Snapdragon 898 and Dimensity 2000 specs revealed

20 October 2021
The Dimensity will likely have a higher clock on its Cortex-A710 cores.

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  • Anonymous

Ifk what's the problem for qualcomm in increase the efficiency cores clock speed still use old school 1.8 ghz while apple going upto 2.4. Even after arm introduce A510 with improved performance and efficiency. I m sure qualcomm saving clock speed of efficiency core for next 2023 or 2024 soo they can increase the clock speed and new chip will be perform very high we increased the efficiency cores speed. but the truth will be only clock speed increased and it will be used as marketing and there won't be any real improvement. I hope Google tensor beat sd 888 and so 888+ and on par or beat a15 in real world test and future exynos and dimension 2000 beat sd 895/898.i never want phone with other chips i want phone with sd chip only but nowadays qualcomm just only doing marketing tricks and take lot money for little improved chips

putting a lot of hope in mediatek. QC needs competition.

  • Anonymous

“Thanks to a trustworthy tipster on Weibo, and sometimes active on Twitter as well”

He needs to be arrested. That’s illegal in Xi-tler’s China.

Both of these SoCs will crush any mobile workload so it's all kind of pointless. I'm guessing the Snapdragon will have a better GPU, but it's likely the Exynos will wind up having a better GPU than both of them. Maybe I just don't play enough games on my phone to understand the draw. My Dimensity 1100 phone is already more than enough for anything I do, but unfortunately few games are whitelisted for 120Hz.

With a brand new Cortex-A710 and Cortex-A510 CPU alongside the equally brand new ARM v9 chipset architecture, this is easily the chipset I'm totally looking forward to since Snapdragon 855. I really cannot wait to leverage all the shiny new power to the max in media rendering and pocket PC computing. It's crazy to think how quick we have come from the first-ever Snapdragon chipset with a triple-core cluster in 2019 to this generation chipset for next year. What is even crazier to me is that Snapdragon 855 itself is still a solidly fast performer in 2021.

  • Duryodhan

898 is an angelic number and my no also starts with the same.

  • Anonymous

SMIRNAS, 20 Oct 2021Dimensity 2000 gonna use 3 Cortex-X2 chip?? doubtful X2
Triple A78
Quad A55.

  • Anonymous

BigDisplay, 20 Oct 2021Finally, anytime soon they will beat Qualcomm for sure and ... moreWhat monopoly?

Brands can use Dimensity/G, Snapdragon, Exynos or UniSoC.
None is being forced to use Qualcomm chips, it is pure choice based on many evaluations.

Funny when people say Qualcomm has monopoly when mediatek ships more chips for mobile.

  • MKL

Seems Qualcomm will become new Intel in mobile industry and every other competitor will surpass them.

  • Anonymous

rizki1, 20 Oct 2021Dimensity 2000, SD 898, Exynos 2200 and A15 wow 4 different... moreA15 is 2021 chip

Dimensity 2000 gonna use 3 Cortex-X2 chip?? doubtful

  • AnonF-1013367

Mediatek wins in CPU if they put 4/8mb of L3 cache unlike 2mb last year, also wins in efficiency with the TSMC 4nm. Exynos and Snapdragon will win In GPU department, hopefully we see 8/16mb of system $.

  • Str

Good to see competition here. For the time being mediatek won. I am bit skeptical about graphics performance as Qualcomm always leads in graphics. Sd898+ will be based on tsmc 3nm process and will definitely crush dimensity 2000.

Anonymous, 20 Oct 2021Yes, Samsung is usually poor with Graphics drivers.l, even ... moreBoth of Them are weak, even Mediatek Struggle compare to Snapdragon in open Gl drivers, lot of Emulators and games run better in weak soc from Qualcomm compare to strong Mediatek one.

These companies only care about money and they will always milk customers, I don't think writing good drivers will even reduce 0.00001 of their revenues.

Finally, anytime soon they will beat Qualcomm for sure and no matter what it will be a big win for all of us/buyers.
So nice... And now more chip makers will join the party in future.
Monopoly is not good for anyone emse then the owner of the monopoly 👌🏻

  • AnonF-1013367

Anonymous, 20 Oct 2021Yes, Samsung is usually poor with Graphics drivers.l, even ... moreMali has terrible drivers

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Oct 2021Do not forget many exynos are a "copy" of snapdra... moreHow do you say Exynos is copy of snapdragon, can you explain? And list which Exynos are copy of which snapdragons?

It's nice to see Mediatek is caught up now.

  • Anonymous

D2000 will be a beast, no reason to get Snapdragoin full of security explots anymore

  • Messi

Doesnt matter what chip when u mix it with punchole it become a trash..