EU denies Apple allegations that moving to USB-C will stifle innovation

15 October 2021
The EU responds to Apple's claims about stifling innovation when moving to USB-C.

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EU is like also dump when it comes to tech legislations

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Fanboy of All brands, 15 Oct 2021Yes, it was an excuse for Apple to make more money. But the... moreI've seen so many broken iPhone cables and mac charger cables, so that complaint is irrelevant.
those previous users will have to buy more cables anyway.

  • Anonym

blue.sun, 15 Oct 2021Really? Solar and wind comparing to wireless transfer of el... moreI am talking about innovation, remember (how you forgot a *today* in your post).
You are still forgetting a *today* in your comments, because you keep thinking in today's technology -- not how we could harness e.g., renewable energy that would be loss either way and transfer it to something useful, the battery in your phone.

It's very clear to me you know very little about research and innovation; sorry, but that's the cold hard truth.

Anonymous, 15 Oct 2021Jesus, you people still yapping about "cAnT REpaIr ThE... moreYou are being intellectually dishonest

The ability to leave IOS altogether is not what makes it closed... What kind of logic is that it's like saying if a criminal leaves prison then because he left the building the building is not a prison anymore....

You cant transfer files without hassle on IOS, you literally are unable to connect with 99% of other hardware via Bluetooth etc unless it's apple hardware

  • blue.sun

Anonym, 15 Oct 2021If you understand solar and wind, then you'll understa... moreReally? Solar and wind comparing to wireless transfer of electricity?
Have you even studied physics? At least the basics?

  • Anonym

blue.sun, 15 Oct 2021Well, you have shown that you know nothing about physics. N... moreIf you understand solar and wind, then you'll understand "wireless energy". (The quotes are because all energy is just energy, the wire is just the conductor).

  • blue.sun

Anonym, 15 Oct 2021I find it comically ironical the same people who defend sol... moreWell, you have shown that you know nothing about physics. Now you turn out to be a big liar as well. Because somehow I can't see anywhere a thing about solar or wind energy in my posts.

Anonymous, 15 Oct 2021Jesus, you people still yapping about "cAnT REpaIr ThE... moreNo you can't :) Apple can repair your phone :) At triple prices :)
Every component in your Iphone is attached to the phone software. Even if you swap it (not Apple, YOU or other 3rd party service) with genuine same part from same but other iphone, you will get warning on the screen. So you even don't own the **** thing you paid for it :) How repairable is that? And even if apple fix it at 3-4 time prices they will always push you towards buying new one instead of they fix yours. It's not even yours they do whatever they can to push you for new one every time.

  • AnonD-1016461

Your Neighbour, 15 Oct 2021Stiffle innovation tf ! Apple just not innovating anymor... moreGrow up kid
Study about phones before defending or bashing blindly
iPad pro from 2017 have pRo MoTioN and it's variable from 10Hz and 120Hz while most of 120Hz Androids are fixed
Can android fans do anything other than crying?

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L.O.R.D, 15 Oct 2021I do know about the benifits of a magnetic port and there h... moreAnd that implementation is superior to apple wireless charger. Direct contact allow 95% energy efficiency while wireless charging lost 50% of it.

  • Anonym

blue.sun, 15 Oct 2021Sorry, kid, the physics does not evolve in time. Laws of ph... moreI find it comically ironical the same people who defend solar and wind as power sources fail to grasp "wireless energy" or how many efficiencies can be gained as the technology evolves.

  • blue.sun

Anonym, 15 Oct 2021Pretty sure you forgot to add a *today* somewhere in your c... moreSorry, kid, the physics does not evolve in time. Laws of physics just are. And the losses are just a law of physics.
Probably you should try to study more.

Stiffle innovation tf !

Apple just not innovating anymore, and following 120Hz from android, and it called pRo MoTioN

  • KP9982

Anonym, 15 Oct 2021Actually, if you bother researching, you'll quickly re... moreYou do realize that it doesn't require bricks to be USB-A right? It's just the port on the devices. So you can use the same C to C cable or A to C. You don't have to toss out our A to C cables. Please put a little thought into things

"stifle innovation" ? Apple still using slow ancient usb 2.0 while others are moving to fast usbc 3.1.

  • Anonym

L.O.R.D, 15 Oct 2021The cable they put in iPhone boxes is lightning to USB C, w... moreActually, if you bother researching, you'll quickly realize that Apple does supply an USB-A to Lightning cable on demand via their store (and support pages). No need to buy a new charger as you so claim. In fact, if anything, it's the EU that wants you to do ditch all your USB-A chargers for the "one and true universal" USB-C charger.

I do wonder what this means for magnetic ports/connectors. If there's an innovative future for connection, it would be magnetic ports for safety and better water resistance.

  • AnonD-1016461

TheGoldenMellifluous, 15 Oct 2021I mean, at this point, Apple is already being cornered and ... moreThey already released iPhone 13 with lighting port
Eu can cry until next year

  • AnonD-1016461

ASL, 15 Oct 2021Innovation? Not able to fix your phone yourself? Closed eco... moreYes like "super fixable android phones"
Samsung S20 ultra and note 20 ultra with USB_C with 3/10 score and unfixable iPhone 13 pro with 5/10

keep mocking yourself with repairable Androids

Sun Sand, 15 Oct 2021They could have actually put it on iPhone 6S (Sep 2005) and... moreThe cable they put in iPhone boxes is lightning to USB C, while most chargers are USB A so existing chargers won't work with that cable. Once again Apple forces people to get new charger despite them already having multiple chargers. And when they do get a new charger, it will be most likely from Apple so once again, Apple earns extra from it, and at the same time there is absolutely no price reduction in phone for removal of charger They can just use their older cables but that is already broken since it is made to break soon. So customer has to buy a new one sooner or later. New iPhone customers obviously do not have lightning to USB A cable so they too must get a charger with USB C because all their chargers are USB A ‚Äč

Profiteering 100

So yes, that innovation thing is just all BS. Truth is they want to keep selling that weak, overpriced cable and earn extra from it and the royalties that they charge from lightning cable makers each year

And then they say they it's all for the environment. Well it's for greenery, but a different kind of, which they like