Xiaomi Redmi K50 phones to bring back the UD fingerprint scanners

03 November 2021
The main reason is visual aesthetics.

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Q-1, 07 Nov 2021Is this supposed to be understandable or just make someone ... moreUnderstandable precisely not for you.

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    • 08 Nov 2021

    & yet another boring product while most of your consumers out there are suffering with the MiUi update & problems.

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      • 07 Nov 2021

      Dudenoway, 05 Nov 2021*Under-display is much more ergonomic and natural* Thats... moreIs this supposed to be understandable or just make someone look smart

        Spanky, 03 Nov 2021This is excellent news! I don’t want anymore stand-alone fi... more*Under-display is much more ergonomic and natural*

        Thats literally the stupidest reason to get a ud fps. Capapctive ones were always going ot be better. Esp against optical ud fps ones. The ultrasonic ud fps ones has quite beaten the capapctive ones but those are rare and expensive to make.

          As long as its not compatible with panzer glass screen protector is not interesting.

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            • 04 Nov 2021

            nanoprog, 03 Nov 2021i hate it. also the fact that almost all manufacturers prod... moreYour's phones are super. I like your company

              IMO, having used the Galaxy Note 4's sliding fingerprint sensor, the LG V10/V30's rear power button fingerprint sensor, and the K40's side power button one, I think LG's rear power button implementation is the best. The K40 isn't far behind though.

              I don't like fingerprint sensor being under the display or on a home button below it because that's not where fingers naturally go while holding a phone.

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                • 03 Nov 2021

                I wouldn't be suprised if the K50 is actually running on a rehashed 888

                  Anonymous, 03 Nov 2021I prefer fingerprint scanners in Power button i hate it. also the fact that almost all manufacturers produce only side mounted ones nowadays. maybe it's just my hand but the back side scanner was the best imho. with a ring case it was ergonomic. there was virtually zero chance of accidental unlocks and it also was fast. with the side one oftentimes i find it unlocked right after i put it away if i didn't push the power button with nails but fingertips instead. most annoying

                    This "The main reason quoted was visual aesthetics and better body protection, even if readability is sometimes poorer." is awful. One of my favorite things about the Pixel 4a and 5a is that they don't use s***** underdisplay fingerprint sensors.

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                      • 03 Nov 2021

                      Visual aesthetics?

                      Get rid of the disgusting punch hole already.

                        AnonD-1024704, 03 Nov 2021No one buys compact phones Look at sells at iPhone Compac... moreThe standard iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 are considerably smaller than like 95% of Android phones released the past 2 years and are selling fine. It's only the iPhone 12 Mini which had a problem selling. For me the size of the Pixel 4a and iPhone 12 is the perfect size. Android manufacturers have been especially short sighted lately. It's funny how everyone only made entry level small tablets, but then Apple makes the new iPad Mini and can barely keep it in stock. I bought an iPad Mini myself and I hate iOS, but this is what happens when segments of the market go underserved.

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                          • 03 Nov 2021

                          Anonymous, 03 Nov 2021Hello, familiar person. Just wondering what is your go-to p... moreHello.
                          Poco F2 Pro isn't too old yet, it has a 3.5mm Jack, fulldisplay, a great Macro and a respectable main and ultra-wide camera, good battery.
                          If price isn't an issue, the Sony Xperia 1 & 5 Mk3 are great, and except for the lack of IR blaster, they have everything, including a telephoto, and not a sub-12Mp crappy one.

                          Except for that, the only phones that doesn't have stupid punch hole, notch or underdisplay camera, curved edge display, still have a 3.5mm Jack and aren't too old nor budget phones are gaming phones like the Asus ROG Phone 5 series, Nubia Red Magic 5 (the 6 series has the stupid curved edge display), and Black Shark 3 series.
                          And sadly, that's it, nothing else...

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                            • 03 Nov 2021

                            AnonD-994853, 03 Nov 2021Heavy, thick phoneAnother BS myth.
                            Phones with pop up camera are of average thickness and weight.
                            The Poco F2 Pro is the same thickness as the Galaxy S21 Ultra, except that it doesn't have a camera hump and the Galaxy has a big one, it is also lighter.

                            If you don't want a phone with pop up, just don't buy one, no need to spit on it.

                              This is excellent news! I don’t want anymore stand-alone fingerprint readers, even if they are slightly more accurate. Under-display is much more ergonomic and natural!

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                                • 03 Nov 2021

                                Thank god.
                                I have Poco F3 with side-mounted FP, and it's a complete disaster, especially since I am a leftie.
                                UD FP on Mi 9T was much better and more consistent, even if a bit slower.

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                                  • 03 Nov 2021

                                  AnonD-909757, 03 Nov 2021Only bad ultrasonic FPS would. Most Samsung S10/20/21 &... moreHello, familiar person. Just wondering what is your go-to phone in the current sea of trash these days.

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                                    • 03 Nov 2021

                                    Baddroid, 03 Nov 2021Why not go back to pop-up selfie too?Heavy, thick phone

                                      AnonD-994853, 03 Nov 2021Also, when you pull your phone out of your pocket, it unloc... moreThere is literally setting to unlock by pressing the button or with press, in my M51 atleast.
                                      And capacitive sensor is newer and more secure than optical sensor.

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                                        • 03 Nov 2021

                                        Poco F4 :)