said upfront its been downclocked and the tests seem in line.

  • SoCOR

This is the problem with the Chinese mindset. They have a few things ingrained in them. Clandestine ventures, forced conversion to a thought process, "State takes the decisions, rest accept and imbibe" and never back down. So the easy solution of telling people upfront about their recommended default setting with an option to turn it off at the cost of lesser battery hours would simply not have occured to them.

  • Settled6ftUnder

Sometimes, I think maybe Oneplus has been taken over by hubris and complacency. Buoyed by a rabid fanbase, the company might be starting to think it can do no wrong and whatever it come up with will be well received by its fans.

  • Shady

This is not the first time Oneplus not being upfront with users. During the numerous data leaks (at least 3 times since 2018) that happened to Oneplus in the past, the company never fully explain what information that had been compromised or who had been affected.

  • Anonymous

Religious Playboy , 13 Jul 2021It's become a trend to hate on OnePlus in the past cou... moreWhoa there, lay off the copeium for at least a little while.

Right now, 1+ = more BBK trash. Purchase it is you dont respect yourself enough and will let clowns treat you like a fool.

The low end cores are already enough, can anyone deny that when we have so many praised low end phones for their performance? The real problem goes beyond OP or other brand.

Big cores use too much power and Little cores are too weak on Android SOCs, at the same time Android is still vary bad in using the mix of cores efficiently (it should do what OP tried to do automatically) and there's no improvement in sight.
Compary with the last competitor, Apple.
Their Big cores are much more powerful while using less energy and their Little cores are as strong as most big cores on competitor SOCs. Plus, iOS makes proper use of cores AND accelerators.

More than a failure on OP, it exposes how bad Android's situation is.

  • Post avenue

They are right tho. People don't need all that computational power for swiping memes in instagram.

Aren't all lower core same A55 ? Older soc or new.
Aren't there already options for power and performance mode?

Oneplus is obviously trying to cover for the inadequate heat dissipation on the 9 series. If they don't manage to course-correct on the 9T, I'm afraid that oneplus is really gone.

There is no such thing overkill in computing power, nonsense. More is better.

  • OPpepsi

This just clears all the doubts OP has been raising over the years. OP is no longer a Flagship killer which caters to poweusers on a budget.

So long OnePlus.

All very good article author keep asking for over ride, but it is probably more about heat dissipation than battery drain, so an over ride would just lead to product failures, with the bad press that could give.
Could somebody explain to me and others what exactly is a phones CPU doing when a phone is being used for gaming,seeing as we have massive capability GPU's these days, Id be interested in what rest of hardware is doing..

Cretins, it's called optimisation and any half decent device has it applied in some form.
I wouldn't trust arsetech to be able to do more than look at a phones logo, 50/50 chance of them getting it correct.
You all insist on having tomorrow's kit yesterday, so no time for firms to develop new hardware into better products, specially if not doing so makes them more profit, and you fools insist on buying kit that is obviously not market ready.
Anybody got numbers etc that show power/efficiency for snadragons, cos I'd like to see how much more efficient 870/888 are meant to be when compared to the original 1 ghz SD used for HTC HD2 (first android phone), which theoretically was optimised for MS winmo 6.5.!! and I'll bet there isnt realy as much improvement as firms would like us to think, now we at the stupid position of needing heat pipes and fans to stop 3ghz cpu/gpu temps getting too high, one slight fail in cooling for more than a second and phut, there goes yer cpu/gpu,the smaller you go, the easier chips are to destroy from over heating in a second or two.
Basically this story is a wholeload of nonsense about something we have known about and accepted for decades.

[deleted post]So where does it mention that there is a personal budget criterion before commenting here...? (unfortunately there's not one for intelligence and those behind an anonymous label)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Jul 2021I just want to know if anyone found the performance to be l... moreBefore it was an overheating problem They throttle to stop the phone overheating. There are numerous videos showing phones with this SoC overheating, including the OnePlus 9 series, The problem was mysteriously fixed with a software update for the OnePlus 9 series. Now we know how! You might be happy having a phone you pay top price for , only for it to have to have its SoC reduced to that of a phone that costs substantially less to cover up the fact it overheats, personally I'm not. The Xiaomi Mi 11 phones don't throttle and when tested alongside the OnePlus 9 series they actually display overheating messages on the screen when subjected to full battery testing.

  • L950

AnonD-948658, 13 Jul 2021I disagree. All flagship phones stutter every now and then ... moreThe "phone stutter" is not as a result of the underlying flagship ARM SoC falling behind in processing CPU requests, but rather the stutter is the consequence of the phone's inability to handle the sheer egress volume of Google's Android data trafficking requests.

  • Paul Otellini

Intel's 18-core Core i9-10980XE CPU is actually three times faster than the equivalent AMD Ryzen 9 5950X, but Intel intentionally chokes/curtails the speed of its tortoise-esque Core i9, so as not to embarrass Lisa Su.

Yeah right.

  • AnonD-948658

I disagree. All flagship phones stutter every now and then and take time to launch apps if they aren’t in memory. We still have a long way to in terms of performance.

GregLu, 13 Jul 2021And that's why a 2 year flagship like Note10+ is still... moreAbsolutely, the N10+ is a mostly awesome piece of tech, just as the Note9. They all remain much more than "usable" today. A device well done now will last well into the future, and that includes its ability to make full use of its hardware. Had the SD855 been crippled to lower performance levels, it wouldn't be so interesting today. Let us keep in mind that the most powerful core is lost here, based on the ARM Cortex X1, with the other high power cores being A78. That is a significant gap.