Microsoft promises three years of updates for the Surface Duo 2

24 September 2021
The same promise was made for the first Surface Duo and it's still on Android 10.

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3 years for a device expected to cost north of $1500? I'd demand better from a Dell Laptop running Windows and retailed at a similar price. I see no reason why I should expect so much less from a phone.

This is just not good enough. Shame on them for doing it, shame on us for accepting it.

hari120, 25 Sep 2021Comeon we all know its not true. I have been a xiaomi user.... morewhat xiaomi phones you are using? my redmi s2 get 2.5 years security updates and 1 android updates, that's $150 phones which have mid range processor in that era. other brands can't doing this.

Anonymous, 25 Sep 2021Lol please, high end spec for $100? What kind of weed are y... moresome??? how many? can you give me 5 what each of the phones with miui 12.5 didn't get android 11?

Bebochekov, 25 Sep 2021Windows Phone failure wasn't only because of Microsoft... moreGoogle, apple and app developers fault for Microsoft failure? that's like saying if i dont buy your products because 1. its a bad product 2. cant make money off it 3. low sales... means its also my fault for your failure? lol

Anonymous, 25 Sep 2021It could be worse if you are using Chinese smartphones. I&#... moreMan thats funny.
Its obvious flagship grade phones gets android first then mediocre and lowest of the low at last.
You should buy MI 11 ultra or Mi 10 ultra for constant updates.
Stop making useless excuses.

rizki1, 25 Sep 2021same like samsung phones. $200 with low end spec and only g... moreComeon we all know its not true. I have been a xiaomi user. They rarely update android or give security updates. Its the miui version upgrades. And most of the its fully buggy that i have to downgrade my.miui versions

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CptPower, 25 Sep 2021This microsoft. Android 12 is litterary out and they goin... moreIt could be worse if you are using Chinese smartphones. I'm still yet to see Android 11 OS update for my Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro. Even the Mi 9 series also hasn't received Android 11 OS update whereas its equivalent rivals like the Samsung Galaxy S10e/S10/S10+ and Sony Xperia 1 alongside Sony Xperia 5 to name just a few already enjoying Android 11 update for ages now.

This microsoft.
Android 12 is litterary out and they going for android 11.

Considering that Microsoft only started to lay their hands on Android OS for the first time last year with the Surface Duo, I wouldn't be surprised to see it yet to receive the latest OS update. It really is just a matter of time before Microsoft fully understands how Android OS works.

P.S I definitely remember the Nokia X lineup, but that was released during the time when Microsoft owned Nokia.

Macaulay Culkin, 24 Sep 2021Microsoft promises usually are broken promises. Just get a ... moreTbh, when it comes to timely Android OS updates, Google Pixel is definitely the undefeated leader. Even HMD Nokia couldn't come close despite using Android One software.

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rizki1, 25 Sep 2021same like samsung phones. $200 with low end spec and only g... moreLol please, high end spec for $100? What kind of weed are you smoking?! 😂🤣😂😂

Also, Xiaomi never bothers with OS update. They only care about MIUI and that's not a part of OS update. Some MIUI 12.5-powered Xiaomi phones are still on Android 10 for crying out loud!

Still regretting my Surface RT purchase which they abandoned in the mid way. Thanks but no thanks ms!

Macaulay Culkin, 24 Sep 2021Razr 5G got Android 11 several months ago. First gen Surfac... moreWindows Phone failure wasn't only because of Microsoft. Google, Apple and lazy app developers were a big part of that. I used Nokia with Windows mobile for years and still love the flip tiles on the home screen. A lot of stuff that Windows Mobile did is only just now showing up on Android and ios.

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Well is that what consumers want to hear, or what Microsoft REALLY wants to do for themselves and this product?

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For a $1500 smartphone, three years of update should be a bare minimum. Also, Microsoft should have ample experience playing with Android (though I'd rather wish the Surface Duo wiuld run on Windows instead).

Anonymous, 24 Sep 20213 years at that pricetag, terrible deal. same like samsung phones. $200 with low end spec and only get 3 years update, xiaomi also doing 3 years update but with high end spec for $100.

  • Imad

What about the DUO. For how long they will support it?

  • AnonD-1018330

Duck of death, 24 Sep 2021That's an easy promise to make when they apparently ta... moreI literally laughed so much because i relate so much to this comment :')

Justify the existence of such device via smart software implementations than we'll talk about updates.

if its just like their windows updates, don't bother with these shiitty promises. also, why isn't google sending updates to phones with no custom ui, like moto, nokia, the 2 microsoft duo and few other companies with stock android.