Flashback: the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium was the first ever smartphone with a 4K display

14 November 2021
However, Sony was maximizing the wrong thing - high refresh rate, not high resolution was the way forward for flagships.

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No company is ever "perfect". It's like how we feel about sports teams or even in relationships. We'll grow tired of them. We'll get mad at them for a period for a decision they made or a product they didn't like. So many people on YouTube with "Longtime iPhone user switching to Android" and vice-versa videos.

At the end of the day, Apple, Google, and Samsung will never go away. They're too big in their industries to just disappear. Billions of people use their services, ecosystem, and products. Samsung had their Note7 debacle and they're still #1 in phone sales. The ones who say they're dead are just fanboys or haters for these companies.

The situation with Sony really hasn't changed much since 2012....


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REDROBOT, 14 Nov 2021SOny King of quality . durable water proof dust proof Je... morePeople are not interested in Sony. The marketshare speaks for itself

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Anonymous, 14 Nov 2021I wonder why Sony never think of releasing an Android table... moreBecause it is not good from financial point of view selling tablets.
Only Apple, Sasmung and Lenovo (windows OS) sell significant amount of tablets.

Anonymous, 14 Nov 2021No tv has more ppi than on phones, the ppi on tv is much le... morePpi on TV can't be compared to Ppi on smartphones as you don't watch your TV from the same distance as your smartphone.

Majority can't tell the difference which is why no manufacturer bothered to go beyond 3k on smartphones.

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i0S.- Never.- Again, 14 Nov 2021Agreed... My last phone and my current one, both sported qh... moreNo tv has more ppi than on phones, the ppi on tv is much less than phones
Having 800 ppi on 6inch screen is ultimate viewing, even zoomed in you won’t find dead or blur pixels, just like Nokia 808 pure view or true optical lossless zoom
Majority off users can tell a huge difference including me owning Z5 premium and Sony 1iii and s21ultra
At 2160p 800ppi is super ultra fine view than others

notafanboy, 14 Nov 2021Except there's no literally no advantage to having 4K ... moreAgreed... My last phone and my current one, both sported qhd+ display. I never use that resolution for daily use, it does nothing but kill battery.

I enjoy 4k content on my TV.
A tiny screen, no matter how good can't give you the same viewing experience as a big screen TV.

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Anonymous, 14 Nov 2021I will SO get an Sony Xperia Pro-I next year. A worthy comp... moreI agree about samsung....and most others at this point with upcoming flagships....but aside from using a larger sensor the same can be said about the xperia. In many ways more so.

SOny King of quality . durable water proof dust proof

Jeff bezos words about sony 👇

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The Flip, 14 Nov 2021The Epic Tale Of Sony And Samsung https://youtu.be/7yJqsa8... moreSony is best

For many kids born in the late-70s and 80s like me, we all assume Japanese products were of quality which was far from the truth before the 80s. In the 70s, Hondas were looked upon like Kia or Daewoo in the 90s. Even if you watch Back To The Future Part III, Doc in 1955 makes a joke about ”Made In Japan" products.

Back in the 1960s, USA had the #1 economy in the world. If it was Made In USA, it was looked upon as having top quality While Made In Japan was looked upon with cheap quality. Then Japan took over American products as being of top quality and South Korean products became what Japanese products looked prior. Was looked down upon.

The tables turned back in the 2000s. Japan didn't learn to adapt quick enough. South Koreans did. Samsung is now a legend in tech. Sony is a has-been clinging onto to their brands like PlayStation and Spider-Man.

How BIG Is Samsung?

What's Happening To Sony? (The Rise & Stagnation Of Sony)

[deleted post]The Epic Tale Of Sony And Samsung

That YouTuber is correct. Sony's poor leadership after Akio Morita and Masaru Ibuku died was the cause of their downfall. It's been covered in a Kotaku article back in 2012 on how Sony is turning into a ghost around the world.

Meanwhile, Samsung became what Sony used to be but even bigger and better. Samsung is a lot more industries. Not just electronics. I believe them entering the semiconductor business is what helped them where they are. So everything they can be done in-house.

For years, I thought Sony was premium and Samsung was of low quality. Like going from Honda to Hyundai. I'm wrong. Samsung defeated Sony many years ago. Good luck finding a repair shop when your Sony phone is broken. While Sony seems to be obsessed making a million Spider-Man movies.

Samsung > Sony

South Koreans defeated the Japanese in tech many, many years ago. They really just copied the Japanese even in pop music. Japanese were more innovative in the 80s and 90s. But then South Koreans stayed persistent, became fast, and surpassed them. They also offered them cheaper. Samsung and LG are two of the most innovative out there.

[deleted post]Except there's no literally no advantage to having 4K on a small phone. None whatsoever. "Jealousy" lol sure, keep telling yourself that, fanboy.

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[deleted post]Until you don’t own it, you’re points and disputes and arguments are joke
Watching at 800ppi on 2160p is unbelievable
It takes 1gb in 3 minutes video
Even zoomed in you can’t see no blurs
Watching on my s21ultra and Sony 1iii and Z5 premium, I can definitely tell the difference

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I have the 1iii and s21ultra 16gb ram

I still have this in chrome mirror version
And Z5
Sony xz1 compact
And z5 compact in yellow and pink

I love phones

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i still have mine been using by my daughter. still sleek.

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I wonder why Sony never think of releasing an Android tablet with 4K screen. That would be an epic gadget to have!

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Funny fact ...

The ones that say 4K is waste of time on phone screen are the same that want highest graphics possible for games on same phone screen.

LOL ....

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[deleted post]To watch 4K vids you just recorded.

Anonymous, 14 Nov 2021Sony Z5 from 2015 had true 4k display . And Samsung S21 has... morewhy would you need 4K on a display less than 7"? was it really that crisp and very good to look at, I mean like easily distinguishable between FHD and 4K on the same 6,6" smartphone display?

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[deleted post]Lol, speak for yourself. It's coming back to my country and people keep looking for it to buy one.