Harmony OS reaches 70 million users, stable update now available for nearly 100 devices

30 August 2021
Richard Yu has revealed 8 users per second are upgrading the OS on their Huawei.

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  • Hitman007
  • gWj
  • 30 Aug 2021

Well I have been the owner of Huawei mate 8 and currently a mate 10 which runs on Android. If my current device is upgraded to the Harmony platform I will change over to Xiaomi. Chinese cell phones are the best cell phones I have used and yes I've had Samsung as well but feature wise it's not even close.

    Harmony OS -> For China devices.
    EMUI-12 -> For the rest of the world.

    Both are the same OS.

      Can't wait for P50Pro with Kirin SoC and Harmony OS to arrive. Bye bye, Spygle.

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        • nw}
        • 30 Aug 2021

        And nothing for the rest of the world.. 😂

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          • skC
          • 30 Aug 2021

          Who cares? It's a China only thing. And upgrading to Harmony is the only way the get updates at all, I guess. So users are kind of forced to use Harmony OS.

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            • AnonD-1015444
            • JHB
            • 30 Aug 2021