Microsoft promises three years of updates for the Surface Duo 2

24 September 2021
The same promise was made for the first Surface Duo and it's still on Android 10.

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Razr 5G got Android 11 several months ago. First gen Surface Duo still hasn't received 11 and it came out around the same as the Razr 5G. Both overpriced initially at $1,400.

Microsoft is clueless. They'll blow it again like they usually do. And to add insult, they jacked it up to $100 more when they know these won't sell for those prices except to hardcore Microsoft fans.

Just wait another 8 months to watch it drop to $400. Save the $1000 by remaining patient. Microsoft is tone deaf at this point. Not one time they had a successful product in mobile. Microsoft is the king of mobile failures.

Microsoft promises usually are broken promises. Just get a Pixel 6 Pro. Software updates on the Pixel 6s are now at least 5 years.

The boy who cried "three years of updates".

  • Anonymous

They release a phone with Android 10 when others are at 11 already and then they promise 3 updates. Well played ms, well played

That's an easy promise to make when they apparently take 2-3 years to release one update. :)

  • Anonymous

3 years at that pricetag, terrible deal.