Apple's iPhone 14 Pro Max leaks in renders showing no notch and no camera bump

08 September 2021
This is the iPhone 14 that's supposed to be launching a year from now, that's not a typo.

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  • AnonD-1003038

AnonD-1014095, 09 Sep 2021Iphone 12 pro is using ceramic glass, not gorrila glass or ... moreIt's still a glass, they just played with material composition a bit using similar approach as with ceramics to change its physical properties. Main goal was to have it scratch resistant with good shatter resistance. Sapphire and ceramic are rather fragile actually, but have superior scratch resistance.

  • i

i strongly doubt apple would do a punch hole, imo they'd stay with the notch until they can put it under the screen. but who knows, doing the notch was kind of surprising to me when it came out so..

  • adam

Faraz, 09 Sep 2021This is 13 or 1414

  • Faraz

This is 13 or 14

walkman8, 09 Sep 2021I look forward to this no bump trend, especially for foldab... moreLet's just hope its true. Apple has been coming out with good designs lately. I for one like the return to flat displays. Easier screen protector application and a nicer cleaner fit.

Anonymous, 09 Sep 2021I don't think those renders are real. That's goin... moreNot necessarily. It is possible seeing how the S10 and again the old Xperia Z series didn't have a bump while being a pretty light and slim flagship for its time. They could strike a balance with thickness, battery size and weight. ok maybe not weight since metal and glass but its possible like the Xperia Z2. Heat may be the biggest problem if made slim as possible. They could contour the edges to make it feel slim instead.

AnonD-1003038, 09 Sep 2021Same with Huawei Ascend P7 and Xiaomi Mi5 that I had. Perfe... moreI personally don't mind rocking since I use a case (applies for people who do use case). I DO however mind that fact cleaning it is a pain. The Find X3 Pro is an exception but that's a fingerprint magnet itself.

Anonymous, 09 Sep 2021hahahah...if they are leading in design then why the design... moreI don't mean leading as in the best design. I meant it as how things apple does design wise gets copied. Tons of Airpod clones and Apple watch clones. Other phone companies followed Apple with removing the headphone jack, putting a square camera bump (or rectangle) and initially the big notch but Android phones has improved over Apple in that aspect. the flat iPhone 12 becomes the Reno6 5G and Motorola Edge 20 design. Even now with MagSafe, the Realme MagDart.

  • Anonymous

Qimchi, 09 Sep 2021They popularized the notch trend, removed the headphone jac... moreThey didn't start the square/rectangle camera bump & that flat side design is also just a revisit of old, not anything new, and anyway Sony already was doing flat sides b4 iphone 12

  • Anonymous

Dometalican, 09 Sep 2021Pinch of salt thrown away. Apple's Face ID is the gold... moreI think you are forgetting Oppo's Find X & maybe the Mi 8 explorer

Anonymous, 09 Sep 2021Who leads the design? LolThey popularized the notch trend, removed the headphone jack, started the square/rectangle camera bump trend and the flat slab design trend with iPhone 12 being copied by Oppo and other brands. Safe to say they lead in some ways

  • AnonD-1014095

SShreyas, 09 Sep 2021Do you even understand what on earth you are ranting? So, ... moreIphone 12 pro is using ceramic glass, not gorrila glass or dragontrail. It's 2nd best after sapphire.

Nokia 8800 arte and 8 series Nokia all used sapphire glass. I had the carbon arte, and gold version.

lol so much drama for just switching to punch hole.

  • GAVR

If they have plans to remove the notch and utilize a punch-hole until they hid the camera under the display, at least place it at the very top of the display not at that location, it looks very out of place and way more distracting.

  • Anonymous

SShreyas, 09 Sep 2021Do you even understand what on earth you are ranting? So, ... moreDo not fprget that glass is much easier to recycle.
In the end, plastic does not make phone as cheaper as ppl think.
Also, phone does not get lighter (S21 is heavier than S20).

  • Anonymous

CptPower, 09 Sep 2021Well to be honest cant wait a moment when EU will force App... moreThey would rather pay than changing.

If Apple makes iphone with USB C, people will surely buy charger/cables from android makers and 3rd party when necessary instead from Apple. Apple makes too much money selling accessories.

This is why budget ipad has lightning, it is most popular ipad.

  • Shiny Dave

Matching the thickness to the camera depth feels like an extremely obvious move to me. And for an Apple device the extra battery space will go further because their batteries are smaller and their SoCs less power-draining.

Anonymous, 09 Sep 2021I hope they don't remove the notch, I like how it diff... moreBro. Enough fo that fugly notch. Mos tips users got used to it otherwise everyone hate sit

  • Anonymous

jNO, 09 Sep 2021Finally that exaggerated notch is gone. Now Samsung and oth... more*points to the punch-hole camera and pop-out camera Android phones that have existed for over two years now*


  • AnonD-1003038

Anonymous, 09 Sep 2021It's scratch resistant, not durable like plastic. Phon... moreWe had "phones with as little glass as possible" and no one wants them except you clowns. Do you even remember how ALL phones were all out plastic? Yeah, I don't want that at all. It's not my fault that you're so clumsy that you smash all you phones in 13 minutes of owning one. In all my time I own smartphones I didn't crack a single piece of glass. So, I don't know what the F are you doing with your phones.