The EU might require OEMs to provide 7 years of updates and spare parts for its phones

07 September 2021
The bill is proposed as a way to reduce e-waste.

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GregLu, 07 Sep 20217 years of spare parts will put the brake on their business... moreI don't think "7 years of spare parts" means what you think it means.

  • Azarea

Anonymous, 07 Sep 2021Apple 7 years if you buy when the device were released. If... moreMy iPhone 5s still get an update tho.

  • Anonymous

Good move EU. Hope this gets approved and comes to every country.

  • Anonymous

Apple 7 years if you buy when the device were released.
If you wait until it becomes cheapest, it will be only 2 years update

I dont think this is gunna happen. Like ever!!
No android gives even 5 years complete OS updates.
And they'll do everything to make it stop.

7 years of spare parts will put the brake on their business / cash flow

  • Anonymous

You can blame Qualcomm for dropping support for its chipsets for the lack of long term support.

what the Frick is wrong with the governments 😡😡

  • Anonymous

AlexP, 07 Sep 2021If people buy less, price is going downBy the way, obvious examples are luxury products. Not many people buy them, and they don't buy them often. That's why the prices of them are very expensive, so the companies can make profits even though they don't sell a lot of them. On the other hand, products that many people buy often are cheap. Companies that sell them can make profits because the low selling prices are offset by the high numbers of unit sales. Simple math.

  • Anonymous

AlexP, 07 Sep 2021If people buy less, price is going downNo, that's not how it works at all. If people buy phones less often, the prices will go up, so they can maintain the same level of profits.

AlexP, 07 Sep 2021If people buy less, price is going downNo. That is totally wrong. Less phones bought=less profit=even less profit when u have to produce phones for many people=higher prices for phones cuz of lower profit. Thays how the market works

Anonymous, 07 Sep 2021How would phone be cheaper? I'm thinking if anything, ... moreIf people buy less, price is going down

I highly supports this. If this gets approved, I hope many other region starts to follow as well

This is a great move and wish this gets imposed.

Makers like BBK ( all of its OPPO VIVO REALME ONE+) are churning out phones after phones with just minor tweaks and new names. It's simple adding up to e-waste. Recently many other OEMs have joined this trend of multiple phones for no reasons.

It's really good move by EU. Hopefully we in India should move such mandate over OEM.
It's in public and environment interests, which cannot be compromised.

  • Anonymous

Jerry101923, 07 Sep 20217 years are too long. 5 years should be suitable, with 3 ye... moreI agree

  • Anonymous

kek, 07 Sep 2021Five year old phones are like that if you buy cheap trash l... moreI think he was talking about iPhones. Who still cares about Lumias?

now this is so much better.

Let people ACTUALLY use their phones for half a decade rather than switching every 1 month.

Nice job Europe.

  • Anonymous

Most people stop repairing their phone due to economy reason. No point repairing a 3 years old phone when you can get a new and much better spec phone at the same or slightly higher price.

It's a good thing for phones to get longer software support but developers also need to keep supporting their apps to work too. The only reason I stopped using my Moto X 2014 in 2020 was because my banking app stopped being supported on android 6 marshmallow and it's one of the apps I need on a regular basis. I'd had the battery replaced and though it was feeling a little slow it worked perfectly fine. It would be nice to know that when you buy a new phone it will continue to be supported for 7 years if you are someone who doesn't rush out to buy the latest handset every 6 to 12 months as phones have matured now to where features are more an incremental improvement rather than groundbreaking innovations these days. I would like to see the next 'big' leap forward to be genuine multiple days of battery life on a single charge but suspect manufacturers are maybe reluctant to release a phone with genuine next level battery life as this will really cause people to hold onto their older phones for longer and affect new handset sales and ultimately profit for manufacturers

  • AnonF-1009694

For some people like me it's kinda pointless because I would upgrade my phone 2-3 years later regardless of if it's still going to receive updates or not. Not to mention that some people don't care or even know if their phones are still receiving updates which is why I sometimes see people are using older android phones and are still fine with it. On the other hand I can really see this being a game changer for some people.