Apple iPhone SE 3 will get 5G connectivity, but use same design as SE (2020)

08 October 2021
It's expected to bring Apple's A15 Bionic chipset found in the iPhone 13 series.

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  • Anonymous

Prototype, 08 Oct 2021With no big battery this will be a instant failure! The SE phones are successful enough to justify having a 3rd iteration. They won't overshadow the main line iPhones of course, but they're not meant to. If you want an example of a product not relevant enough for Apple to care about anymore, take a look at iPods. Those things haven't had an update in ages.

  • Anonymous

Just shrink the 11 or XR to a smaller size so it at least doesn’t look outdated.

  • Anonymous

If battery is good better than 2020 ill get it miss the home button.

  • Daniel

potato4k, 09 Oct 2021And it will barely last for 4 hours. LOL. This is basicall... moreAyyy Apple at least should use XR body with like A14 Bionic. This would give somewhat usable battery life.

RIP battery

seems like Apple still has tons of old parts to recoup / milk more money

  • sq2013

Razr 5G Fan, 09 Oct 2021I always try to own the smallest model. With that, I would ... moreThat's not correct at all. There's 5.5 inch phones with 5000math batteries and with a smaller screen to power you don't need as big a battery. There's much more to consider. Prime example being software optimization.

And it will barely last for 4 hours. LOL.
This is basically just for Apple to have 5G across the board. But they make it so unusable that people will end up spending more for the more expensive iPhone anyway.
When marketing takes precedence.

Remove the physical home button, lessen the bezel a bit, and put dual front firing speakers top and bottom that are symmetrical in length, and you'll have a perfect notchless beautiful design.

I always try to own the smallest model. With that, I would experience the shortest battery life. Smallest battery equates to worst battery life. The only way to resolve this would be a thicker phone but people will whine about that.

Pro Max is the way to go. SE line is the way to go for cheapest and being one of the smallest but expect the worst battery life. I actually prefer the non-X design although the SE 3 is using an 8-year-old design by the time it's released.

  • Anonymous

I wish they used the iPhone 7 Plus design

  • Anonymous

They should just sell Mini at SE price

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Oct 2021The irony is that the 13 Mini is now smaller and has a bett... moreThats probably the idea from Apple. So people know it has bad battery so other option for you is to pay 2 times the price for 12 mini or 13 mini. But they still sel these SE 3's.

  • Uesera

That's pretty lame ngl.

Same terrible screen, same terrible battery life. Looks like nothing will change in the new model

  • Anonymous

Mampara, 08 Oct 2021Smaller bezels would have been welcomed along with bigger b... more"But that'd require re-tooling, change in process, a new screen, changing the internal layout, etc which would cost BILLIONS, so NO you would only have the 8 year old design"
It's not that we don't have buttcrap load of 🤑💰💸, but we like to keep it for ourselves, and you'd anyway buy it regardless bcoz it's got the A15 Bionic and the familiar iconic design, the best camera, 64GB nvme storage, . . . . . . and what are your other options anyway?

  • Danny

I'm a tech enthusiast who prefers Android over iOS any day for obvious reasons and have wanted to use an iPhone for a while now.

If this is true and Apple does truly launch and sell a rebranded iPhone 8 a THIRD time, then I'll need to cast aside my issues with Apple and study their history very well because then they are doing or have done something to get very loyal fans who genuinely believe LCD @ 60Hz is superior to OLED @ 120Hz!

We just have to wait and see

  • Anonymous

I really wish to see this rumour come true and see people using this shit even in '25!
Lmao, there's certainly no limit to what people will buy as long as it's 'Designed by crApple in Cali'-'Made in China', god save this earth from such dimwits/sheep with blind loyalty

  • Anonymous

Razr 5G Fan, 08 Oct 2021If you really want the best battery life from an iPhone, yo... moreThe irony is that the 13 Mini is now smaller and has a better battery life than SE 2020.

  • Logic

LEEDAQ, 08 Oct 2021nah, SE3 will receive the notch display. SE3 will still use the IP8 design to distance itself from the more expensive IP13 Mini. Who would buy the Mini is the SE3 has the same design and internals?

apple designer:a person who is making a ton of money with a couple drawing lines and a pencil.