EU denies Apple allegations that moving to USB-C will stifle innovation

15 October 2021
The EU responds to Apple's claims about stifling innovation when moving to USB-C.

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I mean, at this point, Apple is already being cornered and at one point, they rather dropped their Lightning Port altogether and switch all to wireless charging via their MagSafe Magnetic Charger rather than switching to USB-C Port on their iPhones.

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ASL, 15 Oct 2021Innovation? Not able to fix your phone yourself? Closed eco... moreJesus, you people still yapping about "cAnT REpaIr ThE PhOne" where you can clearly repair an iPhone and it even gets better remarks by iFixit in general than most other brands. Also this whining over closed ecosystem is getting old at this point. There is nothing closed about it if you don't close yourself into it. But you Apple haters wouldn't know anything about that anyway. I'm an iPhone user and I can migrate back to Android in an hour and not be restricted by anything. And repeat the process in an hour back to iPhone's iOS. As for "closed port" whatever that even means, when iPhone 5 users were enjoying reversible connector and could just plug it in easily from any direction you were still poking and proding your microUSB like an absolute savage and rotating the cable around like an ape trying to fit cube through triangular hole. No one cared about innovation back then and now that USB-C exists you're all the biggest smarta**es in the world.

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Akinaro, 15 Oct 2021Apple talking about innovation...Like LTPO or first tablet with 120Hz variable refresh rate in 2017...

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Keep crying EU
iPhone 14 is gonna be lighting or portless

Fanboy of All brands, 15 Oct 2021Yes, it was an excuse for Apple to make more money. But the... moreThey are doing this already, since the iPhone 12 series, they ship the devices with USB-C to Lighting cables which forces consumers to buy USB-C power adapter's. As previously it was always USB-A to Lighting power bricks.

  • Anonym

Techfun, 15 Oct 2021Lots of power wastage and eco unfriendly*today -- guess what innovation and lots of continuous research is for?

Anonym, 15 Oct 2021Except that in a world full of wirelessly charging surfaces... moreLots of power wastage and eco unfriendly

Niiiiice LOOOL

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Tyfyh, 15 Oct 2021Are you a troll? What you said is that wells on the moon ha... moreYes! If presenting hard facts that show how you can already use whatever charger you want today, thus stopping the ewaste problem as you nicely stated in your comment now is called trolling, then I most definitely am trolling you.

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blue.sun, 15 Oct 2021Can you imagine, how energetically demanding this would be?... morePretty sure you forgot to add a *today* somewhere in your comment. Guess you don't understand what innovation means after all. (hint: it's all about solving challenges that were not possible to overcome until today; we are not there yet, let's see what the future holds)

Innovation? Not able to fix your phone yourself? Closed ecosystem? CLosed charging port (only Iphone uses this ports). That's backwards not innovation.

  • Lulzeez

Anonymous, 15 Oct 2021iPhone 5 had reversible connector when Samsung's lates... moreI see you've not been in the techspace wide enough to read the jokes about the s7 having microusb. Granted i still bought the redmi note 3 pro back then, but at it's price i could buy 3 kenzos for the price of 1 s7.

Demongornot, 15 Oct 2021The problem is that Apple is right... Indeed, we need Appl... moreI do know about the benifits of a magnetic port and there have been phones that supported magnetic charging other than the USB port. In the past Sony and Motorola have already released such phones like the Xperia Z with it's side mounted magnetic port, and the Moto Z Force with snap on magnetic accesories on the back. As I used both the phones, I can say that magnet charging was really very convenient, once I started to use that feature

There was quite a difference between the two implementations though. While the Sony needed a magnetic charger it was still a wired way of charging in the way that the charger needed to be attached to the wall, but Motorola was a step ahead. They had this accessory called Moto Mod Power Pack that could be pre charged with the charger that came with the phone and then it could be simply be attached to the back of the phone, when it was brought close to it, was like a battery case but only that it was magnetic. It also had several other applications and they even released various other accessories, based on the same concept. Unfortunately, they have long stopped making such phones

Anonym, 15 Oct 2021What's keeping you from doing that today? The iPhone m... moreAre you a troll? What you said is that wells on the moon has run out of water and cows started to kill people.

Roman5, 15 Oct 2021Apple should have switched to USB-C way back during the iPh... moreThey could have actually put it on iPhone 6S (Sep 2005) and majority of their customers would have bought USB C accesories instead of Lightining!

It's Apple's fault, many in the tech arena were actually hoping and expecting Apple to take the lead in adopting this universal standard. instead here they got greedy and stupid, and now moaning and crying like donkeys!! Innovation can be done on USB C itself. Proprietary has too and needs to go, somebody educate this rotting fruit company plse!

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talha5007, 15 Oct 2021the one who got stuck with decade old lightening port talki... moreiPhone 5 had reversible connector when Samsung's latest and greatest flagship, Galaxy S5 still had directional microUSB... And that continued through S6, S7 and S8 finally got USB-C. Facts don't matter to Apple haters here on GSMArena...

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Anonym, 15 Oct 2021Except that in a world full of wirelessly charging surfaces... moreCan you imagine, how energetically demanding this would be? I guess not. Transferring power wirelessly is the most lossy way.

finally the time for apple to get sliced

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Appe fans are hypocritical

It's not just Android phs, smart speakers, power banks, smart cameras, smart computers, just about everything is going for USB C, Apple itself was amongst the fist to use it, MacBook followed by its entire Mac line up including Mac book pro, Mac book Air, Mac Desktops, the iPads: iPad pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini, all have USB C, with regards to iPhones they screwed up by continuing with proprietary port for way too long, so they want use an excuse to deflect blame/criticism away and look smart and innovative (in this case they are not),,,Apple folks are just too tin headed to be called smart. EU plse don't budge, this fruit company is turning stale and rotting!!