EU denies Apple allegations that moving to USB-C will stifle innovation

15 October 2021
The EU responds to Apple's claims about stifling innovation when moving to USB-C.

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rRadD, 16 Oct 2021Apple needs to pay EU to stop this petty issue. Like what t... moreAt least Sony is still there for the SD card slot and headphone jack even though they're targeting a niche market of Sony fans and enthusiast and camera professionals and hobbyist.

stifle innovation? what innovation is Apple bringing nowadays to mobile phone?
and their charging cable bundled with phone is of lowest grade, to maximise profit
the charging cable's rubber, or whatever material, on almost every Apple charging cable that I used in the past will break within few months

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]After checking prices from Giztop..... I think these are some great products.

OnePlus 9RT (8/128gb) for 535 Euro.

OnePlus 9 Pro (8/256gb) for 680 Euros.
Mi 11 Pro (8/128gb) for 655 Euros (19$ extra for charger)

Mi Pad 5 pro (6/128gb) for 425 Euros (with charger)

Apple needs to pay EU to stop this petty issue. Like what the hell is wrong if iPhones have lightning ports and cables??? Apple did not complain when almost all android phones use type-c anyway... AND if iPhone switches to type-c, will everyone buy??? They hate Apple so much it hurts their stupid reasoning. Just saying.

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DroidBoye, 15 Oct 2021Your logic will never justify the state of smartphone ports... moreI wish reviewers would do videos acknowledging the damage that Apple has done to the smartphone world. The trends they've started that in reality are only about making money.

I love smartphones and it used to be a thing...I loved to follow and watch, what new innovations have come out, etc. Now it's just Apple taking away features and the other companies following what Apple gets away with.

Now that LG is gone there won't be anymore SD card slots on flagships and hifi DACs and all the crazy sometimes ingenious innovation they had.
This has become a very boring and sad part of what I used to love about smartphones.

IMO Apple is responsible for being the biggest killer of innovation in this thing I used to love. iPhones are a one trick pony with basic performance and that's it. There's no real innovation nothing new or exciting. Watch any iPhone video and the first half is the reviewer talking about the colours. That's it?

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BigDisplay, 16 Oct 2021Lol true, the Chinese was first to start with the USC C 👍🏻 Chinese are the ones that are truly pushing innovation right now.
Samsung and Apple have gotten lazy over time, although I do praise Samsung for their foldables series.

[deleted post]That's what happens when the company decides to sell extremely low quality cables at 20$

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Lightning McQueen

It's really rotten how Apple always acting like a greedy primadonna.
I really can't see why Apple users wouldn't see how much they are misleading by Apple.

I just seen this, maybe I got my answer here.

Anonymous, 15 Oct 2021First, pls get your facts right, USB type-C has been preval... moreLol true, the Chinese was first to start with the USC C 👍🏻

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[deleted post]Huh? You are lying and being inflammatory.

Where did you buy these "cheapest" Apple cables? And why, since you don't like Apple? Sounds like FUD to me.

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Razr 5G Fan, 16 Oct 2021USB Type-C has been standard to us since 2016. I wanted it ... moreTechnically OnePlus 2 and Mi 4c both have usb-c and they are both from 2015 rendering them as phones from the future 😂

  • Anonymous

hi, 15 Oct 2021The Jack can mean hi quality amplifier a/d converter and wi... moreThe magic word here is can*. I bet you most of the cheap phones have sh1tty dacs making all your beloved audiophile headphones (I'm sure everyone has one) sound like cheap sh1t.

USB Type-C has been standard to us since 2016. I wanted it on the iPhone since the X. Even if they decided to add it next year, might be only the standard for how long? Four years?

We'll always end up adapting another standard and buying octopus cables. Only thing they haven't got rid of yet is nano sim. The e-sim hasn't taken over at all. Apple actually has pushed sims. Were early adopters to even micro-sim with iPhone 4. But micro only lasted two generations on iPhone.

The nano sim has been our standard since 2012 with the iPhone 5. HTC One M7 from 2013 still used micro-sim. Nano wasn't common to us Android users until 2014 flagships. My Xiaomi Mi 3 still used mini-sim, the big ones found since the old Nokia 3310 days.

Razr 5G Fan, 15 Oct 2021We must realize none of these standards last forever. Remem... moreu trippin bro? 3.5mm exist since 1950s, still used to this days in most tech & music industry, smartphone industry is not the only one, desktops still ALWAYS have a 3.5mm and most laptops have 3.5mm. but indeed technology goes forward, I call it now, in 40/50+ years most portable devices will have no ports

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Informed costumes is s good thing

Apple hate it cuz they can't Proprietary it,,
make problem out of it to sell the solution

  • MasEnha

Anonymous, 15 Oct 2021I think part of the reason earlier phones didn't have ... moreWithout 3.5mm port doesn't mean that your option is only wireless. I'm using slim dongle (#donglemadness will help you) and my phone sing pretty well, far better than what most phones with 3.5mm port may offer.

  • cull

Technologist, 15 Oct 2021stifle innovation ?? So why Apple using usb c ports on all ... morePlease common everyone knows that ??

stifle innovation ?? So why Apple using usb c ports on all products except iPhones !??