Reports suggest iPhone SE 3 is coming with LCD next spring

21 October 2021
It will be based on the iPhone XR and will have a side-mounted Touch ID.

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ABG Media, 22 Oct 2021How cute of you to try and convince me that 720p 60hz dim p... moreAh yes, the "I checked the spec sheet and it has bigger numbers". The typical Android fanboy fallacy... You people never ever look at anything as a complete package and always just entirely ignore software support which is just pathetic on Android phones across the board and you always argue with that fact by screaming about "muh features Android had 10 years ago" which is entirely irrelevant to the matter of long term software support.

Anonymous, 21 Oct 2021YES... but it doesn't have such a powerful chip like t... moreA15 chip is useless. All that power is only shown on biased Geekbench benchmarks.
In the real world, two year old Snapdragon 865 performing better because raw cpu power of a15 is useless without proper cooling.

Anonymous, 21 Oct 2021It is in fact way better calibrated and usually brighter, t... moreHow cute of you to try and convince me that 720p 60hz dim panel is better than E4 quality of Samsung panel that costs twice as much to produce

I've already reacted earlier on but this subject is interesting to see the different point of views and the pros and cons. Using the XR chassis would be great as you would finally have a bigger (but not to big) screen and, most important, a battery with an autonomy worthy of the name. The XR was the first iPhone I owned and was really satisfied about in terms of battery and screen. I was finally able to get through the day, even a day and a half which was never possible with the other ones unless mobile data, Wi-Fi and other stuff was turned off. The screen was also pretty good with fantastic punchy colors and reasonably impressive blacks for an LCD. Nowhere near as good as an Oled display but certainly good, better that the previous ones anyway.
I've also made the big mistake to have the current 2020 SE and boy, what was it a dissapointment! Not in terms of build quality and speed but the battery is just the biggest crap ever, even with the so called power efficient chip. Getting through a day was simply not possible with average or a little more intensive usage. After two months the battery already degraded to 93% while using the proper basic slow charger, never charging fully, never draining it less than 15% and never leaving it to chargen during the night. Just crapp (but no, Apple doesn't use programmed degradation...)
Back the subject, if it would be the XR chassis it will certainly become a much more expensive SE than all previous ones compared to the mainstream models meaning it will be much less accessible for those who really want an iPhone but don't want or can't pay the full buck for a 12 or 13 for example . It will cost more around the €600-700 mark than the current €400-500 mark. If they would continue with the current form factor and crappy battery, having only the latest chipset will not make it appealing unless the price remains or drops below the 2020 SE one. Maybe I would be tempted for a 2022 SE in the current formfactor with an Oled display and the latest chipset and a slightly bigger battery but now we're getting into the 12/13 mini theritory meaning it will not happen.

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Steve, 21 Oct 2021Going to be a rebranded iphone 11 with latest chip.Surely it won't be lasting longer regarding battery 🔋😅

  • Wayne.

It's a mistake. They should make it into a high end video camera, with 12 bit ProRes 4:2:2, 8kp60 (times moves by). 4kp60 is dated. With large 50mp sensor with 16 stop lattitude. Just insert a bigger ProRes codec circuit, and do O my ProRes LT and save to off the shelf external drive through wireless or port. Then, charge $499.

A mid range video camera flagship is needed, which this could do, alongside higher end models with comparable cameras. For video use, you don't want to be saddled with a big phone. Top end flagship processing performance, is useful for some applications and games, or if you are doing a software codec. For a camera user, even lower midrange is usable, and more handy when you are working to carry around. At $499 professionals would buy to use just as a camera (there is need for multi camera shoots with locked off and mounted C cameras, alongside a larger iPhone as a personal phone).

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They have seen. They are dropping the mini to replace it with this. Phew! But, it's too big. We needed iPhone se 1 or original iPhone length, to reduce size.

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Ahne, 22 Oct 2021iPhone 11 already starts at $499 ,to put in perspective, SE... moreOr simply XR/11 with updated SoC, thats what they suggest

XR is still a good deal IPhone eventhough it's been more than 2 years.
For consumers as long as it's an IPhone and Cheap, it's a chance to try.
But i'm not sure about fingerprint on the side, it will surpass any notched IPhone for lack of fingerprint reader.

Good for people like my grandma. Likes small phones but dont care about specs. Just that it works.

  • Ahne

iPhone 11 already starts at $499 ,to put in perspective, SE starts at $399

So next year either 11 replaces SE , or 11 goes out of production and SE is kept. Other variants might not be as comfortable to Apple.

i would upgrade my 6s if they add touch ID with a notch display

Anonymous, 21 Oct 2021Basically 13 mini with LCD. Gonna sell poorly compared to... moreFor years I used gestures on Android since 2013. Apps like All-In-One Gesture and Nova's gestures.

Experienced it first from webOS in 2011 with Palm Pixi Plus. Looking back, you are right. Gestures are silly. They really don't add anything practical compared to the older ways. But I don't like iOS any way.

I'm not getting any iPhone that forces to use Face ID with no fingerprint scanner. The elimination of the home button made it harder to play certain games like Forgotton Anne and Life Is Strange.

  • Tio

Nice try apple, but no

notafanboy, 21 Oct 2021You're so ill-informed. Educate yourself.I mean LCDs are brighter but definitely not more accurate. OLEDs blacks are something LCDs struggle to achieve.

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  • Steve

Going to be a rebranded iphone 11 with latest chip.

Anonymous, 21 Oct 2021It is in fact way better calibrated and usually brighter, t... moreYou're so ill-informed. Educate yourself.

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Anonymous, 21 Oct 2021Basically 13 mini with LCD. Gonna sell poorly compared to... morePeople mostly buy the SE for the price, not the Touch ID. Don't kid yourself, the low price makes this accessible to MANY more people than Apple normally targets. Touch ID crowd is small and minor.

  • kek

Honestly, an iPhone SE Mini could be an interesting approach, but I doubt it will happen