Sony Xperia Pro-I brings 1.0-inch sensor and variable f/2.0-4.0 aperture

26 October 2021
Sony's extravagant "Pro" phone will arrive in early December in select markets in Europe.

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YUKI93, 26 Oct 2021More oversharpening? Looking at the photos from the hands-o... more*More sharpening

Edges look a bit hard on Xperia (especially if you look at the foliage), so yes there's definitely some sharpening going on. Not by a disgusting amount, but still quite noticeable.

LMAO WOW!!! The hate is on full blast! Definitely tells that this device is not targeted towards this crowd. That doesn't mean it's a dud or DOA. Plus it seems like people are ok with companies controlling the image quality of pictures(Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, GOOGLE, etc with company control with just filters and permanent beauty mode) vs having full manual controls of taking an image(Sony, LG, Nokia). People on here are hating because it's not using the full 1" sensor and only going 12mp which again lets me know that this phone is not for this crowd, especially where they say the Xiaomi 11 Ultra takes better photos or even worse, the iPhone 13 Pro Max takes better photos (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...that's a great joke btw)

At this point, it's just the norm to hate Sony on this website because they are "behind" the Chinese phone makers. But I don't see them going the way of LG

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Yeahhhh... The interesting phone that I might not able to afford ... Lol ...

Nvm, just gonna use my mate 40 pro until it become unusable.

YUKI93, 26 Oct 2021Lol, have you seen the photo samples from this phone's... moreIn lowlight

STT, 26 Oct 2021For the price you can buy any other flagship phone and the ... moreEven a normal wired headphone sounds much better than the earbuds, let alone a wireless headphone, and that's before counting in studio-grade wired headphones.

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Excessively over priced. Not a bad as the poorly specced pro but still extremely.
And it still probably has the same draw backs as the pro and 1 iii that just make that pricing even worse.
-Speakers that match two year old phone.
-Screen brightness matching a 7 year old phone.
-Smaller battery and endurance than competition.
-Hopefully at least it has a better camera. Sony was never up to par with mobile photography after 2010-2012 ish. Except in colors. And nothing changed even with the pro or 1iii.

Oooo but it has 4k and a headphone jack so it's ok to ask for outlandish starting price way higher than anyone else. Becoming more over priced than Apple. Even when it's behind in normal key aspects compared to the competition. Even to cheaper and more affordable devices...but 4k....

Nick Tegrataker, 26 Oct 2021Let's be real here, Xperia Pro-I applies MORE sharpeni... moreMore oversharpening? Looking at the photos from the hands-on preview article, I'm not seeing one. If anything, I see more of it from the non-Pro Xperia.

Fanboy of All brands, 26 Oct 2021And even an photo from an sony camera looks like an oil pai... moreLol, have you seen the photo samples from this phone's hands-on preview article? Oil painting in what way? If anything, it's the rivals that show more oil painting effect with too much oversharpened detail.

Fanboy of All brands, 26 Oct 2021X70 Pro Plus and Mi 11 Ultra still an better camera phone o... moreSorry, can't agree with the X70 Pro+. The oversharpening effect, especially from the grass and leaves, is a no-no for me.

YUKI93, 26 Oct 20211" is not giant. Just look at how big 1" sensor c... moreBy giant I meant in smartphone terms

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YUKI93, 26 Oct 2021Couldn't agree more. If I only shoot photos in Auto, I... moreThey don't offer any better quality in manual either

LG Superfan, 26 Oct 2021It already has a giant one inch sensor so your point is? 1" is not giant. Just look at how big 1" sensor compared to FF sensor:

CptPower, 26 Oct 2021So litterary 1800 bucks for Sony phone where Xiaomi does sa... morePossibly in Auto mode, yes. But I did try out the Xiaomi camera with manual settings, both in JPEG and RAW mode, and let me just be honest here: 'Impressive' is not the right word. Sorry.

  • Javier

The sensor is a 20 MP 1" size, but it only uses 12 MP in the center. So the used size is much smaller. Also, the aperture is "just" F 2.0. At the end, the incoming light is even smaller that in the iphone 13.
Check for further information.

Mapantz, 26 Oct 2021This phone (Camera?) is designed for those who know what th... moreCouldn't agree more. If I only shoot photos in Auto, I'd buy a Pixel, not an Xperia.

TheGoldenMellifluous, 26 Oct 2021Dammit, the comment section is heating up like a furnace lo... moreIkr. I never glance at the Xperia Pro since it's no different than the Mk2 Xperia 1 with an addition of a mmWave 5G antenna and a micro HDMI port for twice the price. This one however has a lot of improvement over the Mk3 Xperia 1 while manages to be much cheaper than the Xperia Pro. Definitely the one for me to watch out for.

atichko, 26 Oct 2021I love the design of the frame of this device. Sony had a s... moreWith nearly all current smartphones using screen panels no shorter than 20:9, it's very unlikely that we can see 19.5:9 or 19:9 or 18:9 or even 16:9 screens making a comeback.

Dammit, the comment section is heating up like a furnace lol. Can somebody pass me a drink and a bag of popcorn? lol
I do think Xperia Pro-I is a great, complete-packaged phone and a huge upgrade from the Xperia Pro, and pay homages to Sony phones in the past like Z5 lanyard and C902 stripe frames, but hopefully, the successor is able to utilize it maximally next time on its RX100 VII camera sensor without compromises.

  • Stephane of Switzerl

But for me who likes to take the best (Sony Xperia 1 III) it is too close.
The most important is the tel / internet part, screen (large) and audio. There it does not change and for 95% of people the photo of 5 III and 1 III are sufficient.
If I take it there will always be a lag, wanting the 1 IV when, maybe the Pro-I 2 would follow (?). The "I" is the I of Imaging and not Mark 1 ...
In Japan the Sharp Aquos R6 is a bit of the same

  • Anonymous

Cant wait to buy this phone😍