Apple iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max bring 120Hz displays, overhauled cameras

14 September 2021
The Apple A15 chipset on the Pro phones has a 5-core GPU, instead of 4-core like on the vanilla models.

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Seems the iPhone 13 Pro is cheaper in the US. The HK version of the 13 Pro starts at around US$1090 (HK$8499 to be exact)

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-Trix-, 15 Sep 2021Insane gains! That new chip have to be really power efficie... moreAnd the moment you turn on 5g, battery drains like crazy because Apple with all their money couldn't bake an inbuilt 5g modem for efficiency.
Even mediatek gives internal 5g modem on their budget chips like dimensity 700, 800 series.
Apple said they'll take 3 more years to deliver it. Smh

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Triple X , 15 Sep 2021looking to buy smartphone after several years of being on b... moreLol 😂 what kinda shady job were you doing? That required burner phones?

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Humans can't see more than 30 fps

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Harvey Weinstein , 15 Sep 2021I agree with this Norwegian Gangster guy and his suggestion... moreI am wholeheartedly recommending people phones with Snapdragon 870 this year.. Not only are they cheaper, but they also give 1hr SOT more on an average compared to phones with Snapdragon 888

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Anonymous, 15 Sep 2021They software disabled one of the GPU cores on the vanilla ... morethey’ve been using the term since 2017, so i don’t really think it makes the feature seem new.

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HaterzSuckkkkk, 15 Sep 2021which one?Awww Junior can't figure out simple links posted. When he posted, them in other article, you should have seen them. Don't forget to clean up the gym before you leave school

[deleted post]what did any of that just mean?????

Anthony Anderson , 15 Sep 2021Unfortunately we live in an era where we have to cope with ... moreNone of these companies care about end users!!!

What you think Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei, Sony etc give anything more than a monkey's t0ss about you? they don't, and their business practices are in no way any more moral or less predatory than Apple's. Apple may just happen to be a little better at certain aspects of those than their competitors.

I sure am not blind to Apple's short comings, I spent as much time rolling my eyes when watching that event yesterday as I did being impressed. Hell a quick search online about any of the big players will quickly reveal there are no good guys to be found here. I simply enjoy using certain Apple products more than the competition.

If that changes then I'll ditch Apple without hesitation. But if I start to get the idea I should take some moral stance against the tech giants due to the way they play the game, well let's just say I'll have a hard time finding a diamond in the rough.

The changes are pretty good (for an iPhone at least), but I expect to see more stuff to come. I'm planning to purchase the iPhone 16 (?) in 2024, and there's a few things that are still missing. I expect to see a QHD (or higher) display, a higher refresh rate, even better camera improvements (especially for the sensor sizes, and maybe some megapixel count bump to like 16 or 21 at least), in-screen built fingerprint sensor and much more. This iPhone feels like a 2020 phone more than a 2021, but Apple is known for being behind competition in many areas.

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Macaulay Culkin, 15 Sep 2021Apple could've at least increased the RAM. I dealt wit... moreApple can't do true multi-tasking like Android

Apple could've at least increased the RAM. I dealt with YouTube refreshing on an iPhone 12 mini as much as I did on my Pixel 3. They both only have 4 GBs of RAM.

Still stuck with Lightning cable when iPads have already moved onto USB-C. Still no split-screen. I can play GameCube or Wii games on one side of my Flip 3 while a movie plays on the other side while in landscape.

The iPhone continues to bore me to tears like its always done since trying iOS on a first gen iPod touch in July of 2008. I remember learning to jailbreak it after 5 days from YouTube because I was so bored with iPhone OS 1.1.4 right away. I think 2008 was the only time I had fun with a iDevice's software.

I've used iPhone since the early days. Nothing really has changed in 13 years. The 13 is the most boring upgrade in 5 years since going from the 7 to 8. Maybe smaller than that. The 8 finally did offer wireless charging. Took Apple like 8 years to copy Palm Pre and 5 years to copy Nexus 4.

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DaFink, 15 Sep 2021Your right, iPhone owns nothing. But Apple are the largest ... moreLinks???

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Anonymous, 15 Sep 2021If you judge Apple's privacy and security based on the... moreWhatsapp did a similar thing after their nightmare PR f*ck up when they revised their privacy policy.
The companies that virtue signal the most about privacy are the ones guillty of violating them the first.

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2021IPhone owns nothing. They aren't Windows to own the e... moreYour right, iPhone owns nothing. But Apple are the largest player in the enterprise smartphone sector.

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2021Give links to people like you?? I already gave you links in... morewhich one?

  • Anthony Anderson

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2021It seems to be news to some folks that Apple is looking int... moreUnfortunately we live in an era where we have to cope with a company like Apple starting trends that purposely affect consumers in a negative way yet markets them as "good" things.

It wasn't courage that led them to remove the headphone jack, it was so that they can sell you more accessories to offset the decline of smartphone sales.

It wasn't about the environment when they removed the accessories out of the box, it was to further increase profit margins and to able to ship more iPhones while spending the same in shipping costs.

It's not about innovation that Apple continues to use the Lighting connector on their iPhones or compatibility with previous generations, it's about charging money for a proprietary connector for any manufacturer that wants to license the use of that connector in their products.

Apple talks about privacy yet is happy to make backdoor deals with companies that profit from user data. Nothing about the iPhone is special except for the ability to say that you Apple tirelessly fight against right to repair bills so that it can be the sole provider of repairs and parts of their products and charge twice if not triple the amount it would cost to repair one of their devices.

As a tech enthusiast, this sucks the fun out of the air. To makes matters even worst, it's saddening to see fellow techies go at each other in the name of a company that genuinely does not care about us. This and many more reasons is why it's so hard to have a grown up conversation with any brand loyalist, because their own “loyalty” blinds them to topics and issues like these.

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HaterzSuckkkkk, 15 Sep 2021lost to oneplus 8t? Show me where you got that.Give links to people like you?? I already gave you links in other article. Go and check them.

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Triple X , 15 Sep 2021I am not interested in keeping my phone for 5 years. Geez..... moreOf course droid fans always say this to cover up their inferior devices’s negative points. Those damn droid flagships don’t work after two years and no updates as well

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2021The stock camera on Mi 11 Ultra annihilated the iPhone in e... moreShow me the footage.

Where is the xiaomi's camera better than the iPhone?