Reports suggest iPhone SE 3 is coming with LCD next spring

21 October 2021
It will be based on the iPhone XR and will have a side-mounted Touch ID.

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  • GAVR

Seems decent, however, it must have a much better battery life than the previous iteration! Maybe on par with the Iphone 13 mini since it will be the last "mini" model.

[deleted post]Tbh, I'd rather see Apple launching a brand new 8th gen iPod Touch with iPhone SE (2020) body and A12 or A13 chipset. The iPod Touch is a perfect device for someone like me who only wants to try out iOS and treat it as a tertiary backup device with no SIM card onboard.

Anonymous, 21 Oct 2021Basically 13 mini with LCD. Gonna sell poorly compared to... moreThe thing is though, 13 mini is 5.4" whereas XR is 6.1", which is the same size as 13 and 12.

Wait, based on the XR? Well that's not going to be any different than the current iPhone 13 apart from a secondary ultrawide camera.

thats great, meaning they will use the excess Xr cases and sell it to the sheeps like its a new phone. Hurray for saving the planet!

  • Anonymous

If this has better battery life, then I'll buy this one

[deleted post]Hypothetically speaking... If this is the case. In order for them to be a loyal iPhone user they would have had to have bought an iPhone in the past and probably had enough money. Also, a used iPhone 12 / 13 / 11 Pro, will be a much better value than this. iPhone Xr going for an avg of $300 used and iPhone 11 is going for an avg of $400 used right now. This won't have the charm of being the small iPhone either. It would be a poor value today and will be a much worse value in 2022.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Or a Android user who want a compact phone but Android market dont have one for them and also dont want to spend a lot for it

Expect the iPhone 13 mini design two years after that. Don't believe the iPhone 13 mini is the last mini iPhone. Apple reuses the same chasis for several years.

  • thats me

battery capacity is to be watched, as usual with iphones #Iphonese2022 , @Iphonese, #iphone

  • Anonymous

Basically 13 mini with LCD.
Gonna sell poorly compared to larger models like mini.
People that still buy device like SE 2020 is because the touch ID.

I would never buy a phone I need to only use gestures.
Gestures are silly.

So basically it will be what, a maybe lightly updated 3 year old LCD that probably won't even be over 60hz for 500 euros?

I am sorry but that's a ripoff.

  • Anonymous

At that point I would have preferred the iPhone 8 design Apple had kept so far for the iPhone SE. The same front and back cameras will be on board. Bigger screen? Ok, good. Bigger phone too.

  • Anonymous

rizki1, 21 Oct 2021crazyyy when most android all use AMOLED 120hz, HDR10+ 1B c... moreiPhones are not useless after two years, that's why. They get a lot of updates and the performance is top of the line now and four years from now

Jasper5774, 21 Oct 2021Using this iphone in 2022 will be like using a vintage phone. Which is what happened when nostalgic Nokia fans bought the second iteration of the Nokia 3310 😃

  • Anonymous

Swordman, 21 Oct 2021Why not base it on like iPhone X/XS 5.8in design...Probably because those have dual cameras and that wouldn't fit in the "affordable" class of an iPhone SE. But that would have been indeed good.

  • Anonymous

FatShady, 21 Oct 2021apple be like : best i can do is 1500mah *shrugs in arrogance* That would not be surprise if they ask 25 dollars for screen cleaning cloth. I bought like 10 pack of these screen cleaning cloth's for 2 Euro. They just dont have the apple logo on it that cost more 23 euro :D

  • Anonymous

What the point of moving touchID to the side & keeping the notch? Very unlikely Apple will do this ...

I guess Apple will test the market with punch hole display while keeping the touchID on the side and use iPhone XR minimal bezel design.

  • Anonymous

side mounted finger print sensor!
ips is not bad too... it can handle hdr...
never had an iphone...
but have an xperia xz2 compact that has a nice ips hdr display...

  • Hhoyh

Wow people really LOVE this phone, don't they?