Apple iPhone SE 3 will get 5G connectivity, but use same design as SE (2020)

08 October 2021
It's expected to bring Apple's A15 Bionic chipset found in the iPhone 13 series.

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If you really want the best battery life from an iPhone, you really are forced to buy the Pro Max. Problem for me is I hate large phones like that. If it folds, then maybe. But it doesn't and it's way too wide as well. SE line is the bottom of the barrel with battery life. Hence, the lowest price.

Smaller bezels would have been welcomed along with bigger battery that 5G eats.

Jimbob, 08 Oct 2021Needs a redesign... touch ID on the back, bigger battery.. ... moreYou literally asking for a pixel 5A.

I sincerely hope apple add an option to connect a car battery while playing games in it.

  • Anonymous

u gotta be kidding me. that archaic dull design again. at least base the xr and put the 5g components inside.

  • Anonymous

Levy, 08 Oct 2021Keeping the power-hungry LCD with the small battery and add... moreThe LCD is not even that of a issue, the chip is the big issue here.

  • Anonymous

"but use same design as SE (2020)"

And thus it will have same very poor battery life.

Apple should not put such a powerful chip in it, the device is cheap and it's a total overkill compared to other hardware it has.

Unless the change the design which they will not if this article is true.

  • Jimbob

Needs a redesign... touch ID on the back, bigger battery.. shrink bezels.. flat edges.. usb-c.

if it's true, then idk other than wtf Apple

  • Sawsan

LEEDAQ, 08 Oct 2021nah, SE3 will receive the notch display. Nah, it will not.

  • Levy

Keeping the power-hungry LCD with the small battery and adding the much more powerful chip + 5g makes it look like Apple is trying to break their own record of the shortest battery life on a smartphone ever!

nah, SE3 will receive the notch display.

SE might be the budget iPhones but they have the poorest battery life. Never used the SE2 but read the battery life is horrendous. My SE1 was bought brand new back in January. Battery life has only gotten worse each time I update it. And I might get 1 to 2 hour SOT if I use it for navigation.

I'm pretty much done with iPhones forever and ever. It's always great in the beginning but iOS gets more annoying the longer I use it. I like my torrent apps and emulators from Android without needing to root/jailbreak it. And I need a file manager to organize my files and move them to folders.

  • hmm

Jump to XS for SE would of been nice. Not a lot bigger but with the notch and 5.8inch screen phone by only 5.4mm taller then SE 2020

  • Aameen

Disaster because Se 2020 failed to deliver when comes to battery backup and bezels sucks everyone thinks it’s iPhone 8 you need to say it’s Se 2020 😂 Body should be like iPhone 12 with notch display

  • rumun

Haha. What a coincidence! I just sold my SE2020 for a half original price! I am sure I am not coming back to iPhone. Apple Tablets and laptops Yes! Phones No! Going skiing for the price of the new phone :)

  • Anonymous

„so the revised SE model will serve as the pocket-friendly option for compact phone buyers.“

It will not be the only one because the 12 mini and 13 mini will continue to be sold. The 11 is next up to be dropped, but the 13 mini has the same A15 chip and is better in multiple ways, including the higher price.

  • SH99

Should have repurposed the iPhone 11 design. Maybe wait another year.

  • Anonymous

So same chassis design and the same batt size + 5G then?

gg not gonna end well... as per usual ante up the budget for a battery case and a couple of faster chargers until... y'all might as well pick the higher models like that vanilla 13 instead.

THAT'S why.

Dudenoway, 08 Oct 2021For real. What's the difference. Same old OMEGA litera... moreSE 3 will have the SoC and main cameras of the iPhone 13s. A trillion times better specs from a $500 "slightly used" iPhone 11 when this SE 3 goes for $400 brand new? LOL