Why GSMArena's Twitter account isn't verified

07 September 2021
Some fans weren't sure which is the right account to follow, since ours isn't marked as verified. Here is what happened.

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Ever since celebrities joined Twitter, that verification badge has been the source of ego for narcissistic people in that god awful website.

Well, it is their platform and the have the right to do with it as the please. However, I am also entitled to my opinion and I believe they got this very wrong. Actually, Twitter seems to be getting a lot of things wrong lately. It's neutrality and objectivity has come into question. A case like this means these questions are well founded. If GSMA is not verifiable, who is? Some verified accounts one would ask why but then again we are not twitter. For independents (not US independents) like me, it plants serious doubts about the platform.

theRajeshV, 07 Sep 2021Well, you do have too few followers and they were probably ... more152,000 followers are too few? Wow! How many does one need?

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Twitter verification is a joke anyways. No point in getting salty over it. Be PROUD you ain't verified. Probably means you got some spine left in you these days.

  • Anonymous

By the way, thank you for the RSS feed :-)

No it's not... Ask the guy who made his first comment on the first video: Kyle Exum (he's verified)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Sep 2021Umm could just be me... But maybe because you don't fo... moreJudging by the arrogance and passive aggressive in this article. I dont think gsmarena cares to follow their rules.

The message is clear here : "we founded earlier than you so we dont care whats your requirement . You SHOULD give us verified status automatically without asking question."

Gee, I see why you weren't verified. You don't seem to fit into any categories that can be verified. Twitter verification criteria are rather weird, IMHO.

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WCRUZ, 08 Sep 2021Twitter has a preference for ideological profiles that cont... morelink me one. I'm curious

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Your account it's not FB verified either, so actually you don't exist!

Twitter has a preference for ideological profiles that contribute to advancing its "progressive" agenda.

Left-biased accounts (regardless of the segment) have the verification cell IMMEDIATELY approved, even if they have few followers.

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Umm could just be me... But maybe because you don't follow anyone?? Maybe that's a criteria for them or something??

  • rahat


Twitter is what happens when little kids becomes CEO. I'd still be happy if GSMArena didn't have an account there.

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Smartie, 08 Sep 2021Same in india. Twitter supports those who speaks against th... moreThis is a bad business model. They should be banned to teach them a lesson.

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Twitter is a recent toy of Big Brothers. (Or you may call it tool)

  • Monuzzz

Try out.

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I never used twitter and instagram both. Both seems stupid to me when you have whatsapp and Fb accounts

B. Utts, 07 Sep 2021Most likely because they aren't bigoted racists?That would actually be twitter given their track record of favoring certain races

Anonymous, 08 Sep 2021"Being removed from a platform like Twitter is not can... moreSPLC & ADLU going to decide who can tweet or not.