EU denies Apple allegations that moving to USB-C will stifle innovation

15 October 2021
The EU responds to Apple's claims about stifling innovation when moving to USB-C.

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  • hi

Anonymous, 15 Oct 2021I think part of the reason earlier phones didn't have ... moreThe Jack can mean hi quality amplifier a/d converter and wireless means low quality stream and small amplifiers on each ear so if you are a professional you don't use anything wireless

  • Anonymous

So, now, manufacturer’s have to wait until the industry comes up with a better port. Would they come up with USB-C if a reversible port like Lightning never came to be? Sure, but how many years would have it taken?

  • fyll

Anonymous, 15 Oct 2021First, pls get your facts right, USB type-C has been preval... moreUsbc have two jobs 1. deliver power up to 240w, 2. cpu lanes to external devices so it can be anything that speaks that protocol

  • Anonymous

Seriously? Why is the EU meddling into what connectors a private manufacturer should use?

I like USB-C and hope that Apple adopts it, as it has on the Mac Books. But the EU should focus on dealing with Russia and China and ensuring that individual members are not bribed with special deals that ultimately threaten the EU's common energy security. Mandating phone connectors is out of scope and silly. It's why Brexit happened.

  • Anonymous

Razr 5G Fan, 15 Oct 2021We must realize none of these standards last forever. Remem... moreI think part of the reason earlier phones didn't have the 3.5mm jack is because phones weren't meant/capable nor targeted as media (consumption)-devices. Then came along the walkmans, N-series/Xpressmusic, etc not to mention larger screens (for that time), increased storage for all your files which helped push the adoption of the 3.5mm jack.
I for one would like the jack to hang around for at least another 5 years (in the mid-range segment ofc bcoz other than Sony no one cares about it in the flagship space bcoz they all want to push their overpriced crappy tws). It was a pre-req for my recent purchase when I upgraded my 4 year old phone. Sure there were better options w/o it, but they also had some other compromises, so I decided to buy the phone which had the HP jack.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Oct 2021Well, Apple did in fact release a commercially available mo... moreFirst, pls get your facts right, USB type-C has been prevalent on most budget devices FOR YEARS now, only the most entry level phones (

  • HI

USB C is big but there's a micro USB TYPE-C port

We must realize none of these standards last forever. Remember the 3.5 mm headphone jack? That wasn't common at all from phones in the mid-Aughts. The original RAZR V3 didn't have one. My Motorola V600 did not have one. Neither from my Sony Ericsson T616.

They started to become common by 2007 with the Nokia N95 although other N-Series phones had it before. Then 3.5 mm started to die off by 2017. Many phones from 2004-2006 flip phones had the 2.5 mm standard. Not 3.5 mm. See? Ten years and then they drop it for something newer.

  • radiAtion MoNsTer

tehyadro, 15 Oct 2021Yes great idea, lets bombard ourselves with wireless radiat... moreI am tired of this "radiation" fearmongering... a little googling will land you somewhere like here... .. where, you can clearly see, that visible light, human bodies, and light bulbs are more "dangerous" than any communication device... And nothing comes even close to ionizing levels of energy witch are actually dangerous... Please check things up before forming and spreading an opinion...

  • Anonymous

naap51d, 15 Oct 2021(cr)Apple is just upset if "universal" c is manda... moreExactly. It'll hurt their profits. No one will buy that weak cable that breaks quickly

Anonymous, 15 Oct 2021iPhone 5 had reversible connector when Samsung's lates... moreyou ignored the fact that iphone got stuck on lightening port since iphone5 is acceptable but you pointed at micro port which is universal and in far better quality and performance.
talking about facts while hiding behind Anonymous tag.

Honestly, if iPhones finally got USB-C, another standard gets created. It's always like this every 10 years. Remember PSP having the much older USB over the PS Vita? The ones used for digital cameras in the mid-Aughts. It's like our networks. We'll have 6G by 2030.

Even if iPhones finally got USB-C, I still wouldn't care because I despise iOS. There are octopus cables to deal with different ports but I still wouldn't get an iPhone whether it has Lightning or Type C.

Always something new to make us spend more money on a new standard like going from VHS to DVD to Blu-ray to digital downloads to streaming. This happened with even the different cables on the back of our TVs with whatever video game home console we had at that time.

(cr)Apple is just upset if "universal" c is mandated, they won't be able to overcharge for cables. LOL

  • Anonymous

If USB-C prevents innovation so why did they include add it to the ipad mini and macbooks?

  • den

It's about the formfaktor usbc connector and the protocol to talk to the new chargers 240w will be enough for now 48v x 5 A = 240w a phone only needs 2 to 5 W normally and for fast charging it's limit by how warm the battery can get some more W to be safe

A god, 15 Oct 2021Think if Apple obey to EU when 10 years ago wanted to go mi... moreYour logic will never justify the state of smartphone ports now. What is the now? Lightning has no video-out, no charging-out, and is currently using USB 2.0. Compared to USB-C that can do all connections from USB 2.0 to TB4, charging (USB-PD), video-out, etc. Lightning is a dead-end port which Apple hasn't even planned on upgrading, look at their iPads for example, they use type-C now. There's no point in keeping the lightning port if the topic is about innovation, Apple's just keeping it for their own profit.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Oct 2021Jesus, you people still yapping about "cAnT REpaIr ThE... moreDo you ever have anything else to say other than the fact that your beloved almighty Apple was the first one to introduce a reversible connector ?? You like to say that line twenty times everyday here, but that was years and years ago. No point in talking about it everyday. Grow up kid, you keep talking about some feature that was first introduced by Apple. What does it even prove ? Your logic is that if a company introduces some feature first, they automatically are better than the rest forever

And if going by your logic, let me inform you, Motorola was the first to introduce the handheld phone itself, but I don't see you beating their drums everyday in here. And Android phones were the first to feature wireless charging, amoled screen, 120 hz, notchless display etc. So where is the credit for that ? Alright keep talking about that lightning port that Apple was the first to introduce. Clearly you don't know anything about tech

  • Anonymous

A god, 15 Oct 2021Think if Apple obey to EU when 10 years ago wanted to go mi... moreWhy not? What's so wrong with USB-C format? It's just physical description of a connector. What's behind it can be totally different.

  • Alando

USB-C from all indications is the way to go and i don't understand Apple's stance over it. All is I see is the want of profit and customer control....

The EU regulators should remain firm 💪🏾💯

Think if Apple obey to EU when 10 years ago wanted to go microUSB...
Think having microUSB nowadays instead of usbC and not lightning 10 years ago
You cant force the tech to grow and moving forward because that law to force everybody to adopt a standard is for the next 8 years constitutional speaking
EU, please leave Apple and the other tech giants to move forward we dont want usbC for 12 years from now on