Kuo: iPhone 14 Pro models to replace notch with punch hole cutout

21 September 2021
They will also bring 48MP wide cameras.

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  • Anonymous

psst..no one cares apple.

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Macaulay Culkin, 21 Sep 2021You hate a punch hole over a notch? The notch is hideous an... moreA punchole is more annoying for me, yes that is true.

Doesn't mean I prefer a notch however, it's that I hate the punchhole more.

I think the only times Kuo was wrong is when he said iPhones were getting USB-C which still hasn't happened yet but MacBooks and iPads already have it.

If Apple plans to release a flip phone, I still wouldn't get one. They would need to copy Samsung's Flex mode to convince me. After using a Razr 5G for nearly 5 days, I prefer Flex from the Flip 3. An iPhone Flip just opening and closing like a Razr just isn't as useful. I prefer it shaped like this.. < > when walking. Like a boomerang. Unfolded and it's too tall.

The more I use my Razr, the more annoyed I get. It's just not comfortable to hold for long periods. Edges are too sharp. But I'll still keep it because it gets people's attention and I want to make iPhone users jealous that their brand is so behind the times. Samsung brought split-screen years before Google officially did by Nougat (2016). Their UI is refined. Apple still needs some time to refine it.

reallyjust11, 21 Sep 2021Under display Touch ID is much more versatile? What about s... moreSamsung used ultrasonic one, and it was a software bug. Most underdisplay scanners are optical.

Anonymous, 21 Sep 2021Every Android phone will have punch hole camera after iPhon... moreExcept most Android phones already have. And there are Android phones with underdisplay camera already. Bet every iOS phone will have it eventually. Late on the train though. Will just copycat.

Macaulay Culkin, 21 Sep 2021I predict flip phones will be popular again because Apple w... moreThey not gonna release flip phone any time soon, as they wait for others to invest in R&D, so later they can just buy patents and technology, probably from Samsung as always.
In contrast to common believe Samsung actually dont care about Apple devices or its market share as lots of money came from them, OEMs wars really exist only on comment sections and forums, out there in real world money is talking and it saying that Apple just wait when Samsung polish its folding technology so they can make business together as always.

AnonD-1018819, 21 Sep 2021It's a possibility and not a far fetched one. You'... moreIf you use only fingerprint to secure important things you deserve to be robbed, the same with face, as you dont need 3D shape of it to unlock phone. If someone really want to get to your data it will not use front-end method as user, but even that is possible just by applying texture face masking on dummy model.

Anyone with brain will use two-method verification or authorization keys, you can use fingerprint for phone unlock, heII you can even use smart keys for that, like smartwatch or smartband so you can unlock it quickly only when its two devices are close but to secure other apps and informations you use two-method verification or keys.

  • AnonD-1018819

Livius, 21 Sep 2021I am not denying that the face id is secure and can't ... moreWell, it really isn't. Like I said, ultrasonic ones are exception because of how they work it's way way harder to fool it.

I trust Ming-Chi Kuo. He's 75% accurate. I trust him and Jon Prosser. Kuo was two years ahead on the iPhone X in 2017. I heard about it from him in late-2015. Kuo doesn't make pie in the sky predictions. He's usually spot on.

  • Teekay

Omg first of all if Apple were to go for the punch hole setup it would be more controversial than the notch😅

And I'm glad they're probably gonna remove the mini it didn't sell great anyway...

I would buy a 14 max🤔

I predict flip phones will be popular again because Apple will release a flip phone. They dictate mass market adoption no matter how slow they change things up. They really can't release an Apple Fold because iPad OS is different and it will take away from their iPad sales.

NAND-roid, 21 Sep 2021All android phones already have punch hole. Iphone is as al... moreExcept it'll look far more elegant. Apple has some patent on flexible displays that allows them to have equally narrow bezels on all sides, unlike all Android smartphones other than the Pixel 5 that all seem to have some form of a chin.

Pretty bullish of Apple, and you can bet they'll make a big deal out of it in the 14's launch presentation.

AnonD-1018819, 21 Sep 2021It's a possibility and not a far fetched one. You'... moreI am not denying that the face id is secure and can't be copied but this thing with the fingerprint is way too far off. Anyway I my phone has an ultrasonic one so I don't need to worry and I don't worry in general. I have to admit that without the notch it looks stunning.

Anonymous, 21 Sep 2021But does it matter? I mean for my part I prefer bezels l... moreYou hate a punch hole over a notch? The notch is hideous and gets in the way watching videos or playing games a lot more. This is actually a step-up from Apple considering I'm tired of seeing that notch for what will be 5 years by next year.

Some will just say they hate a punch hole to justify their purchase of whatever iPhone they bought the last 4 years. Same ones saying foldables are worthless and a gimmick will start singing praises for it once Apple finally releases one.

  • AnonD-1018819

Livius, 21 Sep 2021Did you watched to many James Bond movie or what ? Who woul... moreIt's a possibility and not a far fetched one. You're leaving a copy of unlocking key on everything you touch. Most people use thumb to unlock and also use thumb to contact display the most. Thumb is also a gripping finger which means it's often not the one smudging fingerprints unlike index finger which is often dragged across surfaces. Where do you leave an imprint of your face in 3D shape? Even vague shape of it? Nowhere.

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Anonymous, 21 Sep 2021Fingerprint sensor is much better than FaceID. FaceID won&#... moreBut wasn't there a rumor that they trying to make that work, with possibly iPhone 13 or iPhone 14, I forgot what the article said.

  • Anonymous

What people seem to not understand is that the only reason that apple still has that big notch is because of the sensor for the FaceID. Based on one of the articles here there might be a possibility that Apple has combined or still combining their camera with their sensor for FaceID

I swear to god half of the people who comment here do not think.

  • 3VA

Under display touch id…..!!! Kuo is wrong this time.. under display touch id is sooo unsecured, they might go for the side touch id on power button

Apple always at least 3 years behind Samsung. We saw this with the Galaxy S10 in early-2019. The Pixel 4a got one last year.

I'm beginning to enjoy Samsung One UI for some nifty features like toggles for wireless power share charging and screen recorder. The latter is great for getting clips of "poor-no". Even in 480p for smaller files, it still looks sharp.

Samsung is years ahead and have the infrastructure for after service support.

Anonymous, 21 Sep 2021But does it matter? I mean for my part I prefer bezels l... moreI think the best solution would be the underscreen camera which is not baked yet. I think in 1 or 2 years, the quality will be like the one found in a notch or punch whole. Although one of the doctors I work with has a 7T Pro and the pop up camera works just like in the first day but he keeps that phone in a bubble LoL.